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PvP And PvE Attack speed and Infinite Energy Guide

Sniper Build Sniper Guide Sniper PvP Build Sniper PVE Guide

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Posted 17 January 2016 - 06:48 PM







                          This build is for both pvp and pve so you don't have to worry about changing attributes or anything like that after you follow this guide.


Follow the how I put my talents in the picture and you should be fine on the talents part.

Lets talk about the main skills I use that give me the most damage out put and or help me survive.



Healing charge: It gives a instant heal good for (PvP,PvE) now b/c i took Regenerating Charge in the Shooting tree it gives me a 3 sec heal over time after the instant heal so i can survive a a lot longer and continue the fight.


Headshot: This stuns and is also good for (PvP,PvE) this gives you time to stun someone far range and throw out a lot of damage and or heal yourself with wound dressing, It also is a gap closer so you could HeadshotLeap, and drop mines,burr on your enemy but combos will be at the bottom of this guide.


Precise Shot: This is good for both (PvP,PvE) this is a skills that does a lot of damage and I would say one of you most damage skills from far range for the reason it takes one Focus and does a extra 30% damage also the skills has a increased 40% hit so pretty much it never misses.


Finishing Blow: This is really good for (PvP) this is really a PvP skill b/c if finishes off Enemies in such a amazing way if the Enemy is below 30% hp it will glow yellow it gains increased hit and gives has 100% chance when they are below 30% hp. So I would say use this to finish off your Enemy.


Strong Strike: This is really good for (PvP) this is a close ranged attack with your gun that knocks back Enemies to open up options for you to get the upper hand of the fight. By using Strong Strike your Enemy movement is decreased by 50% also it interupts spells that have a charge up. You could use Strong Strike and then heal or set up rolands and anything you have a few seconds to decide.


Temporal Shot: This is really good for (PvP) this is a overtime damage skill that can be used in many ways. Most people do use it b/c it is overtime and takes 3 sec to actually damage someone but if used the right way can really turn the tables in a fight.  Quick combo for this skill use Temporal shot, Headshot, then use precise shot or mine if your close.


Wound Dressing: Really good for (PvP,PvE) this is a 6 second heal, it might now a better instant heal as Healing Charge but last longer and heals for more and Healing charge can combo into it and reset the 6 sec time. So you could be healing for 12 sec in a fight if combo right.


Proximity Mine: This is really good for (PvP,PvE) this mine deals a big amount of damage some times 1 shot. If you copied my talents in the picture it deals a extra 55% damage and stuns a Enemy if you copied my talents. 


Burr: This is really good (PvP,PvE) this is a amazing skills for pvp and pve b/c it slows and deals a lot of damage. This does not knock back like Strong strike but it slows for 50% and gives you time to heal and run to shoot the from a distance.


Aiming: This is really good in (PvP,PvE) this is really good skill if you took my talents b/c in Shooting Tree by taking Resistance you gain armor for using this skill that can keep you alive in both pvp and pve also this skill alone gives you attack and 4% energy regen so you could have 50% energy back at the end of the duration of the skill.


Target: This is really good for (PvP) this is really good against Tanky players for the reason it does a extra 20% damage to them at long range and gives you focus faster to deal more damage. Really good and should be used a lot in Arena, Battlegrounds, And Castle runs.


Seal of Eagle Eye: This is really good for (PvP) this is a risky thing to use b/c the passive is amazing so only use it if you really need to mostly in arena to catch out sins. Everything else like war and battlegrounds you wont need to use it for the reason people will heal you. 


Walking Tour: This is really good for (PvP,PvE) Gives 24% increased movement speed and attack speed.


Roland X: Really good for (PvP,PvE) This is all your damage do not let anyone destroy your roland. Tanks will take a while to kill if they destroy your roland and then thier team will kill you. But if kept alive you will be destroying in this battlefield. 



Strong Strike> Temporal Shot> Healing Charge

Headshot> Leap> Mine> Burr> Healing shot

Temporal Shot> Headshot> Leap> Mine


For Crudsaders and Dark Knights

Aiming> Target> Headshot> Mine>Piercing shot Save mine or headshot if Dark Knight pulls you so you can stun and then Strong strike


Also Use Finishing blow when it comes up yellow to get the killing shot.

Wound dressing when you know you can. 


Healing combo

Healing shot> Wound Dressing>Aiming 


Time for Stats

100 Accuracy

48 Stamina 

43 dexterity 

you should get luck from seals but mostly get accuracy seals and dexterity.


I hope this guide help for new players


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