Another Royal Hunt is cleared


This week's Royal Hunt is officially over!

To celebrate another beautiful Friday and the upcoming weekend, here are the winners who have guessed the mystery monster (Ghoul) right:

Ingtar, Catalyst, Shadowrunner, and Zerovl.

Congratulations, your mailboxes will soon hold a prize!

Also, we receive a lot of entries for new Royal Hunts that are submitted from places in the game that do not have monsters you're hunting. Please always make sure you stay in the same area while submitting that hot entry.

Have an awesome weekend and see you in Aura!

Maintenance: September 11th

The Star

Please be aware that tomorrow, September 11th, Elgore (US) will be offline for scheduled maintenance starting from 3AM PDT. We expect the maintenance to be completed within 1 hour.

Thank you for your understanding.

Update: Elgore (US) is back online.

Join the Royal Hunt


Time to solve another mystery.

Lurking in the darkest places, waiting for unlucky adventurers to raid their tombs, you will find these monstrosities where the dead are roaming halls long forgotten. It will be truly a Hunt. And here is how to enter it:

  • Guess who is on the picture.
  • Find that creature in the game.
  • Press on the ‘Help’ button.
  • Choose the ‘Undefined’ category.
  • Type that monster’s name, location, and what prize would you like. 
  • Press ‘Send’.
  • This week you have a lot of time - until Friday 8:59 AM PDT. 

    4 winners will be chosen randomly, and prizes to pick from are: [Roger] pet,[Carcaron] mount, and [Mandrake Flower].

    Happy hunting, heroes!

    Community Spotlight #1


    Prepare some tea or pour something tougher, it's time to absorb "protips"!

    Our first Community Spotlight is focused on guides that you have shared both on our Forums and on Steam. We won't be able to mention everyone this time, but please keep up the amazing work, there's always a chance to be in the next Community Spotlight.

    Let's start. During our first and very eventful month, Arestia has created a detailed guide about maximizing your Marketing efforts, and as said at the end of the guide - "Greed is good", so give it a shot, dominate the Market of tomorrow. Also, another guide from Arestia shared areas for new players who like to level primarily by killing monsters, and even though it's for levels 1 through 30 right now, we hope that the guide will grow all the way to 60.

    Moving to class guides, Zhonie was the author of the one and only Healing Sorcerer guide, because no guild or party can be strong enough to conquer the world if they won't have a proper support specialist among them. Kuiba took a double stab at Burst Assassin PVP specialization and Endgame Itemization guides, both of which are impressively deep and deserve a special praise. Also, we don't want to forget about Muerta's most helpful PvE Hunter Spec Guide, which covered everything you need to know to hunt the most dangerous beasts of Aura.

    And to solve one of the most popular mysteries of the game, Eagle and Yssen have explained step by step how to submit a guild icon for review. Maybe it's a more humble research than a huge class guide, but it's equally important and helpful for guild leaders.

    With this we leave you with a lot of insightful information to consume, and we thank everybody who continues to post new guides on our forums and on Steam, we're very grateful for the amazing community that we have.

    Players mentioned in our first Community Spotlight will find some very rare flowers in their mail soon, we hope that they will help you re-invent yourself.

    Until next time and a new feature in 2 weeks, see you in Aura!

    Maintenance: September 4th

    The Star

    September 4th we will be performing scheduled maintenance for Elgore (US), starting from 3AM PDT. We expect it to be completed within 2 hours.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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