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Announcement: How To Submit a Ticket to Technical Support

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Need assistance with Royal Quest game? Technical Support Is Here to Help You.

It is our priority to make it easy and simple to get help when you need it!

There are two ways how you can get assistance from our Technical Support:
- Using the in-game ‘Help’ button (right bottom of your game screen);
- Using Website (please be aware that you need to be logged into our Website to send a ticket to our support staff).

Choose the right Category of your issue.

Be clear: the more information about your issue you are providing, the better our support team is able to help you.

Submit a ticket using the account you are currently playing on. Or use email that connects directly with your account. Otherwise, we are not able to identify you as an owner and therefore we are not able to help you.
Make sure that your ticket is regarding to a regular problem. In some instances, the problem can appears only once and it will never disturb you again.

If you are inquiring about missing equipment or other in-game commodities, please tell which equipment or other in-game commodities are missing and what steps you had taken prior to the equipment or other in-game commodities disappearing. If your issue is regarding to in-game currency or items, please, state the amount and specify their names.

If the issue is regarding to the skills, talents, damage, character’s characteristics, translation issues, misspelling in the text, empty buff description etc., please, attach a screenshot highlighting the issue.

It is extremely helpful, if you provide a timeline (UTC / GMT) to when the issue was occurred.

In some instances, replay videos can be extremely useful for support team. For example, if you are reporting delays with switching weapons or if you stuck in the same place every time.

If you are experiencing a technical issue, please provide all steps you have already taken. Attach a screenshot of the error / technical message that you have received.

If you are reporting another player, please provide the name of the player you are reporting as well as a rough estimate of the time and date when you observed their suspicious behavior in-game.

Please, submit new tickets regarding new issues. You can reply to tickets if our support team has asked for additional information. Feel free to re-open tickets if you feel like your issue has not been resolved.

Please, do not multiple your issues. It is well enough if you submitted a ticket; it doesn’t necessary to post the same thread on Forum page or other websites. If you haven’t received a response, it means that our Technical Support is still investigating your issue and they will help you as soon as possible.

Technical Support is provided in English only. Issues in other languages won't be considered.

Please, be polite. We are doing our best to find a solution to your issue as soon as possible.

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