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Announcement: Screenshots - Making, Posting & Editing

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How to take Screenshots
You might wish to do this for a number of reasons:
  • • You want to do some artwork for yourself or something in the Forum
  • • You need to include a screenshot to help explain a Technical Support Issue using the in-game System (Help button, bottom left of your screen)
  • • You have witnessed some bad behaviour that you wish to report to Admin either via a Forum mail to the Community Manager or a Moderator or via the in game Technical Support System
  • • You have been found to have infringed the Game or Forum Rules in some way and wish to appeal a decision made by the Gamesmasters and submit a screenshot as evidence.
Part 1 : Preparation - Before we get started, you will need 3 things:
1 : Game Access : Access Royal Quest either from the Steam or Arcgames portal
2 : Viewing and/or Editing Screenshots : You will need some software on your PC as a means of viewing and/or editing any screenshots taken via Arcgames or Steam.

There is free Windows software for these purposes and I recommend:

Viewing , resizing, cropping and reducing file sizes : Irfanview: You can get Irfanview here : http://www.irfanview.com

Editing images beyond what is possible with Irfanview : Gimp (or if you have it of course, Photoshop) You can get Gimp here : http://www.gimp.org/downloads/

3 ; An Online Cloud Storage account - to upload your screenshots to that allows you to quote an image URL for the screenshot to be accessed and used by other people. Both the Forum and Technical Support need you to quote image URLs – you cannot upload images directly to the Forum or Tech Support.

There are many free options available but the three you could consider first are:

Dropbox – you can get it from here http://www.dropbox.com and it installs a bit of software to your PC that can include a Public folder. You merely drag and drop your saved images or screenshots into the Dropbox Public folder on your PC and Dropbox syncs with your Cloud storage, normally within a few minutes and you can right mouse click an image on your PC and click on Copy Public Link in the dropdown menu. Then you merely paste that link into the appropriate Image field box in the Forum.

With Dropbox, you can do everything on your PC – you do not need to go online at all - Dropbox does it for you.

Imgur – after opening your account, you go In to Imgur and ideally create an album for Royal Quest then you Upload images to that album. The good thing about Imgur (and Dropbox) is that you can set these images to be private (hidden) except when you grant access by citing the image UTL specific to that image – a consideration if you are passing on confidential information to Admin about a complaint or an appeal.

These are the ideal settings

Posted Image

After you have uploaded your screenshots, you can obtain the URL by clicking on the image and copying the appropriate bit of code to your clipboard:

Posted Image

And finally, there is : Gyazo which can be downloaded as a Web App via the Chrome App Store: https://chrome.googl...e/category/apps

Posted Image

Once you have set up your Gyazo account, just right mouse clicking and image in your Windows Explorer folder and choosing Send to Gyazo, will upload it to Gyazo, but be aware that as far as I can tell, all Gyazo image files are public so if you are sending a screenshot to us that has confidential or sensitive information in it, you would be best to use either Dropbox or Imgur with the Hidden settings in place.

Here is an image I uploaded to Gyazo using the Gyazo app and it the yellow highlighted part shows where to copy the URL for the image to share with others:

Posted Image

Part 2 : Acquiring the Images

So now we have the basics all in place, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of getting those screenshots, the process being slightly different for Arcgames and Steam.

BEFORE you take your screenshot decide if you want the Game Interface or not. If the Game Interface is important to the image to give it meaning, then take the screenshot as is but of you want to REMOVE the Game Interface, press Alt+Z in-game and the interface will disappear - just do not try it in battle since you MAY lose full control of your character.

Taking general screenshots or part of a screen on your PC.

A tool I use a lot of and which I have used in the preparation of this Guide is the relatively unknown bit of software provided free with Windows (7 at least) Snipping Tool.

To fire it up, click on the Wondows button and type Snipping Tool or even just Snip and the program will just open. it is very basic but ot does the basics quite easily indeed. I tend to save the images I acquire using Snipping Tool in my Dropbox Public folder since it gives me a very quick way to acquire a URL for a new image.

Snipping Tool lets you take a full screen of information or just a small part of the screen and if you want, you can highlight parts of the image, like I did in the Gyazo image above. Snipping Tool is pretty self-explanatory and there is no need for a Tutorial on that program.

Taking screenshots WITHIN the game

Since many of us play Royal Quest (RQ) in Full Screen mode, it is not possible to use the Snipping Tool not least that generally when you switch out of RQ, the game minimises.

How do I take a screenshot? Where are screenshots saved?

You can take a screenshot two different ways. Pick which one is easier for you.

A : Royal Quest PrintScr

You can take in-game screenshots in Royal Quest independent of your game portal and you will find that these screenshots are in one of the sub-folders of the RoyalQuest Game itself

Posted Image

For my ArcGames version of RoyalQuest, I installed RQ on my E Drive, naming the main Game Folder, Arc_RQ. It may be different on your computer, more likely somewhere in a Steam or Arcgames main folder.

The other alternative is to use the in-portal Screenshot function provided by both Steam and Arcgames since at least with Steam you have the ability to work with Screenshots quite actively within Steam and from my limited experience, a little less so with ArcGames.

In-Portal Screenshots also give great HD quality.

A : Steam

To get proper high-quality Steam screenshots you first of all need to make sure Steam is set up to handle screenshots for you.


Go to the Steam settings, In-Game tab.
Check Save an uncompressed copy.
Click on Screenshot folder and set a dedicated folder for your Steam screenshots.
Don't forget the Screenshot shortcut key - normally F12 is the default.

Posted Image

Make sure the Steam Overlay is enabled for the current game you will be taking screenshots in.

Posted Image

Get to your Steam Games Page and right click on the Royal Quest icon and choose the Properties tab at the bottom (no image for this drop down box)

So now you are all set to take in-game screenshots using Steam - all you do is press the F12 key (or an alternative key sequence you saved in Steam)

To view all of your screenshots in RQ Steam, right mouse click on the Royal Quest Games Icon and choose View Screenshots.

Posted Image

Then double click on an image and it will open whatever viewer you have for opening .jpg files

You can also Click on the Show On Disk option, which is in a different place to the other screenshot location below:

Posted Image

This is the complete list of screenshots you have taken and if you need to include an unretouched image, you will have an online image storage that allows you to upload the image and then get a URL of the image to be able to post in the RQ Forum or in the Technical Support System.

B : Arcgames

This is what Arcgames document for taking and accessing Screenshots though in practice i was unable to validate with any certainty whether it was working unlike in Steam where a photo 'click' is heard. Also Arcgames do not have a View Screenshots tab in their portal as faar as i can tell, so I use PrintScreen key on my keyboard for ArcGames and theSteam F12 in-game screenshot taker for ease of use.

1. While in-game, press the F9 key. This will bring up a check box that will allow you to remove all interfaces from the picture when you are taking it. Names will still show up unless they are turned off in "Systems" -> "Options" -> "Interface"
2. Click "Take Picture"
3. The screen shot is saved in the location you downloaded your game to.

3 : Using the Screenshots (or part of them)

As i have said earlier, I use the free image handling program, Irfanview, since if necessary, it can reduce image and file sizes down quite a bit since I send many screenshots of infringing chat messages to my moderator colleagues about persistent offenders (so watch out ! lol)

I also do a bit of Photoshop work for the Forum or to help support Forum competitions and Irfanview lets me crop an image down to the bits I want to take into Photoshop.

SPECIAL NOTE: If however you are submitting a screenshot to Royal Quest Admin or The Technical Support System, the image CANNOT be tampered with.

I personally use Dropbox probably only because I use it a lot in my daily life, but for regular and quick posting of unretouched screenshots you can use the Gyazo Chrome App. If this is installed, you can right mouse click on the image you want, in this case, 2015-05-22_0002.jpg and it should automatically upload it to your Gyazo account. Then all you need to do is click on first icon at the bottom, highlighted in yellow, and it will copy the URL to your clipboard.

Posted Image

As an alternative you can upload an image file to your Imgur account and copy the imgur URL instead.

To add the link to Technical Support Ticket System, just Ctrl-V puts it into your Support message.

If you are posting to the Forum you use the following button

Posted Image

Posted Image

If you are wanting to do something more fancy, open the original screenshot in Gimp or Photoshop and work the image up however you want, saving the required picture file ideally as something different to the original. The forum accepts png, jpg or gif files.

Anyway, I hope you find this How-to guide interesting. it is a continuing project so I may edit it in future to reflect player suggestions and would welcome and constructive comments about how it can be improved.