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Announcement: Newcomer Forum Guide

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Welcome to our friendly community, warrior!

Our community is really important to us and we’re excited you’re a part of it! Here we post some information that will help you to start with a friendly feel and keep you informed about the game.
Please take time to read this guide as it will provide you the basic knowledge of Royal Quest Forum.

Please mind that to post on forums you will need to select a Display Name and have a level 5 or above character in Royal Quest.

Before you start posting on official Royal Quest forum, we suggest you.

• Read our Game Rules.
• Read our Naming Rules.
• Read our Forum and Website Rules.
• Read our FAQ’s on the most popular questions.
• Ask us anything about the game in Newcomer Discussion.
• Share your first adventure in Player Stories.

Forum Lands.

Official Royal Quest News.
Dominating area.

Here’s a list of some friendly faces that you’ll find on our forums.

Korfein, Community Manager.
Inclosaria, Community Manager.

Volunteers moderators that will be happy to help you.


Now your training mission is complete! We're looking forward to hearing from you soon. Enjoy the Forum Lands of Royal Quest!