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Burst Assassin PVP Guide

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#1 Kuiba (Elgore)

Kuiba (Elgore)

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Posted 21 August 2014 - 10:07 AM

Burst PvP Assassin Guide


Color Key

Green: Talents

Blue: Skills

Teal: Stats

Purple: Important Information

Red: Warnings, special information


Before Starting My Guide, Thanks to Eagle

For Coming Up With a Great Format For Guides, 

I Was Going to Come Up With One Myself This Weekend

But i Saw His and Realized How Well Put and Beautiful It was


About The Author: Hello Everyone, I'm Kuiba( Q-E-Ba) from Elgore Server and the Guild Cyanide.

My goal is to make the perfect PvP assassin that can lay down as much burst as possible.

On occasion I do Mall, but i will provide some profit-farming areas that you can tryout as well

to get you some funds to start a strong assassin. On with the guide now.


Talent Tree and Skill Set Up



Stats Explanation


Strength: This stat is your bread-winner. Pumping as much attack as possible 

will help you do a clean burst with your combo of Ice BombStealth, Chase, Shadow Strike, Ripper.


Dexterity: This is the only near useless stat on the assassin, honestly after my guild mate

used a buff on me to add 10% attack speed i realized that it really doesn't give more 

than .1 sec faster hits and it does not effect the burst of this build at all.


Stamina: This stat is the most helpful and underrated stat on the sin right now.

Before level 60 a lot of people either go huge Hp builds, or low ones. This build 

is to offer you just enough Hp to Tank and have enough Energy to keep fighting 

back to back opponents throughout a long fight. For that reason you want a good

amount of points in this even on a burst assassin.


Luck: Personally my favorite stat, honesty your aim should be to get 85%

Critical Hit Chance through buffs, luck and armors. This will near guarantee all

of your assassins hits will do Critical Damage. This combos well with the Talent Vendetta

Along with the other Talents Scent of Blood and Cold Blood You can maximize your damage with Ripper.


Talent Explination


Thievish Tricks: I hate this tree, its so lame and i swear some of the talents do 

not work, if it weren't for Ice Bomb, I'd say put nothing in it. However Ice Bomb being changed from a 

2 second Freeze to 5+ second Freeze with Deep Freeze is insane. (Mini Freeze Explanation, Enemies cannot attack

until attacked, Dot's still will deal damage through freeze, no items can be used). Stronger Charge is also

Very useful, on occasion you will jump into a crowd after throwing Ice Bomb and doing your Combo 

on someone to instantly throw Toxic Cloud and Sabotage down to do massive AOE Damage. Saboteur 

is not very helpful with this build because you rarely stealth bomb and neither is Insatiable Thirst

because Gold Lust costs Cunning. Sly Boots Is really great extra Dodge if you can Proc it as much

as possible and my friends feel Sucker Punches is broken and doesn't work but you have to get it for Ice Bomb.


Murder: This is a fun tree, but doesn't see much use until late game around level 48.

The only skill you get from this early on is Vendetta which gives you 20% extra critical damage when hurt.

Scent of Blood and Intolerable Pain make this a great tree though. Scent of Blood helps Maximize

the damage you do with your Ripper as it knocks enemies lower than 30% hp while

Intolerable Pain holds them in place, as long as you hit Criticals, even if you are not using Ripper and helps 

maximize damage from Cold Blood from the Perfidy Tree.


PoisonIf i had more skill points, they would all go in this tree. Poison Blades, is by far of the 

best Talents the assassin has. It is a free DOT, makes it so you do not need to buy a poison card,

and you can proc Detoxify with it. Poison Eating is of the best skills in this tree, it can add up to 1000

extra heal to your Detoxify when you get this talent. Finally Penetrating Strikes is your last big skill, this 

Maximizes the damage for your Killer Strike combo because Killer Strike ignores 20% defense, it's not a good

PvE skill, so you are better off waiting until level 56 to get this one.


PerfidyBy far the best tree, This tree makes you the Dodge Sin that everyone wants to be.

I can't tell you how many times Escape has saved me in PvE and PvP, free 3 dashes with no cool down at all if your hp gets low.

This is beyond broken, I've even saved the 3 dashes and used them to catch up to people in PK zones.

Survival Instinct is the most broken Talent in the game i think. Its a full reset to all of your skills on cooldown

if your hp goes under 25%, best thing is you can throw more Toxic Clouds, Ice Bombs, Ripper twice in a row in duel

Save yourself last second with Detoxify, anything can happen(Fair warning though, this skill has an unmarked 2 minute

​cool down that you need to time for yourself). Want to be a rogue killer, get Shadow Eye. having Shadow Eye means

nothing will be able to sneak up on you, and you will be able to find that other assassin who just used stealth next to you

to run away, Bye Bye. Trickster is my favorite skill in this tree, at max stacks it gives you 40 dodge. Dodge is quite

bad right now in general, but late game at level 60 when you can add an extra 100+ Flee during a fight, people will

be missing a lot of their hits on you. Parry is also great in the fact that you get a lot of dodge (at the cost of

taking quite a bit of damage though, over 7%) Cold Blood is a great talent that combos with Intolerable Pain

and Scent of blood, if you fight someone and knock them under 30% hp, they will take 20% extra damage from 

you if they are stunned or rooted. Finally, Shadow Dungeon. I've yet to really see or understand this skill.

It is strictly pvp so its not really worth it getting until level 60. All i know is, it stealths you and an

enemy as a 3rd stealth and we all love extra stealths.




Stat Placement, Talent Order, and Leveling Guide



Stats At Each Level Increments


1-8-------- 27 points into Strength, 5 points into Stamina

9-16------- 16 points into Strength, 11 points into Luck, 5 points into Stamina

17-24-----  16 points into Strength, 12 points into Luck, 4 points into Stamina

25-32-----  25 points into Strength, 7 points into Luck

33-40----- 16 points into Strength, 12 points into Luck, 4 Points into Stamina

41-48----- 28 points into Luck, 4 Points into Stamina

49-60----- 20 points into Luck, 28 points into Stamina



Talent Order


Stronger Charge


Sly Boots

Sucker Punches

Deep Freeze

Poison Blades 



Poison Eating

Survival Instincts

Shadow Eye



Cold Blood

Scent of Blood

Intolerable Pain

Penetrating Strikes

Shadow Dungeon




Leveling Guide


1-12---------- Starting areas and quests

12-20-------- Elgore and questing mostly

20-25-------- Iris grinding, catacombs level 1

25-30------------- Quedock grinding Iron Bumblebuzz and Blind bumblebuzz SE Map, Ele Tower

30-34-------------- Questing Mostly, grind areas you find comfortable,maybe Mistgan or Catalania

34-38--------------- Valley of the Winds Red and Blue ants, Questing, EleTower 30-40

38-42--------------- Scorpions and Black Crabs Andynopolis, Questing, Ele Tower 30-40

42-46----------------- Morra's forest, fillers and Bone Nightmare at North Vedoc,Questing,Ele tower

46-onward--- Bone N and fillers at North Vedoc, questing becomes great at 48-50(dailies)

Authors Notes
Always remember to upgrade your gear, with ash cubes you can easily make most gears +6
This Build is my build and not yours, you may not find it comfortable or to your style.
Please do not copy any of this without asking first or at least mentioning Me, if i find anywhere you have,
it will be asked to be taken down and it will never be allowed to go up on that site again.
If you have any questions feel free to message me in-game or here in Personal Messages or in Comments
Due to a surplus of In-game Messages I Urge You To Contact Me On Here First With Any Minor Questions and 
Reserve Any Extremely Important Questions For Whispers in Game, Thank You
Assassin Lore 
        I was born in the darkest area of Aura, My mother died during my birth and my father felt i was responsible so he left me to my uncle and traveled away. My uncle told me great stories of how of how our family was of a great lineage of spies for the royal family. However it all changed when my father's older brother had stolen a precious Crown Jewel from them. 13 years have gone by since my uncle had been killed protecting a trading caravan heading towards Mistgan, I never got to see him the day he left and i never got to see him return either. I'm 20 now and after learning enough to get by from friends and what my uncle taught me i've finally decided to join in the fight to save Aura from the monsters that ravage it. I hope to restore my families lost honor and find my father one day through my travels. My journey begins in the forest of shadows where i moved to when i was growing up. The town chief had educated me in the ways of combat throughout these last years and i finally feel ready to take on this world. My journey begins now as i take these steps into this vast world of warriors fighting to save the people of Aura.

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#2 Snowpea (Elgore)

Snowpea (Elgore)

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Posted 21 August 2014 - 11:03 AM

I'll have to try it out, but it seems like a decent stat layout for the same way i like to play.



#3 Bards (Elgore)

Bards (Elgore)


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Posted 21 August 2014 - 10:09 PM



Can you explain why don't put any point in Dex?



#4 Kuiba (Elgore)

Kuiba (Elgore)

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Posted 21 August 2014 - 11:16 PM



#5 Kuiba (Elgore)

Kuiba (Elgore)

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Posted 23 August 2014 - 07:32 PM

Alright, thanks to Eagle for coming up with a helpful format, i put a VERY organized guide together that might even be able to help people who aren't assassins


#6 Thekhumi (Elgore)

Thekhumi (Elgore)


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Posted 24 August 2014 - 04:01 AM

I remember when i first started and my bro was like "this game is like ragnarok" and i was like OK full dex. GOT PWNED at level 6 and saw a dude on youtube and i redid my stats and went full on str and i was so happy with my numbers, Noob experiences.


#7 Kuiba (Elgore)

Kuiba (Elgore)

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Posted 24 August 2014 - 05:42 AM

Trust me, dex means nothing in this game. right now even dodge doesn't work that properly. You need almost 100+ more dodge to knock their hit rate on you lower than like 50%


#8 Bards (Elgore)

Bards (Elgore)


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Posted 26 August 2014 - 05:52 AM

I saw a russian video where the player was using daggers, whats better after all? daggers or katars? 


Nice guide btw!

#9 Kuiba (Elgore)

Kuiba (Elgore)

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Posted 26 August 2014 - 06:16 AM

Daggers are stat sticks really, end game i do believe players use both for certain situations. It seems that if your going to be in a prolonged fight you use your katars and if you are just instant killing lowbies with teleport back stab then you can use dual daggers because they are stat sticks pretty much. 


Say you have 2 60 daggers full with 3 anubis's each. your dmg out put is going to be something insane but your limited in a few skills you can use. best thing you can do is teleport back stab, if you get into a long fight, you want to jump to katars so you can use all able skills to make sure your dps is consistent. IMO just stick with katars, if you fall into 1000$ or get mad lucky with in game drops, or marketing then yeah you can try the multi weapon build for sin, but id stick with worrying about your katars first. 


btw you can't ripper if you are using dual daggers

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#10 Snowpea (Elgore)

Snowpea (Elgore)

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Posted 27 August 2014 - 01:52 PM

So using this guide, uwot and I found that not going poison eater first up and waiting till level 28 to put in the talents because that's when you get detox.



#11 Vishera (Elgore)

Vishera (Elgore)


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Posted 28 August 2014 - 03:31 AM

awesome guide, help me a alot to know bout assasins. well from now this is the only class i never try. i want to ask, is that any PVE oriented assasins ? i want only grinds, leveling ups, fight boss, not quite interested in PVP, because, you know my ping always goin 300-500, bit laggy, cant do much in pvp. 

#12 Kuiba (Elgore)

Kuiba (Elgore)

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Posted 28 August 2014 - 07:03 AM

Yeah thats fine if you want to wait for poison eating, Imo doesn't matter xD


and for PVEing this build doubles over as a Pve build, you dodge tank most mobs with this and the skills you get through this build help you a lot with grinding. I can duo Rat Queen with a Healer with this build currently(even though im well geared). I'm Sure there are dedicated pve guides like using magic bomb but idk how those work at all...


#13 Kuiba (Elgore)

Kuiba (Elgore)

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Posted 30 August 2014 - 10:41 AM

Due to way to many people trying to get a hold of me for questions on this guide in game, i urge you to ask me on the forum. Its getting a bit overwhelming and sometimes drives my focus a little to far away from what i'm doing and being the assassin class you kinda need to be overly focused while farming since you don't have a lot of CC to work with :(


Reserve Important Questions For In game, Other questions would be preferred to be answered on here when i'm sitting in town drinking my hot coco in the middle of summer

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#14 Damonbaird (Elgore)

Damonbaird (Elgore)


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Posted 05 November 2014 - 10:20 PM

What are the general thoughts on crafting items vs buying items? Is it worth it to go after recipes like from telle. tower? 20-30? 30-40? I'm a dedicated crafter and am not so sure anymore and would love some feedback.

#15 Godsu (Elgore)

Godsu (Elgore)


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Posted 15 November 2014 - 10:12 PM

What are the general thoughts on crafting items vs buying items? Is it worth it to go after recipes like from telle. tower? 20-30? 30-40? I'm a dedicated crafter and am not so sure anymore and would love some feedback.

Its better to craft and have slots for your gear then to not, but i don't recommend completely jacking your gear at 30, its better for later levels

 " A true hunter never rests "





#16 Demac (Elgore)

Demac (Elgore)

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Posted 30 November 2014 - 03:03 PM

This was helpful thanks


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