Guide update: Story


Make yourself comfortable and prepare some tea (or something else fitting for a Friday), we're about to discover the origins of this world.

You probably already know that the world of Aura is under imminent danger. Well, you are right, it is.

Do you know who the Black Alchemists are? Maybe they are the bad guys? Why do we need to fight them? So many questions haunt you, if only we could help you somehow...

...Wait a minute, in fact, we can! With little time left until the start of Open Beta we hope that you'll find our upcoming Guide updates entertaining as well as useful. During our final push to the finish line we'll provide you with everything you need to know about Royal Quest. But before we start discussing why Lil' Mantis is the best pet ever and what do pets actually do, let's learn how the Kingdom of Elenia and its King were betrayed and the very existence of Aura was threatened by immortal and terrifying beings. 


Royal Quest Wiki is live!


We're extremely happy to announce that Curse.com and Gamepedia.com have helped us launch the official Royal Quest Wiki, which we hope will become the ultimate source of information for everything Royal Quest on the web (with your help). We only ask you to please be mindful of the work of others and let's turn these humble beginnings into a great resource for every newcomer and veteran alike!

- Royal Quest Team     

Welcome to our new website and forums!

We have launched this sparkling website and forums to prepare you for the upcoming Open Beta and to offer all future players a chance to start a guild or find in-game friends prior to the release. Please make yourself at home and enjoy your stay, we hope you'll like it here.

But before rushing towards forums or asking when will Royal Quest finally appear on Steam (soon!), we'd like to clarify a few important points.

First, we are trying to build the best possible community hub for the game, where you will be able to see everybody's guilds, character names and classes, as well as customize your own profile with friends list, reputation and more. To help us do that, all accounts on the website must be created by signing in through Steam. You can always set an Email and Password later on your Account page.

Next, your website and forum accounts are one and the same, as both comments and forums use your Steam-based profile. To post a comment or create a forum thread you must sign in first, and please - read the rules before unleashing your creativity.

Also, US and EU versions of the website and accounts are completely separate. If you weren't assigned the correct region, you can change it in the upper left corner of the navigation bar.

Last but not least, if you have further questions, you can read our FAQ or use the 'Support' button on the right menu to submit a ticket.

It has been a very long road, but we're thrilled to start this new journey with all of you!

- Royal Quest Team

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