Weekend Deal: Blessing Sale!

Dear friends!

Starting from February 28 21:00 GMT and up to March 1 21:00 GMT Premium Store will offer you 20% discount on all Royal Blessings.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the game! 

Orc Hunt: Results


You have destroyed so many orcs that it’s time to put them in the Red Book of Elenia. During the raid, 202 527 monsters were killed! As we promised, everyone will have a good reward - x2 to the premium bonuses for experience and promo code gift: Royal Blessing (7 days), Four-Leaf Clover (10 pcs.) and Dryad's Casket (10 pcs.).


In addition, 1500 Insignia of Distinction are awarded to the best fighters of each type of orcs. 

Maintenance on February 27, 2020 [2 hours]

Dear players,

Elgore server will be offline on February 27 for 2 hours starting at 2 AM PST (10 AM GMT/UTC). 

Your Premium accounts and Trading Spots time used during the maintenance will be compensated.

Orc Hunt continues!

Brave heroes of Elenia!

The snow on the passes begins to melt and soon the caravans will go to Aranta. And not only trade guilds but also evil orcs are happy about this. We must maintain the safety of caravans at all costs! And the easiest way is to destroy the enemy. Of course, your merits will not be left without attention. The more orcs will be sent to the forefathers — the higher the reward!! Starting from February 22 and up to 23.59 GMT February 26 you are to exterminate the certain monsters. Best hunters will be generously rewarded! Look for details at forum 

Weekend Deal: Fire Boxes

The StarWarriors of Elenia!  

The Royal Magicians working night and day with the Royal Alchemists for over 6 months and with the able assistance of Mistgan's own expert, Fire Roy have created a miracle - Cold Fire that does not scorch the flesh or even sizzles! Adorn yourself with an awesome Decoration - Fire Steps - and give your feet the magical flame for every step you take!

Starting from now and up to 23.59 GMT February 23 the Premium Store offers you Small and Large Fire Boxes for 9 and 49 reales each!

Have a nice play!

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