Maintenance: November 27th

The Star

Tomorrow, November 27th, Elgore (US) will be offline for 1 hour for scheduled maintenance, starting from 3AM PDT. 

During this maintenance several hotfixes will be applied to address recent connection issues.

We thank you for your understanding.

Quick on the fire

The Star

Every week we have a mystery monster hidden behind riddles and journal entries shrouded with secrecy, and you can guess that monster for a chance to win a Welcome DLC Pack!

This week's Quickfire is already up, so give it a shot.

Royal Races: The Geometers

The Star

Friday is here!

The most intense day of the week deserves a matching race. Today we're looking at the story behind the Geometers

Lore aside, what do you need to do to win some blessings?

1) Take a screenshot of your favorite Geometer in the game.

2) Post that screenshot in the giveaway thread.

Bonus round for everyone who also tells why this particular Geometer is your favourite. We will be accepting entries until Tuesday, November 25th, 6PM GMT. Read about prizes here.

Good luck!

Card Sale is live!

The Star

There's no other way to launch a sale other than surprise, and to celebrate the upcoming weekend, all elemental and Golden cards are now 30% off!

Card Sale ends November 25th at midnight.

Have a great weekend and see you in Aura! 

Maintenance: November 20th

The Star

November 20th Elgore (US) will be offline for 1 hour for scheduled maintenance, starting from 3AM PDT

This maintenance also ends the second Bonus Week.

Thank you for your understanding.

Updated: Elgore (US) is back online. 

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