What is Royal Quest?

  • Royal Quest is an MMORPG, set in a fantasy world named Aura, full of magic, technology and alchemy. Aura is under imminent danger by Black Alchemist and only you can save it once and forever. In Royal Quest you can choose your own way between eight classes, fight your way through dungeons, complete thousands of quests, claim a piece of land for your guild, raise your own collection of pets, acquire many rare cards with its own unique features and images and lots of other amazing things.

Is Royal Quest free-to-play?

  • Royal Quest is indeed free-to-play. You don’t need to purchase the game or pay for a subscription. We also offer optional Premium Subscriptions that will grant lots of in-game benefits including the ability to travel for free between Maidens, a Portal Skill, expanded Quest Journal and more.

Where can I download Royal Quest?

  • You can play Royal Quest using Stand-alone, Steam or Arc clients. Download the game and create an account directly on the Royal Quest website, on Steam or Arc page!

What is the difference between these clients?

  • Basically, there is no difference between Steam, Arc and Stand-alone clients. You can just choose a comfortable way to play for yourself. If you want to prevent yourself from installing additional apps, download the Royal Quest Launcher on our website and create an account using your Facebook, Gmail or your own Email!

I saw some mentions of a trial ‘Premium’. What is it?

  • Premium account is available to everybody in the game as a 3-day trial with a subscription option afterwards. It provides you with bonuses to experience, drop rates and additional quest slots in your Quest Journal, as well as free teleports between Maidens and a Portal skill. You can also buy 2 DLC packs that contain Premium Subscriptions inside (Steam only at the moment).

How can I get a 3-day trial Premium Subscription?

  • It’s super easy! You can do it by following one of the two steps:

      1. Click on the Premium icon above your action bar in the game.
      2. When directed to our website, sign in through your Steam, Arc or Stand-alone account first.
      3. Click on the 'Set Email and Password' link near your name on the front page.
      4. Or:

      5. Go to 'My Account' page and click on 'Email and Password' option there.
      6. You will then be able to setup your email and password.
      7. After these steps are done:

      8. Click on the Premium icon above your action bar in the game.
      9. Choose the option "Get Premium".

    Now you received a free 3-day Premium Subscription!

    If you created your account using your own Email, you will be able to get a 3-day trial Premium Subscription without setting email and password.

Does Royal Quest have any region restrictions?

  • As for English-speaking servers, we run the game in North America, but you can also choose between Polish and Russian servers. More information about two other servers can be found by using the region select in the upper left corner of the navigational menu.


What is a PIN Code and how can I get it?

  • Royal Quest implemented a PIN code system. This feature is a secondary password to increase the security of your account. Upon logging in to your account for the first time, a dialog box pops up. You need to enter your chosen 4-digits PIN code using your keyboard and remember it.

I forgot a PIN Code from my account, how can I reset it?

  • You need to submit a ticket to our Support with specific account identifying information (e.g. nicknames of your playable characters, levels and classes).

How do I register an account on the website and on forums and what is the Login button?

  • You need to sign in through Steam, Arc or Stand-alone (depends on the way you play) and have an in-game character of level 5 or above to post comments or create threads on forums.

How can I post on forums?

  • You will be able to post on forums after you will select a Display name. You can manage your Display Name on the 'My Account' page or in your Profile Settings on forums.

What is the Email and Password option?

  • After signing in through Steam, Arc or Stand-alone you can setup your Email and Password. The point is that it’s a required step if you want to get the 3-day Premium Subscription in the game and also it’s an additional way to sign in to our website if you want to use your own Email and Password. If you registered your account using your own Email, this step is already done for you and your Email and Password is already set.

I did set my Email and Password, but I forgot it afterwards! What should I do?

  • Don’t worry, warrior! Go to 'My Account' page and change your Email and Password at any time.

I did something naughty and got banned on the website and on forums! Do I get banned in the game as well?

  • Please, read our Game Rules and Website and Forums Rules. We ban people only after thorough investigation if there is a reason to do so, and if there is, we only ban the player’s account, which affects the website and forums. Game bans are handled separately by our Game Masters, though we never forget and we never forgive. Just kidding. Maybe.


How many quests can I accept at the same time?

  • You can accept up to 20 quests at the same time and 10 additional are available with Premium Subscription. So, the total amount is 30!

I don’t see any quests around me, what should I do?

  • Press M (default settings) and choose the tab ‘Available Quests’. If this tab is empty, you need to level up to be able to get new quests.

Can I Abandon my quests?

  • Yes, you can! Press M (default settings), select a quest and choose the option ‘Abandon’. We have a few exceptions regarding abandoning quests:

      1. You cannot abandon quests of the main story, which means your class quest in the beginning.
      2. You cannot abandon quests that you have already completed (they should be highlighted in green).


How can I create my own Guild?

  • Every player can create a new guild. Talk to Lord Mayor Borg Harrigan in the middle of the Varlone, the Capital City, and pay him 1 million gold, then a guild will be yours.

How can I implement a Guild Emblem?

  • Please, read our guidelines on this matter on Forum.

Can I change a Guild Emblem in the future?

  • Yes, you can! Follow the same steps as the first time, your image will be approved after pre-moderation once again.

When my Guild can be involved in Guild Wars?

  • Once your Guild reaches Level 10, the war can be declared. You can declare a war to no more than 5 guilds. Both sides should have more than 10 active players to begin the war. A war continues within 21 days and after that these two guilds can’t declare a war to each other again for 2 weeks.

How can I leave a Guild?

  • Right click on your nickname in the guild list and choose the option ‘Leave Guild’. Done! Please mind, if you were in the guild for less than 2 weeks, you won’t be able to join a new one within 3 days.

What if I have a question that isn't answered on the website and forums?

  • We're always here to help you! You can click on the 'Support' button on the right side of the page or submit a ticket from the game. Please, take time to read our guidelines on How To Submit a Ticket to Technical Support so we can help you faster and better. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Feel free to visit our forums and get all your questions answered before you go!