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Dark Knight PvE 'No Stress' build

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Posted 18 January 2016 - 01:38 PM





The Dark Knight is a pretty unfortunate class to choose as your main character in Royal Quest; If you're accustomed to the role the warrior/knight/fighter usually has in other mmos then take heart for in Royal Quest the class has been reimagined, indeed the Dark Knight is neither OP nor an invincible, immortal Tank. The best way to define it in my opinion is as a glass cannon. Powerfull?! In some circumstances and with the right equipment. Capable of surviving for enough time to matter? Nope, not this guy.


This is a PvE centric guide. PvE meaning Player Versus Environment (that is versus AI-driven monsters). By following it you'll be able to handle most mobs by yourself with the only issue being a relative lack of energy (what you use to fuel your skills) due to the intensive usage of said skills (necessary to live).

If PvP (Player Versus Player) is your light and joy then this guide won't help you much. Results against players with this skill-set/gear/stat point allocation have been pretty poor especially now that I'm essentially at the end game. The main issue is lack of control skills. Lots of classes have them and the dark knight has few to no way of countering this.


Stat point allocation:


The Dark Knights main attribute is Strength, and this will be the main one to max out with Stamina being a close second.

Strength influences damage dealt to the tune of +2 attack for every 1 point invested in Strength.

Stamina influences the amount of hp you have. You get +70 hp for every point spent in Stamina, tho you get some hp every time you level up as well, regardless of stamina points acquired.

Luck is the last stat with any usefullness to Dark Knights. Its more of a 'lesser of two evils' rather than a conscious choice because the alternative -Dexterity is essentially useless with Dark Knight weapons ignoring the dex bonus and using their own.

Luck influences your odds of dealing critical damage attacks with 1 point in luck improving your odds by 0,33%.


At the beginning you'll want to invest your points in Strength with a lesser commitment in Stamina to the tune of 3 points in Strength to 1 in Stamina with the next level being 2 points in Strength and 2 in Stamina then 3 to 1 again and so on until both are maxxed out.

Afterwards give it your all to luck.

Why Strength rather than Stamina?

Well this is a personal preference, having a LOT of hp will not be as usefull to you when compared with relatively high damage, especially since Dark Knights do have some hp restoring capability. Its easier to kill stuff and level fast by having more damage rather than more hp. Yep, it all comes down to speed. If you have to grind might as well reduce that time as much as possible.

When you're done and at Level 60 (finally!) you should have 100 points in Strength (plus any bonus due to gear / cards / seals), 100 points in Stamina (plus any bonus due to gear / cards / seals) and 39 points in Luck (plus any bonus due to gear / cards / seals).




Steel is the only one you need to max out, with Power being the next one most upgraded followed closely by Blood with Mastery being the last.




In the order they're displayed in the Talents screen the upgrades to get are as follows:




- Courage - When 4 or more enemies are nearby your attack is increased by 10%. Passive. Very usefull for grinding and doing the daily quests especially since you're essentially fighting mobs 10 or more levels beneath you. Makes collecting 100 of anything from an hour long exercise in finger contorsions to just half an hour lol.


- Furious Fight - Gives you 1 skull in combat every 7 seconds. Another must have. Having skulls on your Fury bar is essential for several life saving and AoE (Area of Effect) skills. You can also gain a full bar of skulls instantly by using a Potion of Rampant Fury (tho it has a cooldown timer). Passive.




- Fire Steps - When you use Leap or Charge in combat, a trail of black fire is left behind you. This deals fire damage to mobs in close proximity to the flames. Leap is the skill that makes you jump, basically running faster while Charge is a ranged attack skill. You can use it to get instantly close to an enemy. After the last update Leap has a refreshing cooldown that is 4 seconds since the last time you took some damage (refreshing means it refreshes every time you take some damage), so its not exactly usable unless you enter combat but the enemy either misses on the first hit or hes not close enough to strike yet. Passive.


- Blood Lust - The damage of the Bloody Harvest skill is increased by 25% so long as you're under the Blazing Fury skill effect. Passive. Bloody Harvest is an active skill thats sorta like a vampire thing, you do some damage to your victim and get 150% of that damage back in hp heal. Blazing Fury is the lone negative effect removal skill that Dark Knights have. It gives you 1 skull per use, gives you some damage and removes 1 negative effect, with any further use adding 25% to the amount of damage it does to yourself.


- Berserker - So long as Rampant Anger is active you're immune to skills that make you unable to use skills. Passive.


- Invigoration -  Restores 6% of your health back for every skull you have at the tune of once per second after you exit combat. Using a Fury (skull) using effect restores 6% of your health regardless of how many skulls it consumed. Passive. This one is essential for this build!




- Chains of Anger - Using Power Seizure doubles the number of skulls you have. Very very usefull for combos later on.


- Ferocious Scream - The Battle Shout Skill also causes Impuissance for 7 seconds (Impuissance decreases attack and chance of critical by 25%). Which is good since you'll use Battle Shout a lot when partying to keep monsters concentrated on you. Battle Shout by itself reduces healing received by 50% and is active for 7 seconds. Passive.


- Surge of Fury - Restores half the skulls used by the Fury Rush skill (a very important close quarters AoE skill that materializes the same amount of skulls you have on your Fury bar as exploding bombs on the ground) after 4 seconds. Passive.


- Mass Destruction - The damage dealt by AoE skills is increased by 10%. Passive.


- Witch Hunter -  When receiving a negative effect you get 2 skulls and the Might bonus for 5 seconds and the Fury bonus for 3 seconds. (Might increases attack by 23 while Fury increases Attack Speed and Critical Hit Chance by 30%). Cooldown is 6 seconds. Passive.




- Executioner - The damage of Domination, Crushing Blow and Bloody Harvest is increased by 5% for every negative effect inflicted on an enemy, but no more than 25%. Passive.


- Black Flame - Your attacks have a 10% chance of creating a burst of black flame that inflicts fire damage to your enemy. Passive.


- Furious Warrior - Attacks done by you and your party while under the Provocative Act effect have +20% Critical Hit Chance and +20% Critical Damage. Passive.


- Mercilessness - Upon dealing damage the Dark Knight has a chance to inflict Ruthlessness upon himself for 5 seconds which causes your attack to increase by 1%. This stacks up to 15 times. Can only be inflicted once per second. Passive.


- Eye for an Eye - When receiving a Critical Hit the Dark Knight reflects some damage (based on your level) back at the enemy. This can't happen more than twice per second. Passive.


- Stone Heart - Damage taken from Critical Hits is decreased by 20%. Passive.


- Ice Strike - Summons and Ice Blade that deals damage (the amount is based on your level) to the enemy and freezes him for 4 seconds while diminishing his defense by 50% while frozen. Active. Also has a passive effect - All damage taken is decreased by 5%.


Wow... that was a LOT to write up hehe. Anyway, trust me, however imposing and OP all this sounds, the other classes have even more and better talents so be calm and avoid PvP!




And next we're off to -



This is a pretty broad subject so to speak...

While you're a warrior you won't have/afford gear for every slot you have. Nor should you invest that much money into the gear you do have because - lets face it, you won't be using it for that much time. Its neither cost effective nor that beneficial to improve to +5/6/7 your items or to seal them and put cards into them. By my calculations using this build you should get to level 20 easily and the class change test by the end of your first week of casually playing the game. Where casually is defined in 1 hour or less of playing per day. Doing the class change test (the one where you kill a monster) you will get as a prize a full set of dark knight equipment. That should last you until level 24 or so since its actually quite decent.

Generally in the equipment you get you should look for the ones that have a flat % in added defense and if sealed the ones with seals that give extra defense either in a flat % or o set number. Usually seal of the Metaller / Solidity / Egregore / Acorn.

I'll generalize but the sets you should look to acquire (on the cheap if possible! - more on this later on) are as follows - green color is my advised late to end-game choice:



- lvl 28 Scale Armor - Has 4% defense bonus!!!

- lvl 35 Crystal Armor

- lvl 40 Abyss Keeper's Armor

- lvl 46 Spider Armor

- lvl 49 Volcanic Armor

- lvl 52 Armor of the Bloody Moon

- lvl 58 Armor of the Dark Knight



- lvl 28 Scale Breeches

- lvl 35 Crystal Greaves

- lvl 40 Abyss Keeper's Greaves

- lvl 43 Amber Greaves  + 3% hp!

- lvl 46 Spider Greaves

- lvl 49 Volcanic Greaves

- lvl 52 Greaves of the Bloody Moon + 10% health restoration

- lvl 58 Greaves of the Dark Knight



- lvl 30 High Boots of the Cold Star

- lvl 32 Beast Tamer's Boots

- lvl 35 Crystal Boots

- lvl 39 Laced Boots

- lvl 40 Abyss Keeper's Boots

- lvl 43 Amber Boots

- lvl 46 Spider Boots

- lvl 48 Sheriff's Boots

- lvl 49 Volcanic Boots

- lvl 50 Copper Riveted Boots

- lvl 52 Boots of the Bloody Moon

- lvl 60 Boots of the Dead Legion



- lvl 30 Deputy Sheriff's Hat < for the extra % in defense.

- lvl 35 Cheat's top Hat < Only reason its here is because its super cheap (less than 10.000 gold) and actually quite decent especially that % more in acquired gold from monsters and chests.

- lvl 38 Archeologist's Hat < Same reason as above.

- lvl 41 Spirit Trapper's Top Hat < for the extra % energy

- lvl 46 Spider Helmet

- lvl 48 Hat of the Duke of Dreams < for the extra % energy

- lvl 52 Helmet of the Bloody Moon

- lvl 54 Hellish Helmet

- lvl 59 Experimental Helmet

- lvl 60 Helmet of the Dead Legion



- lvl 24 Plate Gloves

- lvl 28 Scale Gloves < for the extra % in defense!!

- lvl 30 Gloves of the Cold Star

- lvl 32 Beast Tamer's Gloves

- lvl 40 Abyss Keeper's Gloves

- lvl 43 Amber Gloves

- lvl 46 Spider Gloves

- lvl 49 Volcanic Gloves

- lvl 52 Gloves of the Bloody Moon

- lvl 58 Gloves of the Dark Knight

- lvl 59 Experimental Gloves

- lvl 60 Undead Exterminator's Gloves



- lvl 21 Rabbit's Foot

- lvl 27 Jester's Coin

- lvl 43 Gravestone Fragment < has 4% extra defense, this is the endgame item artifact-wise for PvE builds. Try to find it as improved as possible if not do it yourself. I advise you get it to +7 and with a defensive seal of whatever type. A un-improved fragment usually costs around 50.000 gold. An improved one with green seal is around 100.000 gold.

- lvl 58 Ancient Idol < slightly better than Gravestone Fragment but hideously rare and thus expensive. Get it if you find it on the cheap if not... well, you get my point.



- lvl 25 Totem of Healing

- lvl 35 Ashkalot Totem

Here you have a choice. Personally Totem of Healing is the best, since that extra 10% for healing skills is the most noticeable thing I see using a totem but a +7 dodge isn't bad either. Both are end-game items for PvE dark knights. The effect lasts 7 minutes with a 15 minutes cooldown. Another thing that the Totem of Healing has is its a class C item, so you can seal it with Emeralds (very cheaply) and the % when improving are rather better than for the Ashkalot Totem not to mention cheaper.



- lvl 31 Werewolf's Signet < stamina boost

- lvl 50 Dream Stealer's Ring < has a boost for energy/health recovery when seated

- lvl 56 Ring of Brutal Force < some % in defence bonus and strength!!

- lvl 60 Soul Devouring Ring < bigger % in defence bonus and some extra health.

Rings are an odd gear. Frankly they're too rare and expensive to get any specific ones at the start. Just use whatever you find in chests or from monsters. Your end goal are the Rings of Brutal Force if you find them with a slot or the Soul Devouring Rings if you find those for cheaper instead. Its slightly worse but it still works fine.



- lvl 20 Forest Shaman's Pendant < has an % of defense bonus, frankly if you ever found a slotted one keep it, its good for endgame if improved a LOT

- lvl 32 Mouse King's Necklace < endgame item for PvP, I only list this so you know why people ask completely outrageous prices for this item in the game

- lvl 35 Werewolf's Baby Tooth

- lvl 39 Ashkalot Pendant of Greed < has a % in earned gold

- lvl 46 Squelchian Quadrifoil


Face Accessory:

- lvl 28 Emerald Watcher < has a % bonus gold earned - Male only

- lvl 28 Elven Glasses < Female only

- lvl 40 Negotiator < has a % in added defense bonus. Late to end-game item. Slotted is ideal. Normally avilable on the market for around 55 to 60.000 gold.

- lvl 51 Geometer's Mask



- lvl 25 Guiding Cross < % bonus energy!!

- lvl 30 Underworld Guardian

- lvl 35 Bone Shield

- lvl 36 Battle Kargash

- lvl 44 Shield of the Bone Gates < has a % bonus defense!!

- lvl 48 Crusader's Tower Shield < has a smaller % of defense bonus but also has extra strength

- lvl 50 Keeper of Skulls

- lvl 57 Heavy Demonic Protector < has a % of bonus defense

- lvl 60 Absolute Protection < has a % of defense bonus, best shield there is.



- Any, they all give a 5% extra health. Not improvable nor do they have other bonuses. So choose whatever you like best. Ice Steps is one of the ones with better visual effects. Keep in mind that this is a Premium Store only item.



- lvl 24 Moss Slasher

- lvl 26 Iron Flower

- lvl 27 Wolf Death

- lvl 35 Flaming Devourer < is already improved with a fire element card.

- lvl 42 Bloody Blade

- lvl 50 Lightweight Flesheating Axe

- lvl 53 Sapphirium

- lvl 56 Small Automatic Cutter

- lvl 60 Piston Liquidator



- lvl 25 Steel Sting

- lvl 29 Nobleman's Spear

- lvl 33 Bronze Gearspear

- lvl 35 Spear of Ice

- lvl 40 Golden Spear

- lvl 46 Elven Needle

- lvl 52 Orc's Spear

- lvl 54 Teutonic Spear




I'm assuming that whoever is reading this build has at least lvl 20 so I'll start from there. Keep in mind that with this build you will always have a deficit of energy due to the intensive usage of skills so it is advisable to have some potions (for instant energy during fights) and some food (for energy replenishment out of fights). Really thats all the consumables you need. Health will regenerate by itself either by stealing it from monsters during fights with Bloody Harvest or by use of the passive effect of the Invigoration talent from the Blood Talent Tree (one of the first ones to get along with the 2 talents in Mastery).


One of the first things to do is get a secondary character. You don't have to level it up. Why you need one?! Well so that you can use the in-game mail system to mail him/her items and loot you want to keep but can't because of the lack of space. If you eventually find that you need those items just access the secondary character and mail them back or better yet get a small trading spot and sell them on the market!


Eventually you'll want to get a guild for your secondary character for its cheap warehouse space; 1.000.000 gold gets you 20 warehousing tiles which is quite cheap considering an extra slot in your bag is as much as 9 reales and 1 real is 20.000 gold (this price gets higher the more slots you need/buy).


Another thing to consider before anything else is how to make some money for all those equipments and upgrades and potions and whatnot.

The simplest way is to buy reales with real money then you can sell those reales in the market with a small trading spot. The current average price is 20.000 gold for one reales. If you'd rather not do that then you must sell something else. The fastest cash crop so to speak is flax.

Flax is a bottleneck item; meaning its needed in ALL recipe creation. So it'll always be needed and it'll be consumed regularly as time goes on and people create more and more items from the recipes they find.

You can get flax pretty easily by harvesting the various type of grass, flowers and mushrooms you see on the map. Near Varlone, the Elgore map is a very flax-rich map with a really low monster level. Usually 25 minutes of really trying will net you enough flax to earn 100.000 gold. The average price of one piece of flax is around 800 gold. If you go this route keep to one price; undercutting the going price by half will make you some quick cash but it'll be far less than your effort was worth. Don't sell yourself cheap!


For sealing class C items (mostly all items beneath level 30ish) you'll need an Emerald and there is one quest you can do in Elgore that you can repeat every day which gives you one Emerald as payment. Its 'Protecting the Vegetable Garden' right at Elgore Center. This should suffice for all your sealing needs for class C items. Initially you'll want someone to help with this quest since the amount of monsters isn't that easy to handle but as time goes on you should have no trouble doing it alone (especially after level 25 or so). Remember to deploy all the thorns on point defense and to use your Flag of Darkness near where the monsters spawn. That and a heavy dose of AoE skill spamming should see you through. Remember the energy potions!!


For the lvl 20 monster extermination test use a high capacity health potion - one sufficient to get your health to full from less than 500hp (you can use Eltane Extract if you have it). With the potion and the basic skills you have it should be enough to kill the monster - if not on the first try then certainly on the second; and its totally worth it for the free equipment you get, which is quite decent.

To level up I would suggest you go to the catacombs level 2 then level 3 since its quite close to Varlone and your warehouse/npcs to sell stuff to/mail.

trilakes is another easy map if you know your way around it. Why? It has 2 different npcs you can sell loot at, has some good items dropping and the monster you're looking for - mushroom eater - is not aggressive and as such you can kill them one vs one and they give reasonably good experience.

They can be found in the South and east of the map. West is full of shaman's and warrior's and they're aggro monsters, meaning they attack you on sight. Eventually you'll want to take on the west side as well for the loot drops. Forest Shaman's Pendant, the recipe for the same, Jester's Coin and recipe and all the bandit facemasks drop there.


Another advice is always keep an eye on the market. Sometimes people sell items/potions/cards/gems at prices that are somewhat linked to reality lol. Try to look for those times and keep in mind the future. If you find something cheap that you could use 10 levels further in the game then you should get it while you can. You can also use this method to increase your funds. Buy cheap sell high sound familiar?! Well this certainly works if you have the patience for it.


Around lvl 35 you could try the Great Fissure, Crockos, Mistgan and when you get close to 40 you finally graduate and you can go to Worlax!

Worlax is a gem of a map. The monsters give good exp and the drops are good. Its on this map that negotiator's drop from Crogs. Also keep any shard of darkness you might find. Eventually you'll get a quest that requires 5.000 of them. Yep, I didn't miswrite that, its five bloody thousand of 'em. >.<

There is also a daily there around lvl 44 that gives decent amounts of experience, gold and items.


And this brings me back full-circle to quests. Dailies (quests you can repeat each day after 12.00 pm GMT - thats Greenwich Mean Time for you non-europeans) are a very VERY VERY usefull part of your daily grind towards level 60. Every new level brings some unique quests and one or two dailies.

Remember to add the people you do dailies with to your friend list. Its good manners and also they might be looking for a party tomorrow or the day after too and they might know the answer to stuff that confuses you - so ADD them now! lol. By doing these quests and continuing with your dailies every day you should get at least 40 to 50% of the exp you need for the next level. Added to this is the offline bonus. This is a bonus that recharges when you are offline. Say you were away from your computer for 12 hours, at level 40ish that means the first 400.000 exp points you get after you finally log in get doubled thanks to this bonus. You'll see a meter under your character icon in the top right corner - its blue and has EXP written on it and it says how much you have left.

So, in conclusion?! Dailies? Important, the rest of the quests? Also important with some exceptions; there are several quests that make you go into the Ellenium Tower/s or The Black Caves (which are the same thing essentially) both of which are PvPvE zones (player versus player versus environment). I would suggest you avoid those quests... Its just not worth it. If you find a party or a really well specced person farming aggressor points there you'll be in for a lot of frustration with little to show for it. Avoid avoid avoid!


Skill Chains:




Grinding there are some combinations of skills that are particularly effective against mobs.

First off the one active blessing/buff you should use is Steel Protection. Nothing beats 20% more defense. Nothing.

I'll give Worlax as an example. I lure Crogs and Werewolves by riding around on my Irex (+40% moving speed). When I have enough of them or the stun-lock effect becomes too big for me to move I dismount and apply:


Perfect Protection 2nrzgi9.jpg > Bone Armor 2yyv22x.jpg > Fury Rush 2ltoljb.jpg > Bloody Harvest v4uuko.jpg > Earthquake zxsf1c.jpg > Whirlwing Blow 2dbt36h.jpg > Anger ay7iuh.jpg


Usually this is enough to kill a 15 monster group, indeed they're dead by the time I get to Whirling Blow 2dbt36h.jpg , Anger ay7iuh.jpg is just me making sure and/or taking out the eventual Elites in the group (the monsters with the red cube above them - they're way tougher than normal monsters)

If I lured for too long and I'm low on health the combination varies slightly:


Perfect Protection 2nrzgi9.jpg > Bone Armor 2yyv22x.jpg > Bloody Harvest v4uuko.jpg > Fury Rush 2ltoljb.jpg > Earthquake zxsf1c.jpg > Whirlwing Blow 2dbt36h.jpg > Anger ay7iuh.jpg


So I use the Bloody Harvest to get an extra 3.000 health before deploying the Skull bombs and the rest of the AoE skills. This, combined with the first two skills which are purely defensive should make it pretty much 100% certain you'll survive to loot after the fight. After, rinse and repeat.

It takes me 5 minutes to get the 100 Crogg Carcasses for the Trogul daily when there aren't many people on the map and I don't have any fancy equipment. This should be the same for you.


Fighting a tougher monster or an elite means no AoE or rather slightly less since Fury Rush is always good for a ton of damage.

Possible combinations:


Perfect Protection is always the first resort defense-wise followed by Ice Strike (for Frozen effect) then Dagger of Plague (for Poison effect) following by Crushing Blow and Charge followed by Bone Armor then Bloody Harvest then Shield Blow. At this point you use whatever skill has the cooldown reset interspersed with Bloody Harvest to regenerate some health now and then or Rampant Anger.


If you're sniped by a long range monster while fighting and health is becoming critical use Power Seizure on him followed immediately by Fury Rush (the AoE skill) followed immediately by Rampant Anger to recoup health. Your passive which gives you back half of the used skulls after Fury Rush means 4 to 5.000 hp in a 4 to 5 second span during which you can use any skill without consuming energy, indeed you should use Bloody Harvest too to get even more health back.


Another trick so to speak is using Fury Rush when your Fury bar is at max then going back a couple of paces and use Power Seizure on the monster to drag it in the exact middle of the group of Skull bombs for maximum exposure.


When in a Party use Provocation (single monster) and Battle Shout (more than one monster) to keep the monsters concentrated on you while your teammates take them out. Its not a perfect solution truth be told, the cooldown is so big on both of them that you can't really be an effective battle controller. My advice is use your AoE skills as much as possible to do enough damage to take them out faster, its a pity but theres no other solution. This means you won't be power-levelling any of your friends, least not any time soon.


Deploying Banner of Darkness will help you a LOT if you intend to stand and fight for at least 30 seconds in that spot. Its basically another 30% of your usual damage to a random enemy that is in its range and it never misses. Keep in mind that it will be active for 2 minutes so if you're in a tough map and you intend to move the Banner will attack any monster/s that gets in its range even after you move away and that monster/s, after destroying the banner, will try to reach you if you're not far enough away.


Its also good practice to use your Totem of Healing as much as possible, since any extra buff/bonus is a good thing right?! To make it easy to use open your equipped gear screen by pressing 'C' then drag the totem to an open slot on the skill bar. To deploy it just click on the slot you've move it to or use its keyboard shortcut. Now the buff/bonus's effect only lasts 7 minutes, whereas the cooldown is 15 minutes but try to become accustomed to using it.


Level difference - this is partially visible in your equipment/stat bar (pressing 'C'); basically it comes down to you having a hard time not missing mobs and/or players that are significantly higher than you in levels. This is a real pain sometimes when you're trying to power-level or farming for some particular item or gear. That level difference will work in your favour the higher you go, since monsters and players also have this problem. So if you're level 45 then a level 30 monster will generate a lot of misses trying to attack you. This helps a lot with gathering the ingredients for your dailies and farming in general. Best be aware of it.


Fighting mounted is generally less effective due to the loss of defense % because you're using a subpar (from a defensive standpoint) spear. Still for 1vs1 mobs its good enough with the main combinations being depending on the circumstances:

When engaging from range use Spear Throw to get enough Fury to activate Squall followed by some basic attacks or Piercing until you have enough Fury to activate Breakthrough.

If you're against 2 or 3 mobs try going backwards a few steps to get them aligned in a line then use Piercing followed immediately by Breakthrough, finally use Spear Throw to kill one off (the stronger one) and whatever combination you like for the rest.

If you're against more than 3 monsters dismount.

Please note that Rampant Anger and Bone Armor work while mounted. Use Rampant Anger if you need several more seconds of survival. Its usually better to dismount, then use it though for extra % defense as well as availability of a bigger range of offensive/defensive/replenishment skills. Bone Armor, needless to say should be used always for its defensive bonus/buff.


And this concludes my PvE Dark Knight build. I jokingly code-named it 'No Stress' because it avoids all areas of gameplay which aren't that fun / may cause stress.

I think its my duty to mention that this is what works for me, its quite possible theres stuff I don't know or that I got completely wrong.

For the gears - those are recommendations. You don't have to get every single one when you hit the level you can use it at. Use your common sense and market availability to determine which to get and which not to.

I'm always happy to answer questions and help people where I can so ask away.


That being said I will teach you how to fish but I won't be giving you any fish.



Note: Will expand on improving items either with ashkalot cubes as well as with seals and cards for middle to late/end game eventually. ATM my fingers hurt! T.T

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