Fire Sale [December 19th - 22nd]

The Star

Attention all heroes! Premium Shop is on fire!

Almost all items are -30% off until Monday, December 22nd.

With holidays rapidly approaching, it's the perfect time to think about what gifts will you give to people you care about, and we have just the right stuff.

Happy upcoming Holidays!

Patch 0.9.128: Mark of the Hunter

The Star

Important news!

Tomorrow, December 18th, servers will be updated with Patch 0.9.128: Mark of the Hunter. What's new in this update? 

- 3 new pets 

- 8 new dungeons

- Free talents reset

- Massive Hunter changes

- Bug fixes, updates and more

You can read full patch notes on forums.

Mark of the Hunter will be applied during scheduled maintenance, which will begin 3AM PDT, December 18th. 

We expect scheduled maintenance to be completed within 2 hours.

The Snow Festival is coming!

The Star

It's almost time for the coolest holiday of the year - the Snow Festival

In a few days a new island will appear flying over Aura, and heroes seeking chilling (in a good way) adventure can visit the land where you battle with snowballs, open presents under the Christmas tree, saddle Snow Crocks, and summon the almighty Winter Guardians. Cooks from all over Elenia will offer you a taste of their best creations, and Maiden Lola will exchange Christmas Ornaments for Gift Boxes. 

And during the first week, we will give away 2 [Royal Blessing x7] per day! 

The Snow Festival begins December 19th and ends January 12th, visit forums to learn more about prizes, how to to get to Snow Island and the rules of the giveaway.

Quickfire: Guess the place 2

The Star

Goooooood Monday!

Tomorrow we will begin our early celebrations, but we have something for you today as well. Would you like to win [Mount Feed x100] or [Silver Magnet Collar]? It's very simple: 

1) Go to our forums and find a clue about a mystery location.

2) Find it in the game and take a screenshot.

3) Send that screenshot to Lornas in a message on forums!

On Wednesday, December 17th, 3 random entries who guessed the mystery location right will receive a prize of their choice: [Mount Feed x100] or [Silver Magnet Collar].

Good luck!

Boost My Mount [Giveaway]

The Star

Awesome Friday to you all!

While we're in a rush to prepare all the presents for the next week, how about some sweet free mounts? Today we're launching "Boost My Mount" on forums, and here're the rules:

1) Post a screenshot of you on your mount, on any of them.

2) Tell us about that mount, and why YOU deserve a boost.

We will accept entries until Tuesday, December 16th, 3PM PDT.

If you win with the best story, you will recieve a mount of your choice from the Premium Shop, and 2 runner-ups will each receive a [Purple Irex].

Good luck and get to it, tell us why we should boost your mount!

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