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Contest Weekend is here!

The Star

This weekend we're running 2 contests and giving away DLC!

First of them is a new series of giveaways by the name Quickfire, where your knowledge can win you a Welcome Pack DLC. Head over to our forums for more details and rules.

Second contest is, hm, Show and Tell. You'll need to share a screenshot of your most treasured Card with others, and by doing so enter a competition where prizes include DLC packs and secret items, which are very special. As with the first contest, head to our forums to learn more.

With more than one chance to win prizes of utmost importance, we wish you an amazing weekend and good luck! 

Maintenance: October 16th

The Star

On October 16th Elgore (US) will be offline for 1 hour for scheduled maintenance, starting from 3AM PDT

Thank you for your understanding.

Updated: Elgore (US) is back online.

"Take a Bow" winners

The Star

We finally have our winners for the "Take a Bow" contest, and it was very hard to decide who will get the grand prize, as so many stories were truly epic. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

And the winners are:

Ee'noPalacostClare-FaintsmileKagemaru and AkuAku.

Grand prize goes to Godsu.

Congratulations! You will soon receive a personal message with your prize, so please check your messages on forums later today.

And if you would like to read other entires, all of them can be found in the "Take a Bow" thread on forums.

Until the next contest - see you in Aura!

The last of the bravest hunters


And.... it's over! We have our winners for the last Royal Hunt:

Catalyst, DarkBinding, Ghimel and MablePines each won [Royal Blessing x7] for guessing 1 out of 3 creatures right;

Silverys, Melorola, Clare-Faintsmile and Miruarc each won a Welcome Pack DLC code and a [Royal Blessing x14] for guessing all of them right.

Congratulations to all participants! 

Winners will receive a letter with their prize in mailbox within a day. Also, Hunts are no more, but so much more is coming in their place, stay tuned. 

Until our next contest - see you in Aura!

Share your adventures and win DLC packs!


Friday is here, and every Friday should be full of surprises.

We're growing, and so does our team - joining us from this day onward, Lornas will lead our community events. Please stop by his introductory thread and /wave!

Now onto the good stuff. One of the first events that we are rolling out is "Take a bow". Full description for it is on forums, but the rules are:

1. Share your royal adventures with others by posting a screenshot of your character roaming around your favorite area in this thread.

2. If you would like to add a detailed description how your nickname came to be, why do you like your class or anything else about your character - you're in for the bonus round.

And here's the best part - on Tuesday we're going to pick 5 players who will each receive a Welcome Pack DLC. Additionally, if you choose to post your story, you can be the one who wins both the Royal Guard and Champion of Aura DLC packs (we will judge every story mainly by how awesome it is). So stop reading and get to snapping some screenshots!

Maintenance: October 9th

The Star

October 9th is the day Elgore (US) will be offline for 1 hour for scheduled maintenance, starting from 3AM PDT

Thank you for your understanding.

Updated: Elgore (US) is back online 

The Last Royal Hunt


This is it. You hunted down some mighty prey, but it's time to retire such cruel sport... with a bang! Don't worry though, something even bigger and better is coming to take over our weekly mass searches.

But for now, here's how you can celebrate all the Hunts we had, and become one of the lucky participants to grab a Welcome Pack DLC code:

  • Guess who is on the picture.
  • Guessing 1 creature right is required for the normal round. 
  • Guessing all 3 right is required for the bonus round. 
  • Find any of them in the game.
  • Make sure you stay in that location.
  • Press on the ‘Help’ button.
  • Choose the ‘Undefined’ category.
  • Type all names and locations in the same message. 
  • Press ‘Send’.
  • Important: You don't need to submit 3 entries for the bonus round. Only 1.

    Our last Hunt will end on Tuesday, October 14th, 6:09 AM PDT.

    4 hunters who will guess at least 1 monster right will be chosen randomly to receive a [Royal Blessing x7] during the normal round. 4 hunters who will guess all 3 monsters right will be chosen randomly to receive a Welcome Pack DLC code and a [Royal Blessing x14] during the bonus round.

    Also, that tiny flying and lovable monster? Any type of it will be accepted.

    With a bit of sadness in our hearts, hunt! Hunt like never before!

    The 4 that won the Hunt


    Despite the target being so hard to get to, many of you still made it, and yes, we marked Achyls! Fire or regular ones, that didn't matter as long as you found one, and here are the 4 who have won:

    TamaTamaRakdeWilfredo and Akroz.

    Congratulations! You will soon receive your prize.

    Thank you all for participating and see you in Aura!

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