Maintenance: October 30th

The Star

Tomorrow, October 30th, Elgore (US) will be offline for 1 hour for scheduled maintenance, starting from 3AM PDT

This maintenance ends the week of triple experience and loot.

Thank you for your understanding.

Update: Elgore (US) is back online.

Quickfire contest is extended

The Star

Our weekly Quickfire contest was extended until October 30th, you have time before the Dreaded Day to submit your entry and win one of the Welcome Pack DLC codes!

What is Quickfire you ask? Every week Lornas gives you a new riddle, and solving that riddle will make you one DLC reachier.

You can read full description and the riddle itself on forums.

Pumpkin Craze begins October 25th

The Star

It's almost time to fight the evil, the wicked, and the orange. Pumpkins.

From October 25th and until November 6th, all Royal Quest players can participate in the Pumpkin Craze event - an annual celebration of the day King Roland summoned most powerful mages to his court, so they could save the kingdom of Elenia from a horrible curse. That day was documented by historical chronicles and cannot be described with mere words, but we have an adaption available right now on our forums. Head over there to learn the tale of terror and healthy food most vile.

And to summarize the good and important portion of it:

- Monsters in the game can spawn a Crazy Pumpkin when killed.

- Every Crazy Pumpkin killed can drop several items, including fireworks, aquatic crystals, pies, a monstrous pet, strange seeds and more.

- 100 seeds can be traded for one of the 4 unique hats.

Now if that's wasn't scary enough, until the end of Pumpkin Craze we will be giving away Premium Subscriptions every day to random players who share their adventures with others in the event thread. How? Simply submit a screenshot of you battling malicious forces of nature (Crazy Pumpkins). That should be very easy, considering that Crazy Pumpkins do not fight back. They are pumpkins, they are not very smart.

With that, you were warned of the incoming evil and will be ready for it. 

Good luck, pumpkin hunters.

Bonus week for Premium Subscribers

The Star

Today will be full of surprises, and the first one to be out of the bag is a whole week of bonus experience and loot drops!

Starting now and until October 30th, all Premium Subscribers will receive a 150% bonus to experience gain and drop chance. Triple rates as a small token of our appreciation for all your support. Also, resurrection on the spot now costs 1 instead of 5 Reales.

But we're only warming up, check our news today and tomorrow for a lot of celebration, events, updates, and (who knows) maybe lighter treasures.

Have triple fun and see you in Aura!

Pumpkin Sale is live!

The Star

Our final surprise for the week is all about savings.

Pumpkin Sale is active from this very minute, and its discounts are:

-30% on all Royal Blessings

-30% on all Costumes and Accessories

-20% on all Philosopher's Stones

-20% on all Mandrake Flowers

-20% on all Mandrake Fruits

-20% on Arconite Sealing Wax

Horrifying Prices of Crazy Pumpkins end on October 27th, at 00:00 UTC.

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