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#16072 LocknLoad in Serious Condition & in Hospital

Posted Xeffer (Elgore) on 23 March 2016 - 07:30 PM

Uhm good day everyone.. i dont know how to put this... im at lost to be honest... but yeah i supposed i would like to gather everyone in this RQ community.


i want to ask everyone or every guild out there big or small to have a 1 week moment of peace or ceasefire.. 1 week of no siege to give the RQ community a moment of Peace... for the reason that our fellow gamer, Mariel aka LocknLoad ,a friend , a leader, a father , a husband, a son etc. in a very critical condition and is in Hospital.


LocknLoad Immortal's guild leader was rushed to hospital last night after a suspected Stroke and he is currently in a Coma.


He spent almost 3 years of his life on this game he dedicated his blood and sweat... to make one of the most competitive guild alive and to keep up the competition in this game. He contributes a lot in our gaming community throwing in suggestions and trying to kill some unkillable boss and cooperating with other guilds too.. yeah some of us might not have been in the same guild or not a friend we talk trash to each other sometimes but really we all know that we dont hold anything against each other personally and i believe that most of us in this game feel bad on what happened to him. I myself would feel the same if anything bad happened to anyone of us, regardless of the guild or who is that player i don't really feel like playing that much if one of our fellow gamer is fighting for his life.


As of now Lock is not even aware of what I am doing or writing at this very moment while I'm typing this he is fighting for his life.. not just for him but for his family as well.


I'm not asking the community that much... a gesture of concern and is more than enough... for him and for his family... for those people who have a Faith, i am asking for everyone to pray for his quick recovery.. and for everyone else good thoughts in the hope his Medical Team will bring him back to us ... 


If any of you want to pass on your love and thoughts, I will do my best to pass these onto him and/or his young family who will see how much love there is for Mariel in the Royal Quest Community.


thank you.






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#15863 Dark carabus solo

Posted Andisu (Elgore) on 17 March 2016 - 12:04 AM

well, here we go


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#26530 Change in Premium Account bonuses

Posted Enya on 19 January 2017 - 11:09 AM

Dear players!


Be aware that Bonus to drop rate of Premium account has been changed. Previous value was +50% to the chance of loot drops. The current value is +150% to the chance of loot drops





The feature will be effective permanently until further notice and for Global English server only.


Bonus to experience rate is not changed. Rates x2 or x3 to experience bonus of Premium account will be enabled in special cases only - as before.




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#15151 Love is...: Love Story Competition

Posted KaiLeena (Elgore) on 24 February 2016 - 09:20 AM

The Power of Love

Based on a true story

By KaiLeena

There once was a heroine named KaiLeena who dedicated her life to serve King Roland. She travelled the world of Aura, making sure justice was severed and that inhabitants of Aura was safe.


One day, she came across a brave warrior, called Chenli, who to was serving King Roland.




The brave warrior fell in love with the heroine KaiLeena, but knew that she had only one love … Aura.

Side by side they served the King and the heroine felt her heart opening up to the brave warrior, admiring him for his loyalty to their king.




The brave warrior knew that no other woman could make him feel the way that the heroine did, so he decided to declare his undying love to her.





KaiLeena realised that her admiration for Chenli has turned into love and she told him that together they can take on the journey of love and protection for Aura and each other.



Till this day they travel the world of Aura together, where their love are growing each day and King Roland’s land are safe, thanks to their devotion towards their King and each other. 


The End...

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#14251 WARLOCK SUPPORT by Elsa

Posted Elsa (Elgore) on 24 January 2016 - 05:36 PM

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#4169 Winter Legend [December 30th - January 13th]

Posted Akroz (Elgore) on 01 January 2015 - 06:43 PM

here is mine hope you guys like it :)



EDIT: the reason i choose bosses is because when i start to play this game, my main goal was able to kill all bosses and do the arcon event at least once and i did all those things i have more goals now ingame but one step at a time :)   never give up on yours goals

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#15437 Best Screenshot Contest: 6th Round

Posted Xian (Elgore) on 04 March 2016 - 09:12 AM


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#5212 Competition - Love story

Posted Cyria (Elgore) on 21 February 2015 - 05:11 AM

Never ending Love Story... !


Once upon a time there was a skinny under fed girl. She was so poor that she hunted the deep caverns and caves of Aura hoping to just find anything that might help her.


The bats were told to give items of great value that might even make her rich and she dreamed of having clothing so a Prince might want to marry her and take her away.

Finally one day it happen! She found treasures of great wealth, and decided to go to the City. There she met the man of her dreams. They sat for hours and hours talking


It was love at first site! He asked her, to make travels with him to discover all the wonders of the world of Aura. These ventures excited her to no end, but she never told the truth to him about how poor she use to be. But in his eyes she was sure it really didn't matter. So there life together started.

Many weeks past and one day he finally made her dreams come to.. "Hun lets go see the King he said'!



Surprising her having the King himself of Aura marry them! It was such a day, and all of the City clapped and a huge party went under way. Now MrLong and Mrs. Long would live there life.

First there was the honeymoon of course!  He took her to the most private spot he could find. Such a lovely cave, with bats and other huge beast that they killed for there food while there. He had to show her that he could take care of her.


One evening, they sat after a huge battle. His arms protecting his new bride!r0CvK5l.jpg

"Dear, I have one other thing to tell you" he stated... "I'm rich, and own a huge Castle. After our honeymoon we shall go there and this is where our children will be born" the shock of this was so surprising to her. A Castle! Children!

Later upon returning home, he showed her the wonders of there new Castle. It was so lush and full of treasure's! Each day they hunted there..

Months past, even years later.  Two wonderful twins were born between them.


Times started to get harder, food got less and less.. one day a choice had to be made. Feed themselves or feed the kids. MrLong decided he would feed themselves because he figured well, its more fun to make more babies! So let the brats go hungry!

This was a huge mistake! Never again were the two seen or heard from. The Castle became empty and new owners even took over.. It was said, the kids killed them. But they lived happy and died together..  


The end.................


Attached Thumbnails

  • thestart.jpg
  • dead3.jpg

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#16143 LocknLoad in Serious Condition & in Hospital

Posted HotChocolate (Elgore) on 24 March 2016 - 10:12 PM

From what i heard  lock has conscious, he is able to smile a little but still cant talk . All the support that this community has given is really great. I hope no joking around about this matter because this is something big for some of us.


But he still have a big operation ahead waiting for him, lets hope he can go through all of this and make a big comeback.

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#8178 [Hunter Guide] It's a TRAP!

Posted Angel'Hood (Elgore) on 25 May 2015 - 09:59 PM

So you've chosen to be  a Hunter. In my opinion Hunter is one of the 3 most new player friendly classes. Why?? Because of TRAPS!, yes. Traps are amazing, and they never EVER miss. So why not use your traps in its full potential, and get some quick (I mean 3 hours I was from 1 to 33) lvls.  

First of all, WARNING: If you don't enjoy kiting. Close this window and continue to play your amazing "survival, Big Bad Wolf" Build, and good luck at tower. But if you want to gain 2.4k exp and even more. Than keep reading, and you will be amazed on how easy it is.

let's begin at 1-20: We all know that grinding gives you a lot of experience, and if you are lucky, you stumble upon a couple of crypts and you get some cool guy items, maybe even better than you deserve it. But WAIT! How about we do the quests from the first 2 maps (Taskona Valley, and Elgore) why? you ask. Because it gives you gear, that you may be using until late 30s. the big 3 items I like it from it, IS the bow with 2 card slots, the artifact, and the 1 (besides the first one you get) ring. Those items can be the only items you get for a good while, specially if you are starting the game. Plus quests are the main source of Gold Income at lower levels you are going to encounter. My best recommendation from 1-20 is to do all I say ALL the quests they offer. 

Warning: Do Not Spend your skill points yet, Save them from when you become a Hunter, and there is a method to my madness. If you do plan on using your skill points to help you lvl at early stage, make sure to reset it before becoming lvl 21 by using one of the seeds that are found the npc Stores at the first map you came into this world!

Stat destribution (from 1-20): Personally here, mobs don't hit hard at all. whether you are trying to kill Mantis for that Exp boost, or you are at the catacombs Hunting the 100 roachs for that 1 amazing quest that rewards with 1k+ exp. You will notice that dying is not that easy. They don't hit like a truck yet, so why waste on stamina. I recommend putting just enough points to reach 10 stamina, and the rest on accuracy.
Weapon enhancement: At the beginning of the game, one of the quests will teach you how to enhance your weapon. Well let's use what we learn, and Enhance that weapon to at least +5. the +damage you receive may not seem much, but if you play league of legends, you will understand that even that +1 damage makes a huge difference in a fight. 

Hunter Quest: At this point you will be taking the Hunters test, Make sure you are prepared with some health pots, The quest is based upon waves of monsters coming towards you, you have to kill them. (sounds simple right?) My best advice for this quest is to attempt to line the enemy up, and use Piercing Shot, for the most Damage output on the enemy. Remember that you are an Archer and not a Warrior, so don't sit still and attempt to tank them, stay on the move and use Piercing shot whenever it isn't on the cooldown. It shouldn't be too hard, if you have the gear from the quests, and your weapon is at least +5. (Buy the lvl 14 bow and make it +5 for this) And CONGRATULATIONS. you are now an official Hunter. At the completion of the quest, you will be given an armor set specific for hunter, and a Gun. Do NOT use gun for hunter, you will be losing 3 skill that come with the class. Remember that quest that gives you that bow, Use that 2 card slot bow, upgrade it, and you should have enough gold to get 2 Warrior Cards (you get it from the same NPC that improves your gear) and put it inside for that extra damage output. 

Skills Points: Are you still here. Good! Stay with me now, almost there, for the good piece of this puzzle is come. So now, lets believe you were a good player. and didn't spend your skills points on your first tree, you should have 8 skills points, You are going to Focus on the TRAPS tree line. Here are the following Skill points I recommend you using. Remember that we are doing this by order, so with that being said. You want to put Traps first, than Hunting, Than whatever else!

Elaborate Mechanism: This is your bread and Butter of traps and Burrs, This skills adds poison damage to the enemy, "wait a minute angel! So you are telling me that trap/Burr damage isn't enough, we need to poison them too??"
YES, we need to kill them, and make their babies feel the pain!

Confidence: This skills gives you a chance to stun, if you happen to be lucky and Crit the enemy, now at lower levels, you might not see this as often, but believe me. With just 8% you will see it very often!

Exploding Lure: This is your Extra Damage Boy. You won't be using this for a while since you won't receive the "dummy" skill until later, but you have to go through this. Might as well, do it now. This skills makes that when your Dummy explodes, it does a good chunk of damage, Almost like a "3rd" trap, since the enemy will be Taunted by this Dummy, Be careful when using the dummy. It lures enemies around the Dummy, with that being said, if placed incorrectly. You could be setting yourself up for failure!

Shoot-OFF: 10% extra damage when enemy is immobilized or slow down. Oh yes PLEASE!

Deadly Traps: This is another Big Skills You need in order to succed in your TrapMania. It will increase your Traps and Burr's Damage by 50%.

Traps Throw: I personaly love this skills, specially At early stages where I don't really know how to start a fight, I can just throw my traps at the enemy, and begin from there?! that sounds AMAZING!

Ice Trap: This is an active skills, It's a TRAP! (Star wars quote) It freezes the opponent for 2 seconds, and decreased the dodge of the oponnent, allowing you to be able to hit the target, if you happen to be farming way higher lvl enemies. It has a 1 minute cooldown, and sometimes The game glitches, and after the enemy gets off the freezing state, They hit you, no matter how far you are. So use this skill with discretion.

Now that you have completed the
TRAPS Tree line. You will want to head all the way down to Hunting.

Mother Wit: It completes feels your Focus (Bonus damage for Magic Arrow) and it also gives you an additial Power damage to it, you need every point of damage you can get, specially at early stages of the Trapping.

Nail Arrow: This is for later on, when you acquire Blunt Arrow, it makes it always crit, therefore adding to your Confidence passive, and stunning the enemy. (who doesn't love a good Crowd Control?)

Fire Shower: When you reach at this point, you should have already unlocked Arrow Shower, well it adds Burn damage effect for your Arrow Shower, which last time I checked, you can't dodge Damage over time (wink face)

Hunter Sorcerer: This makes Your Magic arrow 25% Stunnable, and it can hit more than 1 target (up to 3) The only problem is again, you accidently hit a target you didn't mean to bring it into the fight, and now you are stuck with kiting two mobs instead of one. But the 25% stun is good!

Fury Control: It lets you use Beastly Fury without having to only auto attack, so therefore, you can use the Crit Chance from beastly fury, on your traps. (Crit trap damage F*** YEAH)

Poisoned Ammunition: When you crit with auto attack or skills, it poisons the enemy. "So wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE. You are telling me, that not only will the enemy get poison from traps/burrs, he will also be poisoned from my crit damage, and burned from arrow shower. Angel, that's just too much DoT's!", Well, my dear player. That is WHAT WE WANT!

Parasite: Self Explanatory, More damage over time and it doesn't let the enemy heal himself effieciently [takes 50% of the healing effect (if for some reason you are going against a mob of enemies that can "heal" o.0)]

at this point, you are versed in the ways of a hunter, and you should be able to decide where to put the remaining points of your skill tree attribute. (my suggestion is to head to wards Survival, But you make your call)

Leveling 20-22: this is your boring part. At this point you are wondering, OK. I'm a Hunter, where is my companion, and I should be a BAD ASS! NOPE! you are an Archer with 1 extra skills, It's Called Magic shot, We will talk about that skill later. At this point. You want to head towards Illayrs (north of Valore) And Farm there, Make sure to do the quests on that map. All of them require you to kill a monster from that map. and you need that gold, since you are going to be spending a lot trying to seal your gear (we will go through that)

Gearing up for the big Event: So you have Reached level 22, Thor Came down from Mythigard and gave it to you the ultimate skill TRAP! And as he flew away with his mighty hammer, you said Thank you Thor, and I shall Trap Wisely! Now, we need to get some things straight before going into the deep part of the pool kids. First of first, Let's double check your stat points, Remember when I said to not worry about Sta, I meant it, You are going to be farming Way stronger mobs, and it doens't matter if you have 2k-3k-4k hp. you will die if they touch you! LIKE DIE SON! DEAD! MORTO, MUERTO! with that being said, Let's hope you choose to follow my guide, and only put enough stamina to stay at 10 points (raw stats, that means you put actually 9 points since you already start with 1) and the rest of it you wasted ALL on accuracy (that is right, give me damage kids!). Your skill points have been allocated at the right location, Gear. Let's worry about gear for a second. Those lvl 20 gear you received from the vendor, no no no. They are fine, but if you have some gold stashed out, Seal them. Head towards The Seal Npc (if you did your quests at the beginning, you will know who he is) and seal your gear, hopefully you are lucky, and you get stuff like +accuracy, +luk, + percentage of chance to do this to the enemy (hopefully more poison, or burn). and your weapon, attempt to get as much Atq damage on your weapon as Possible. once that is complete,   YOU will have the longest journy a man's ever made. You will have to WALK, that is right WALK! to a place called Teuton. "Angel, I don't know where that is.", Chill out man, I'm not going to tell you to go somewhere without directions! Damm! Starting from Velore, Head towards the East gate, you will be at Quedock,  Keep Heading to the East and go to Mistgan, Now you have to Head a little bit north, save at the maiden (in case you die) and continue Northheast towards Mooshroom, Head Straight Straight North towards Interfluve, Continue North towards Elona, This is your last 100 meters, Sprint East for Teuton. As soon as you arrive, Do not forget to save at the maiden. 
leveling 22-Whenver you are bored: You are still here?! OK. Didn't think you would read this entire article. OK. On East exit of Teuton You will see enemies called Bonerattler. these Snake looking alike creatures, are going to be your milk man, your mail man, your ice cream man, and your internet cable guy. Why? They give around 2.4k Exp (VIP Members). That is a LOT! and they only have 9k HP, that may seem like a lot, but it really isn't since, you are going to be kiting this little snake around and laughing at it, as you receive 15%, 10% 7% 4% 2%(it decreases as you lvl up) per kill. They are going to be your trainer for the many kitings to come ahead, Now the idea here is to have these skills ready. At first, when you just arrived, you're legs are tired from the walking, you are just a noob 22. You will only use 3 skills, (you need to conserve energy) Burr and TRaps Preferably at the same location, And Magic Arrow (make sure you are near the target you want to hit, Magic Arrow has an idea to think that I wanted to hit the Soldier Skeleton 5 blocks away, instead of the Snake that was 3 blocks away) The snake is aggressive, so when approaching her, go with caution, once she is trapped. Prepare yourself into the new trap position, now your Trap has a higher Cooldown, than your Burrs, which means, that if you like. You can always set trap alone first, let the 7 seconds of immobilize sink it, pop burr right in front of it, so the enemy is slow, and your trap should be able to be up and running by the time he recovers from slow. It's your choice, those mobs are lvl 56, so don't take them lightly. Once you have kill a couple and acquire Arrow shower, and also have Fire Shower available, After introducing the snake to your trap+burr, Use Arrow Shower on it, for the additional Burning damage, and finalize the snake with Magical Arrow. BAM! 2.4k exp coming HOT!

Well guys, Some things to keep in mind. At lvl 24, you receive another bow, It would Benefit you to go and get a better bow with more damage, Also, Always keep a look out on the market for better seal gear, The loot drop from the snakes can be a little lucrative, but it isn't anything to become a millionare of! Also, Remember that Auto Attack will 99% miss, so don't just stand there shooting Missing Arrow (waste of unlimited ammo) use that 7 seconds that the snake is mobilize, to look at your surroundings, and see where is a better location to set your second trap+burr so the snake will continue to take damage, and you won't be heading towards a mob of angry snakes! DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT! Attempt to take Elite Bosses, if you don't at least have Fire Shower, You will be wasting  a LOT of energy and potions, just to receive a maybe extra 2k exp. It's not worth it, if you can avoid the "elite" mobs, Attempt to do so. 

Thank you so much, Please leave feedback, and what are your thoughts about this build. 

PS: Don't forget to like this post, If somehow I made you make a hunter so you cna trap, or gave you an idea of it!

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#6873 List of Elites and Bosses

Posted Solsagan (Elgore) on 29 March 2015 - 10:08 PM

Golden Cockorach

Respawn time: 2 hours

Location: Catacombs lvl 2



Rat Queen

Respawn time: 2h and 5min

Location: Catacombs lvl 3 



Bumblebuzz Queen

Respawn time: 2 hours

Location: Illayr



Pharao and Dark Oracle

Respawn time: 1h - Dark Oracle, 2h Pharao

Location: Pyramid floor 2

Note: Red dot = Pharao / White dot = Dark Oracle / Yellow Dot = Rare Spot for both



Royal Thorn and Dark Shaman

Respawn time: 1 h and 57min - Royal Thorn ,  3h and 25min Dark Shaman

Location: Elgore

Note: Red = Royal Thorn / Yellow = Dark Shaman



Master Floor 1

Respawn time: 2 hours

Location: Puppet Master's  Mansion floor 1



Master Floor 2

Respawn time: 2 hours

Location: Puppet Master's  Mansion floor 2



Note to both Masters: Always look in the nearby locations of these red dots because they walk a bit.



Respawn time: 20min

Location: Tadano



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#40100 Some clarifications on the 'merge'

Posted IronFelix on 04 December 2019 - 08:11 PM

Dear RQ players,

We know that the RU+US servers’ merge was discussed here on the forums in some form. We know that many (if not all) of you are worried about what it would be like.

There were some posts by our dear Rjoskva here and there but there were no posts solely related to this issue.

It is never our intention to make rushed decisions. Prior to any official announcements, we want to make sure everything is done perfectly fine from the technical standpoint and NO players are harmed. So, yes, we are planning to merge RU+US servers. Most likely it will happen early 2020. We will make a detailed ‘roadplan’ and we will be there to explain to you all ‘how-to’s and what’s’. We want to do the transition for the players as smooth as possible.

So please keep an eye on the news,

Felix on behalf of RQ team

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#36494 Meet the Community Team!

Posted Enya on 15 June 2018 - 11:04 AM

My friends, I am sorry to inform you I'm leaving the Community Manager position. These were amazing years and I'm happy I had the chance to meet all of you and to help you with any troubles. Thank you for being here and playing our game. Goodluck :)

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#28763 Ultimate DK guide

Posted Reikkan (Elgore) on 12 April 2017 - 01:11 AM

This is my ultimate guide if you wanna succeed as DK:



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#18738 Warlock critical PvP/PvE by ZãoBr

Posted ZãoBr (Elgore) on 27 May 2016 - 05:15 PM

Warlock critical PvP/PvE Warlock.png


Hello player, if you are reading this topic is a sign that has a taste for the choice of class. wink.png

Olá jogador, se você está lendo este tópico é sinal que tem um bom gosto para a escolha de classe.


Top this topic apologetically about my English, I am Brazilian and I am using the translator. I will dedicate my best to leave the topic in both languages.

Inicio este tópico me desculpando com relação ao meu idioma inglês, sou brasileiro e estou usando o tradutor. Vou me dedicar ao máximo para deixar o tópico nos dois idiomas.


I would also like to clarify that this topic is based on my current build, I do not mean it is the right, but is that I found most suitable for a Warlock PvP/PvE.

Também gostaria de esclarecer que este tópico é baseado na minha build atual, não quero dizer com isso que é a certa, mas é a que eu achei mais adequada para um Warlock PvP/PvE.


Below my talents based on PvP / PvE (Critical):

Segue abaixo os meus talentos baseados em PvP/PvE (Crítico):




With the talents above you can have a lot of damage in both PvP and PvE in, especially in critical, HP and average defense and good control in PvP, thus helping the group and himself. You can also kill several monsters at once (AOE).

Com os talentos acima você consegue ter muito dano tanto no PvP quanto no PvE, principalmente no crítico, HP e defesa médios e um bom controle no PvP, ajudando assim o grupo e a si mesmo. Também é possível matar vários monstros de uma só vez (AOE).


Below the result of character features with all equipment +8:

Abaixo o resultado das características do personagem com todos os equipamentos +8:




Distribution points: 100 in Intelligence, 1 in Dexterity, 39 in Stamina and 100 in luck.


Tips for beginners.

Dicas para iniciantes.


Have easy access to the skills below and practice, they are totally necessary for a good performance Warlock, both PvP and PvE's. For offensive or defensive mode. They are also essential to move quickly and safely.

Tenha um fácil acesso as skills abaixo e as pratique, pois são totalmente necessárias para um bom desempenho do Warlock, tanto no PvP quanto do PvE. Para modo ofensivo ou defensivo. Também são essenciais para se movimentar mais rápido e em segurança.




I'll leave out some basic combos of skills for more complex combos or combos to play against a specific class call me in the game.

Vou deixar abaixo alguns combos básicos de skills, para combos mais complexos ou combos para jogar contra uma classe especifica me chame no jogo.


PvE x1








PvP (basic combo)



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#16229 Best Screenshot Contest: 8th Round

Posted Xian (Elgore) on 30 March 2016 - 10:48 AM


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#15152 Love is...: Love Story Competition

Posted Xian (Elgore) on 24 February 2016 - 09:43 AM

sweet baby ^^ smile.pngwub.png
so romantic....
only your name in my heart wub.png wub.png wub.png


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#36636 Ideas for the Royal Quest team

Posted DarksKiss (Elgore) on 10 July 2018 - 10:01 PM

Dear Royal Quest Team,

I would like to express some ideas on how to stabilize this game and revive this server. These are my personal opinions and I do not expect everyone to agree on everything. I have played Royal Quest for a very long time and have spent over 7 thousand hours in the game. I do hope the Royal Quest team takes these ideas seriously and that my experience is worth something.

This will be a long read and fair warning I am suggesting massive game changes. Royal Quest can be redefined for the better. I will touch on several topics and probably jump around time to time.

Recently, Royal Quest has released a new content patch which is what players have wanted for years. It added new gear, mobs, maps, mechanics, and other major gameplay changes. Adding new content was a great idea in general however some of the changes killed of the end game population.

What should be changed? Let's start with free to play vs pay to win. Short and sweet, the game is too focused on making players spend money to do anything in the game.

Everyone complains about the low population. I think the issue is more than just that. The issues lies deep within the roots of the game. Royal Quest is way too pay to win and does not cater towards new players and players looking to play casually.

The gap between new and old players is massive and well known. The only methods to catch up is to spend a lot of money or get boosted from a big guild or "rich" well established players. This makes it very difficult to keep new players and for them to compete in the game. It's next to impossible for any new, solo, or weaker players to achieve high gear standards.

I personally think the way to obtain improvement items needs to be changed!

I am referring to Stones, Runes, and Waxes. This is the biggest flaws in the game! Players depend on those items mainly to get better gear status. But!!! The only way to obtain those items are either (A) Spend money for reales to get them, (B) Winning Cattles, which in the past was dominated by top guilds composed of the best geared players, which kept new players and weaker guilds from getting the loot, or © farming months on end for gold and then buying improvement items from other players / buying reales off other players to buy the items. Currently, those are the few methods to obtain those items in the game. Kinda sad since gear improvements are very important and a vital part of end game.

Granted a few leveling quest gave a few stones here and there and the old daily log in rewards gave some stones. Those however are not viable ways to get max gear. It takes months and years to do so.

Does anyone else not see the issue?? This game depends on people spending real life money to obtain the basic items required to improve gear. This is driving away most new players who want to try the game and old players too. Good gear is essential for end game and everyone wants to have the best gear but the means to obtain them are ONLY available for select players.(By the way, I'm not talking how hard the chance of improving gear is that is another topic.)
I am talking about how only those with money or castles can easily access the items (Stones, Runes, Waxes) needed for better gear improvements.

All that being said I want to suggest new ways to obtain those items. Allow players different methods to obtain runes, waxes, and stones. I'm suggesting a huge system change and game overhaul. I am trying to introduce new methods to obtain those items. Perfably, something that helps PvE players.

Add daily quest that reward with runes, stones, or waxes..
Add weekly or monthly quest that reward runes, stones, waxes.

How much / How many are rewarded? That is the decision of the developers. I am not trying overload the game with tons of improvements items. Simply trying to give all players the option the better thier gear.

If necessary limit those "special" quest to 1 character per account and/or make the quest max level. To prevent players from making several accounts and characters.
Perhaps account bound the stones, runes, wax rewards if necessary.

Give high level bosses a small chance to drop stones, runes, waxes, ect. Bosses are killed frequently so the amount and percentage to drop does not need to be much.
For this to work bosses will have to be reworked. The currently system is flawed. Only the top 4 dps get chest on bosses and elites. This system favors already maxed players and is unfair for classes that are not high dps.

~Possible solutions ~

*Revert back to the old system. Highest dps party wins the boss/elite drops. Imo this system is better than the current one but flawed too.

*Increase the number of top dps who can get the boss/elite chest. 1-10 (any number is acceptable)

* Or The highest 1-4 dps drop a chest that has a small chance to drop a boss card and with a chance to obtain stones, runes, or waxes, with the other normal reward chances gold/ gear.
The 5-10 dps(again any number is acceptable) players drop a chest too but with no chance of a boss card. A smaller chance for a stone, wax, or rune of some sort with the normal gold/ loot chance.
-Optional- All remaining boss participants receive a chest with small chance of normal gear loot-gold associated with the boss.

It is clear the system needs reworking. Those suggestions above will encourage more players to attend the bosses. More will attend knowing they have a chance to win something. Players are discouraged from trying when they attended bosses and get nothing.

Everything above was about adding new methods for players to obtain runes, waxes, and stones. Those items are limited to the premium store and castle chest. The new idea will provide more ways for players to get better gear faster. It would also make this game less pay to win. Free to play players with have access to those items via farming bosses and doing PvE activities. This will draw more players to the game and many will continue playing. When the population rises more will take partake in PvP activities.

P2W is still an option. Hundards of players will still pay for reales and buy items from the premium store. Many will still buy lots of reales to quickly buy cards or to quickly better thier own gear. More and more players will invest in the game if they feel the end game is good. I assure the RQ team they will make plenty of profit if they add more ways for players to better their own gear. The community feels oppressed and feels like they have to spend a lot of money to be good in this game.

The Royal Quest team can change this and watch the game flourish.

Next Suggestion

PvP is very popular in this game. A bigger population will solve most of the issues regarding PvP. The ideas above would help the game enormously.

I think castle system need to be changed again. A guild should be able to own as many castles as they desire and are capable of winning. If the population increases the server would have several big guilds fighting over the castles. In theory they server would not be dominated by one top guild.That is the PvP dream most players have in this game. Massive guild fights and wars not limited to two dominate guilds owning the game.
This game could use more guild functions. This all can come in the future (ps the small things really make a game good.) Guilds need to have more meaning in this game and interact more with the world.

~Guild Quest or Missions
~Guild Dungeons
~Guild Halls
~Guild Banners on controlled Castles
~Advanced guild settings and customization
~Guild diplomacy
~Guild recruiting/ search function
~Guild Achievements
~Guild Statistics (the guild collectively and individual stats) Such as a chart showing how many castles an individual won, personal stats on players killed during guild war)
~Guild ranking showing accomplishments ( castles won, arcon events won, wars won, players killed ect.)

<Other small suggestions >

~Charater & Gear Customization (dyeing gear for example)
~ More mounts & costumes (always welcomed)
~ Events adjusted to not feel like a p2w scam.
~ Cross server arena ( I dream!)
~ New Arena and BG maps
~ New Castle designs and even mechanics.
Hopefully castles can become a guild effort and not just the strongest guild/ team wins all
~Better boss machanics. I'm sorry but just adding HP to bosses and elites to make them "stronger" is horse raddish and just utter rubbish.. It shouldn't take me 15-20 min to solo a Rich Ghoul....on a maxed out Assassin......

~ Of course I always suggest new maps and content. Those can come after these core issues above are settled.

~A fire / volcano map sounds interesting.

With a bigger population return the ranked arena rewards. Perhaps make a rank and unranked arena.

The Aggressor system as been screwed for a long time too. I never understood why farming the most eleinum gave the tile. That rank should be based on the players with the most kills. Like it was in the old day.

Adjust the Boss/Elite loot system
Fix the castle situation for the sake of the server .
The population will increase and the server will flourish.

These are just a few ideas and my main thoughts about why our server is doing poorly. Also take into consideration US/EU/Br players have different ideas and aspirations from the game compared to the Russians. That could explain the huge population differences. Each server has different needs.

I hope these ideas will be implemented here. If the developers do not think they will work on the RU servers then we can see about applying them on this server first or only here.

Responses are welcome and appreciated.

I am also open to help the RQ team with ideas how to improve this server.

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#28995 Developers Notes: The Mansion of the Solo Clan. First Details

Posted Enya on 24 April 2017 - 03:52 PM

Rudolph's years-long waiting has proved worth it: the Solo clan is waking!

They say, somebody saw the gates opening - but who or what came out of there? Rudolph himself remains tantalizingly silent.

Historians and archeologists hurry to investigate archives and finds discovered in Arcon, seek to learn what will citizens of Elenia encounter when the Mansion's doors sweep open. Various institutions send their investigators to watch every movement at the entrance, to look for any hints and any tips.

And they have already succeeded to find out a thing or two!




The manor itself is much more vast inside than looks from outside. The Arcon-side entrance takes you to the magnificent mansion, property of the Solo clan long before the last lord got carried away with dark rituals.

The long spacious corridor starting right benind the doors descends below ground and goes up to the mansion itself. This corridor hosted many celebrations in the past - if the weather was too bad for open-air festivities; long ago, with neighbourhoods not tainted yet by Morra's malice and lords and ladies Solo caring about their subjects. Once upon a time the mansion was inhabited by the big family and thousands of people worked there; now the first floor is roamed by half-wild irexes, undead remains of ill-fated adventurers and stupefied servants who were kidnapped and turned long before. The clan does not need living ones for now, except as food supplies.




The mansion exit opens into famous Solo garden. A walk along this place may soothe one's heart even now, but lovely arbors have fallen into decay, bridges became decrepit: Morra's minions are not fond of the beauty contemplation. Breeding grounds adjoin the garden: the Solo manor had been famous, beside rare plants breeding, its riding irexes, best in Elenia. Now the legendary trainer breeds man-eating irexes for the Solo hunt, always ready to gobble an intruder. Still the local people don't mind: in fact they have never left theirs own home, just moved to the more comfortable place. More dark, more cold…

Walking through the garden one can reach the private cemetery of the Solo clan and descend to their family vault. The vault, alike to the mansion in whole, had been constructed with many generations in mind: sufficiently vast to house all the clan. Just wondering: do lords and ladies Solo sleep in coffins, or they have rebuilt the vault in some way? Nobody knows for now. No living soul have succeeded to leave the vault for now, to tell us the truth.




Both the Secret Office and Inquisition need volunteers, heroes who will be able to disclose the Solo Mansion's secrets and mysteries. Besides, long-year knowledge accumulated by the Solo clan will excite Varlone traders and scientists for sure.


Waiting for you in the future update:

  • General changes of the dungeon system.
  • New "Solo clan Mansion" dungeon consisting of 3 big locations.
  • New monsters.
  • New bosses.
  • New items.
  • New quests and NPCs.
  • Stories of the Solo clan.


Eager to discover all the Mansion's secrets? Follow the news!

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#2586 This is How DeathKnights are made

Posted Godsu (Elgore) on 12 October 2014 - 01:30 PM



Date: 10/11/'14

Time: 23:42

Place: Unknown



Through many years of hard work and determination, we made the perfect being known as " Zintsu " and Zintsu will be along the ride till we make another. 


Expect more from this new found group of DeathKnights.

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