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PvE AoE Sorcerer Build Adventure and more! 2016 version!

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#1 Jackybs (Elgore)

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Posted 10 September 2015 - 10:04 PM

Hello everyone, welcome back to the PvE AoE Sorcerer Build Adventure and more! 2016 version! Today I'll be talking about alot of things. But before I even begin, let me talk about the most important thing. Royal Quest has experienced alot of changes. Included in those changes is the overall Sorc build. Around new years there was a huge update for Sorcs that drastically changed their talents and overall playstyle. I won't talk about that too much since most of you know about it but it's essentially chaining resource spells off of mental blow and building crit/luck. The sorc even though it isn't the strongest PvP class got a big boost in player versus player and single target damage. After taking that into consideration I would like to redo this guide since that's what I promised I would do after I hit 60. And because of that I will make this with PvE and AoE playstyles in mind. 






Mastery Tree:


Stasis or Alchemist. this depends on if you want to purely be AoE or have mental blow for resource spells too. You can do either or for an AoE build, personal preference here.  


Fiery Disaster over Flaming Obstacle. Flaming Obstacle just means that if it isn't hit it will stay up longer. and after the big patch they took away wall's bonus damage for Flaming Obstacle, so FD takes the cake here. 


Stream of Mana or Kinetic Field.This one again is down to personal preference. Stream of mana means you can be more mana hungry but Kinetic Field gives you more damage with Mental Blow. However once I got to 60 I found that I have excess mana pots. but again it's up to you.  


Next, Archivist. boom roasted. 


Battle Mage or Pure Mind. Battle mage is more damage for harvest an aoe, crushing blade a psuedo aoe, and energy blast. normally I would say BM for AoE builds only but Pure Mind helps you more than you would think. It's up to you really, Harvest and crushing blade are nice but aren't the main aoe spells i use. so if you want to be pure AoE build then sure go more BM but if you want to be as mana hungry as possible then PM is your bae.   


Astral Protection over Spell Stealer. This is because Spell Stealer is what i believe to be mostly a PvP talent and we're focusing on PvE. Not very often do you fight mobs and enemies that have positive effects on themselves that you can steal. 


Wave of Strength. Get it love it use it. When I first started playing I didn't think Wave of strength was very important. But it has proven time and again to be valuable and useful in fights where i need time to drink a potion, heal, or use healing shield. 




Elemental Tree:


Scorching Flame or Master of the Storm. This is because it depends on if you want to be purely AoE or have Mental Blow and resource spells. SF for purely AoE, MotS if your mixing in MB and resource spells. 


Earth Shudder or Lightning Strike. This is interesting because both of these talents are great. ES gives meteor more CC, and LS gives LS debuff and damage. I think this comes down to your stat build. If your going with high dex then ES is easier to cast but if your going with high luck then LS lets you land more damage. pretty close for these two. 


Chain Lighting or Fatalism. Again this is down to whether or not you're pure AoE or splashing Mental Blow into the mix.   


Next, Chain of elements. Pretty neat, even if you're pure AoE this is nice because it allows you some damage for single targets. 


Elemental Power or Freezing Cold. Again depends on if you're pure AoE or splashing Mental Blow. 


Armageddon over Gigantomania. Really this comes down to either of them. But I personally would say A over G because of that guaranteed stunning. 


Crystal of Four Elements. I definitely recommend CoFE for people that need more caffeine in the morning. nah but seriously, if you're splashing Mental blow in your AoE build then CoFE is pretty rad. 




The Last Four Talent Points:


Before I wasn't sure what to do with the last four talent points because i wasn't 60 then. 


Strictly with PvE and AoE in mind, I would recommend putting the last 4 TP into the healing tree. 


These talents come down to whether or not you want to be tanky or heal more, and if you want to have more concentration or less CD time on your magic channel. Either way is good, it all helps you sustain more in PvE. 





Closing Thoughts: 




-going high Dex or high Luck on Sorc is feasible. the exact stats you want to go with come down to personal preference. high dex means you'll deal less damage but sustain more, but high luck means you'll do more damage but sustain less. 


-in terms of weapons I go power bracelets and orbs. if you enjoy books or scythes feel free to go with those. but orbs mean more defense, another seal, and another card slot. 


-i would encourage getting scorching flames at the latest at level 44. it's at that level that monsters and mobs scale better than you do. 


-i would also encourage farming elenium as much as you can once you're in the high forties. the more you have, the more you can experiment. plus farming elenium in the last tower before high fifties is a death trap by yourself. 


-if you can afford it, try to have the premium boost as often as you can. i have never leveled any of my characters without a premium boost.


-if you aren't already you should farm all types of minerals and ore because once you get into the low to mid forties you might have to make a few recipes. 


-specifically for sorcerer's in mooshroom there are mobs that drop a level 46 ring that's typically your second to last ring you'll use.  




thanks for reading, stay frosty! 





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#2 I'mKirito (Elgore)

I'mKirito (Elgore)

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Posted 11 September 2015 - 12:37 AM

Great guide! Loved it!!!!

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#3 RonyWeasley (Elgore)

RonyWeasley (Elgore)


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Posted 28 October 2015 - 03:44 AM

Nice guide

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#4 DemonHero (Elgore)

DemonHero (Elgore)

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Posted 28 June 2016 - 02:26 PM

Thanks! This is what I'm using until I hit lv. 60 with my Sorcerer. I'm currenlty lv. 51, and I know this last stretch is going to be extremely rough, but I can do it happy.png  Great guide



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