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Poll: Loot stack size (10 member(s) have cast votes)

How much would be a good number to stack loot to?

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#1 Tiglion (Elgore)

Tiglion (Elgore)

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Posted 28 October 2016 - 06:42 AM

I haven't been playing for long, only a couple of months maybe, but one thing I have noticed is the difference in the maximum number that certain items are allowed to stack.  Potions/expendables seem to all cap at 20. Crafting resources seem to stack to 200, except Elum, which I haven't capped yet, and recipes, which don't seem to stack at all. The "loot", however, seems to have a random choice. I have seen some that cap at 20, some at 100, some at 200, and some I still haven't capped yet. Can we please pick a number, and stick it on all the "loot" class items? My poor little backpack and warehouse could use the freed up slots. wink.png


(2 things. First, sorry if this has already been suggested, a search yielded me nothing. Second, I understand that more slots can be bought, but that isn't really the point of the suggestion. I would just like to see a consistency across the loot items.)

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#2 Snow-Flower (Elgore)

Snow-Flower (Elgore)

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Posted 28 October 2016 - 05:50 PM

So. as a quick review, bag sections:


Equipment - no stacking (I am not aware of any that stack, but I could be wrong)

Expendables - most stack 20 each, exceptions Bumblebuzz Wings and mad Bumblebuzz Wings and a few others

Loot - most stack at 100, exceptions - items that stack more - Bumblebuzz Carapace, Shards of Darkness, Cursed Blood, Chitinous Plates and a few others

                                                          - items that stack less - Blind Bumblebuzz Horns (20), Raw Seeds (20), cards do not stack, there are possibly others that I have not listed        

Crafting Items - most stack 200 - recipes do not stack

Quest Items - stack as needed


*The stacking that is assigned to the items in the bag are the same when the items are transferred to warehouses both personal and guild.


I think that the original bag size is tiny, I have expanded my bag to a size that I find comfortable and it cost quite a bit.


Loot items (again) generally stack at 100, the exceptions listed that stack more do so for quest reasons. Things like the Shards of Darkness need to stack more because the quest needs 50 then and other 5000 to complete the quest. If these did not stack more then the Shards would eat all the room in a player's bag and warehouse.


Personally, as someone who does a fair amount of crafting recipes, yes I would like to see the stacks maybe double however for the average player MOST of the stacking in the loot and crafting tabs are ok. I am annoyed that some of the new loot items only stack at 20.I would like to see the potions and some of the items in the Expendables tab increase in stacking size to maybe 50.


A possible better solution would be for Royal Quest have a more consistent cost to expand space in bags. It has been a while since I have expanded my bag but it seems like the price per spot ranged from 9 reales to 19 reales (I think a few went as high as 29 but I am not certain). This price varied for some reason that I am not certain of, one row would be a reasonable price the next row would go up (quite a bit), then the next row might be less then the previous 2 rows.


One "saving grace" is that after you expend your bag on one character the cost of expanding the bag on any other character is reduced until the character has the same size bag as the original character.

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