Patch 0.9.1: Path of the Crusader

The Star

We're very happy to finally share with you details on Patch 0.9.1: "Path of the Crusader".

This update is heavily focused on rebalancing the Crusader class, and as many skills and talents for Warriors, Crusaders and Dark Knights were changed, all 3 classes can once more complete the quest from Master Bastiff to reset their talent choices.  

We've also added 2 new castles to the game: Eidon in Aloha, and Alnor in Trogul. But not to forget other strongholds, you will now encounter new monsters in every castle yard, and every castle's butler will now offer you an option to spend your Arcon shards or sell items.

To address one of the most discussed issues that Snipers have, Roland X and his behavior were improved. Hopefully, he will no longer gather every monster in sight to bring you back as a present.

If you'd like to learn more about the update, please head to our forums, or read the full version of patch notes in the "Updates" tab of your launcher.

See you in Aura!

Maintenance: September 18th

The Star

Tomorrow, September 18th, Elgore (US) will be offline for scheduled maintenance starting from 3AM PDT. We expect the maintenance to be completed within 2 hours.

Also, be prepared for some great news, maybe... a patch?

Find out tomorrow and thank you for your understanding.

A new week means a new Hunt


We have some great things prepared for you this week, so this prey will be easy to guess, but still dangerous to get to.

Usually busy with a very disturbing and dark business down below, you will find these creatures where the sun is never seen. Also, smells there are of a special... potency, let's say. We hope you will make it.

And here's how you can participate in the search:

  • Guess who is on the picture.
  • Find that creature in the game.
  • Make sure you stay in that location.
  • Press on the ‘Help’ button.
  • Choose the ‘Undefined’ category.
  • Type that monster’s name, location, and what prize would you like. 
  • Press ‘Send’.
  • You have time until Friday 8:59 AM PDT to submit your entry. 4 winners will be chosen randomly, and prizes to pick from are: a [Bumblebot] pet, [Purple Irex] mount, and a [Black Mandrake Flower] item.

    Happy hunting!

    Another Royal Hunt is cleared


    This week's Royal Hunt is officially over!

    To celebrate another beautiful Friday and the upcoming weekend, here are the winners who have guessed the mystery monster (Ghoul) right:

    Ingtar, Catalyst, Shadowrunner, and Zerovl.

    Congratulations, your mailboxes will soon hold a prize!

    Also, we receive a lot of entries for new Royal Hunts that are submitted from places in the game that do not have monsters you're hunting. Please always make sure you stay in the same area while submitting that hot entry.

    Have an awesome weekend and see you in Aura!

    Maintenance: September 11th

    The Star

    Please be aware that tomorrow, September 11th, Elgore (US) will be offline for scheduled maintenance starting from 3AM PDT. We expect the maintenance to be completed within 1 hour.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Update: Elgore (US) is back online.

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