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developers royal quest team notes plans

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Posted 24 January 2017 - 10:07 AM

Dark Knight: Part 1. Developers' View of the Class


After the renewal of Hunters had been over we planned to revise some features of Dark Knights. The work is in hand at the moment, and we present you the first part of the description of upcoming changes. This part is dedicated to the evaluation of the class'  problems.


Problems related to items:

  • There is a lot of weapons (swords, two-handed swords, hammers, two-handed hammers, axes, two-handed axes) available for Dark Knights but lacking unique roles. As a result most of these weapons unpopular.
  • Bonuses to the movement on foot (cards with movement speed bonuses and so on) don't affect mounts.
  • Riding mode is not all-sufficient: mounted Dark Knight, for example, is not able to restore his health in sufficient way.


Downsides of skills:


  • Too clear choice of the ultimate skill: two of them are difficult to use because of logic of their performance. The first enhances vampirism in a hardly profitable way, the second applies negative effect that can be removed and that deals damage too complicated to be effective - while the third Ice Strike skill provides both control and negative effect profitable for all PVP roles.
  • Combat spells with casting time are not convenient for use in melee fight.
  • Earthquake skill stays unused after a player gets access to Fury Rush with its much greater damage.
  • Dark Knight is overly confined to the on foot mode - to the point that mounted Dark Knight without certain talents gets the minimum healing (Bloody Harvest skill can be used on foot only).
  • Dark Knight's auras have casting time.
  •  Bloody Harvest: vampirism healing depends too much of target's resistance.
  • Steel Spikes aura deals unlimited damage (maximum 25% of damage taken) not depending on the character's attack - but in melee fight only.
  • Taken as a whole, Dark Knight has precious few control effects to restrict the target. The ultimate skill mentioned above is used to get control effect, and as long as it's not enough - Dark Knight relies on the instant killing of the target.


Downsides of Talents


  • Pursuit is of little usefulness because of long animation of Charge.
  • Deadly Lance was more effective when applied Immobilization instead of Pain.
  •  Blood Lust is initially irrational: Dark Knight has to spend his health on Blazing Fury to heal himself.
  • Bloody Armor: extends Bone Armor's effect for a too short period, in addition the talent requires a close contact with the target to use effect-extending skills.
  •  Berserker gives too big bonus for its place in the talents tree.
  • The lack of healing compels almost everybody to choose Invigoration.
  • Other World: the cooldown time is much longer than of other classes' similar talents.
  • Endless Fury is non-demanded because Dark Knight gets enough Fury from other sources.
  • Seal of Nosferatu has too weak active effect.
  • Victimthe active skill is too intricate in applying.
  • Scull Crusher is too much random.
  •  Zeal turned out to be non-pertinent within the confines of the current anti-control system.
  • Epidemic provides too weak bonus, especially against the neighboring talent.
  •  Eye for an Eye talent is unreasonably reinforced by the new mechanic of periodic damage (which may be critical after recent changes).


So share your opinions here but mind please: the evaluation of problems listed above is preliminary and game designers may come to some other conclusions in the course of their work. The version you see now is intermediate, and the final result may differ.


Find ithe discussion here: https://us.royalques...e-class-part-1/




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Posted 24 January 2017 - 10:09 AM

Dark Knight: Part 2. Future Talents Changes


The long-awaited Part 2 of developers' plan to rework Dark Knights is introduced now for your consideration.

This time we would like to share with the direction for development of the class' talents.

Please mind that current places of any DK talents may be changed in the course of work. The final placement of talents is not known yet: right now we share only planned changes and fixes.



General directions:


  • The Mastery tree should give the Warrior choice between on-foot and mounted build development. In whole any drastic differences are not planned.
  • The Blood tree should be destined to the manipulation with Healing and Bleedings.
  • The Power tree should enhance Dark Knight's damage in a variety of ways or apply to his enemies statuses inflicting their dealt damage.
  • The Steel tree should decrease taken damage OR develop the concept of 'tank-reflector'.



This talent tree is common for Warrior, Dark Knight and Crusader, therefore changes are minimal here or specific for a chosen class.


  • Deadly Lance - Using the Charge and Spear Throw skills will apply Immobilization instead of the Slowdown.




  • Bloodletting is planned to be changed.

Now: Whirlwind Blow, Piercing, Domination have a 50% chance to apply Bleeding x1.

Will be: Damage from Steel Spikes will inflict Bleeding too, with some chance.

  • Epidemic will be changed: the Dagger of Plague will infect not only the first target but enemies nearby with Bleeding effect.
  • Invigoration will restore 12% (instead of current 6%) health for every point of Fury lost out of combat or spent by Fury-consuming skills in combat.
  • Blood Lust will be totally changed: instead of increase Bloody Harvest's damage Dark Knight will restore health from any bleeding effects.
  • Bloody Armor will be changed: instead of prolong Bone Armor when using skills any getting of Bone Armor or Rampant Anger will restore 10% health of the character, but no more than once on 10 seconds.
  • Witch Hunter will not have activation time restriction anymore, but when taking a negative effect the character will restore 1 point of Fury and will get Might x1.
  • Seal of Nosferatu will give Vampirism for 15 seconds:  restores health for 25% of direct damage taken, but no more than 200% with maximum health, with unlimited frequency and amount of healing while activated. Cooldown time of the skill will remain the same; the passive bous is not planned to be changed for now.




  • Devastator will be changed: Anger and Earthquake skills will apply Contusion for the number of seconds equal to the number of spent Fury points.
  • Eye for an Eye skill will affect only Steel Spikes: if Dark Knight is under a control effect, Spikes reflect considerably more damage incoming.
  • Mercilessness will be changed: critical damage will increase with 20% in Rampant Anger status.
  • Endless Fury will be changed: Rampant Anger with this talent will not be limited with the duration time, only with the amount  of Fury. More Energy will be consumed.
  • Victim ultimate talent: active skill will be replaced by Ice Strike active skill ( deals damage, freezes for 4 seconds, decreases defense with 50%. Passive bonus: Critical damage of Dark Knight in Rampant Anger increases with 0,5% for every 1% lost health.




  • Ominous Threat will be changed: now the talent will affect Power Seizure instead of changing Provocation effect. Using Power Seisure with this talent will create Provocation effect for 1 second on the target and will add the thread blast with 500% of Dark Knight's attack.
  • Skull Crusher will be changed for Dark Knight only. Using of Shield Blow and Earthquake skills will give a certain chance to apply Contusion for 3 seconds. Chances will be increased for every consumed point of Fury, every improvement level of the hammer, damage dealt by Dark Knight etc. Cooldown time after switching equipment - 10 seconds.
  • Other Worldcooldown time will decrease from 5 minutes to 70 secondsAlso 20% health will be restored in this state.
  • Fossilisized Bones will be changed: the duration of the Bone Armor will be increased for 5 seconds when getting a control effect.
  • Banner bearer of Darkness will be changed: instead of increase damage dealt to enemies Dark Knight's party will take 15% less damage near the Banner of Darkness.
  • Ice Strike ultimate talent: active skill will be replaced by Victim. Passive bonus: damage taken decreases with 5%.


Naturally many of Dark Knight's skills will be changed too: we shall tell about these changes next time. Now we are waiting for your comments and opinions, and mind that any of decisions listed above may be repealed or reworked, among other things due to your feedback.


Find the discussion here: https://us.royalques...alents-changes/

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Posted 24 January 2017 - 10:11 AM

Dark Knight: Part 3. Future Skills Changes


It's about time to present you the third and final part of our plans to change Dark Knight: the rework of skills. Some changes will affect not only Dark Knight, but also Crusader, his brother in class - and even some other classes featuring with a similar mechanics.

So what are we in for?




Class auras: Vigor, Aura of Life, Veil of Darkness, Steel Protection, Steel Health and Steel Spikes don't have casting time anymore and can be used in movement.


Healing from damage dealt (Vampire Strike of Assassin, Bloody Harvest, Seal of Nosferatu) now is calculated before reducing of damage taken by passive defenses of the enemy.


Dark Knight and Crusader now will be able to use when mounted: Steel Health, Steel Spikes, Bloody Harvest, Provocation, Battle Shout, Perfect Protection, Ice Strike, Aura's Shield, Aura's Shield, Aura's Blade, Aura's Light.




  • Now Parasite creature will not make the enemy player to change the target.
  • Damage dealt to Hunter and absorbed by Dummy will be increased from 25% to 30%.
  • Now Dummy will not make the enemy player to change the target.




  • Provocation will not make the enemy player to change the target, but instead of it will decrease damage dealt to all targets except the provocateur himself.
  • Time of using Charge skill will be reduced.
  • Breakthrough skill won't require Fury anymore.
  • Charge, Spear Throw, Crushing Blow will give 1 point of Fury for using these skills.
  • Basic damage of Squall will be decreased.

Dark Knight:


  • Blazing Fury skill will not consume Energy anymore.
  • Banner of Darkness and Banner of Light will be put without preparation time.
  • Rampant Anger effect will save 20% of Energy instead of current 100%.
  • Bloody Harvest skill will deal AoE damage right before the Dark Knight. This damage can't miss and can't be critical.
  • Steel Spikes aura will add the Dark Knight 20% defense. Reflecting damage of this aura is changed: the enemy takes 20% damage that could be absorbed by all Defense of the Dark Knight.
  • Tempered Steel talent will increase both defense and reflecting-damage effects of Steel Spikes aura.
  • Seal of Nosferatu skill will allow, instead of the current effect, to apply irremovable effect for 10 seconds that drains the enemy's health and transfers it to the Dark Knight.
  • Victim skill, instead of the current effect, will protect the Dark Knight's allies with irremovable effect that redirects the part of damage incoming onto the Dark Knight.
  • Two-handed weapon will increase range of Earthquake, Whirlwind Blow and Bloody Harvest skills.
  • Steel Spikes could not be dispelled by the repeated use of this aura. The error will be fixed.
  • Banner of Darkness, instead of the current main effect, will give to the Dark Knight next to it ability to drain enemy health in the amount of the small part of damage dealt.
  • Dagger of Plague skill: damage will be considerably increased.
  • Dagger of Plague skill: bonus will be changed and will increase damage of Bleeding instead of Crushing Blow.


We are waiting for your comments and opinions.

Please remember that any changes listed above are not final and may be rejected or replaced by other - due to your feedback among other things.


Find the discussion here: https://us.royalques...skills-changes/

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Posted 03 February 2017 - 03:56 PM

Coming Changes: PVP, Warehouse, Mail


While internal testing of Dark Knight's rework continues, incorporating many changes suggested by players, we would like to share some other changes planned for the Main Update when that happens. We would like to tell you about these currently under-development changes in advance, even if they are ultimately different when they appear on the game servers.


Getting experience in PVP activities


Elenium Caves: you will accumulate experience for killing both monsters and other players immediately after the kill exactly as elsewhere in the game and not, as it is at present, when leaving the cave. If your level surpasses the maximum level allowed for a specific map, your character will be transported to Maiden complete with accumulated loot and Alchemical Runes.


Arena & Battleground: Experience will also be obtained for killing players in the Arena and on the Battleground.

The amount of experience gained for player killing will be increased to comparable with the average experience got for killing a monster of the same level.


Players will not accrue experience killing other players at war with another guild, in sieges, in the Pyramid or the Puppeteer Mansion.


Character's Warehouse


It is planned that your warehouse will have FOUR tabs corresponding to tabs in your backpack: Equipment, Expendables, Loot, Crafting items.

This is how your future warehouse will probably look initially(not expanded):




Every tab will show TWO rows each of 10 slots.


All players will have access to the Second row of slots for free, 10 slots per tab making an overall start total of 40. At present, the number of free slots is 27.

Premium users will however also get free access to the uppermost row on each tab provided they maintain their premium but if your premium expires you can only remove items from that row and will not be able to put anything back.


So, in future standard players will have access to ONE full row per tab (40 slots) and Premium Players will have access to TWO full rows per tab (80 slots in total)


To buy an additional row you will have to click on the + button square below the existing rows.


You will only be able to buy whole rows in future specific to one tab, each having 10 slots. There is expected to be an upper limit of 300 rows per tab.


The warehouse will also have a search filter.



Those who have purchased extra warehouse slots in the past will be able to expand their new warehouse for free in any chosen tab - according to the number of slots they have, and more details about this will be released later.


After the update, any excess items will be moved to a character's pocket for re-allocating to the appropriate tabs.


Account Warehouse – NEW!


Premium Account Holders will also get access to their own account warehouse with 25 slots for trading items between your characters: any items except those Personal to a character.



The rework of the personal warehouse will also affect in-game mail.


Letters with attachments (items or gold): if you don't take the attachment into your backpack within 30 days, it will automatically be returned to the sender after 30 days. Following this it will be kept in the original sender's mailbox for 30 days more and then automatically deleted.


Important: When the update hits the game servers, all mail at any blocked accounts will be deleted. All letters sent to characters inactive for 30 or more days will be sent back to a sender.


Other changes, implements and fixes will be announced in the near future.


Find the discussion here: https://us.royalques...warehouse-mail/

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Posted 24 April 2017 - 04:20 PM

Dear players!


Our Royal Quest team has extensive plans for 2017. We have already mentioned before that something grandiose is coming up. It is time now to share more particular plans and to tell you what is currently under preparation.



Morra was forced from the mortal world centuries ago, chained and fallen into oblivion, but she remains very much alive, if weakened. Over time she has given up the struggle against Aura's bond, does not try to break loose anymore, but watches hidden in the Dark, building up her rage and biding her time. Instead of the whole world she craved to rule over, only few forsaken sanctuaries remain for Morra in the darkest corners of Aura, but this situation may not be forever if Royal sources are to be believed.

Morra has had too little to satiate her over the centuries, but for her, even a little power from Shards of Darkness builds on her rage. Still, there are those who make sacrifices to the dark goddess, praise and worship her - and she grows stronger with every tribute, extending her power bit by bit and seizing the weaker ones, often unbeknown to them.

It all started many centuries ago that some rich and spoiled Elenian nobles had been possessed with an idea of secret societies. Under the cover of night they met for parties relishing a sense of daring and importance. Gradually the interest waned except for but some nobles who got taken with the idea of their superiority over the rest of humankind and embraced the Darkness within the core of the planet and Morra’s influence over that Darkness.  

The one who gave his all to Morra and The Darkness, was Lord deMarino. Terrible things were done under his command and many nobles descended from the love of humanity to study necromancy and other horrific knowledge, hoping to find a way to capture mortal souls for their own nefarious purposes.

Seeking for ever more power Lord DeMarino heard told of a mysterious sanctuary deep in one of the darkest Elenian Woods and headed for the place alone. Thus Morra obtained the devoted and responsive servant whose lust for power matched so perfectly with her own. Lord deMarino swore fealty to her and spread Morra's cult among his followers. The goddess taught them dark practices and whispered forbidden knowledge.

They made human sacrifices to their Lady, performed monstrous cannibal rites, and Morra granted them in return, her Bloody Blessing. Affected by it, Morra's servants transformed into vile creatures of the night, gaining unbelievable strength and incredible magical power.

Nonetheless everything has its price and Lord deMarino and his followers turned them into blood-sucking vampires unable to be sated with common food, seeking out only humans for their flesh and blood. The weaker spirits went mad and lost human shape, but the strongest and most knowing ones turned into high vampires, dominating their insane brethren and the undead.

Dark Bonds united the cult deeper than family bonds and the Solo clan had arisen.




Morra triumphed. Every soul that was given to her drew nearer to the moment of long-awaited freedom. Intoxicated with fresh-obtained power, thirsty for blood, vampires desolated villages, killing people for their abhorrent feasts in the ancestral mansion of Lord deMarino.

The only power able to stop them was the power of the Golden Goddess herself. Feeling the pain and sufferings of the Kingdom's inhabitants Aura descended to the world. Angered, once again she turned her power against her fallen sister, and Morra, stunned and blinded, lost her accumulated might. Her bond with the Solo clan weakened and vampires lost their powers of  strength and magic.

Fearful of humans' revenge the Solo clan sealed and charmed their mansion to make it seem as if it was derelict and unable to enter, and settled down into a sleep to wait for awakening of their Lady.

Year by year Morra has been recovering her power. There is a rumour that some people have been making sacrifices to her again in Morra Forest and Twilight Caves and the fear is that the Dark Goddess' might rises.

Half a year ago Morra secretly succeeded to seize power over perished orcs' corpses and establish her cult among orc tribes. Only a select brigade of the Elenia Royal Guard defeated rebel orcs and were sworn to silence for fear the population of Elenia would become afraid - but it may have been too late?

Sources within the Royal Palace and Royal Mages of Maragorne are detecting ground movements not explained by normal geophysics and fear a metaphysical catastrophe in imminent.

Everything points to the Vampire Mansion's doors, sealed for centuries are almost ready to open…


To be continued...


Find the discussion here: https://us.royalques...-the-solo-clan/

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Posted 24 April 2017 - 04:21 PM

Rudolph's years-long waiting has proved worth it: the Solo clan is waking!

They say, somebody saw the gates opening - but who or what came out of there? Rudolph himself remains tantalizingly silent.

Historians and archeologists hurry to investigate archives and finds discovered in Arcon, seek to learn what will citizens of Elenia encounter when the Mansion's doors sweep open. Various institutions send their investigators to watch every movement at the entrance, to look for any hints and any tips.

And they have already succeeded to find out a thing or two!




The manor itself is much more vast inside than looks from outside. The Arcon-side entrance takes you to the magnificent mansion, property of the Solo clan long before the last lord got carried away with dark rituals.

The long spacious corridor starting right benind the doors descends below ground and goes up to the mansion itself. This corridor hosted many celebrations in the past - if the weather was too bad for open-air festivities; long ago, with neighbourhoods not tainted yet by Morra's malice and lords and ladies Solo caring about their subjects. Once upon a time the mansion was inhabited by the big family and thousands of people worked there; now the first floor is roamed by half-wild irexes, undead remains of ill-fated adventurers and stupefied servants who were kidnapped and turned long before. The clan does not need living ones for now, except as food supplies.




The mansion exit opens into famous Solo garden. A walk along this place may soothe one's heart even now, but lovely arbors have fallen into decay, bridges became decrepit: Morra's minions are not fond of the beauty contemplation. Breeding grounds adjoin the garden: the Solo manor had been famous, beside rare plants breeding, its riding irexes, best in Elenia. Now the legendary trainer breeds man-eating irexes for the Solo hunt, always ready to gobble an intruder. Still the local people don't mind: in fact they have never left theirs own home, just moved to the more comfortable place. More dark, more cold…

Walking through the garden one can reach the private cemetery of the Solo clan and descend to their family vault. The vault, alike to the mansion in whole, had been constructed with many generations in mind: sufficiently vast to house all the clan. Just wondering: do lords and ladies Solo sleep in coffins, or they have rebuilt the vault in some way? Nobody knows for now. No living soul have succeeded to leave the vault for now, to tell us the truth.




Both the Secret Office and Inquisition need volunteers, heroes who will be able to disclose the Solo Mansion's secrets and mysteries. Besides, long-year knowledge accumulated by the Solo clan will excite Varlone traders and scientists for sure.


Waiting for you in the future update:

  • General changes of the dungeon system.
  • New "Solo clan Mansion" dungeon consisting of 3 big locations.
  • New monsters.
  • New bosses.
  • New items.
  • New quests and NPCs.
  • Stories of the Solo clan.


Eager to discover all the Mansion's secrets? Follow the news!


Find the discussion here: https://us.royalques...-first-details/

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Posted 28 April 2017 - 09:23 PM

Breaking news!

Secret Service, in cooperation with archivists, has succeeded to create precise maps of the vampire clan's territory and to register most of its inhabitants.

(Maps themselves are lettered in Russian for now but this will be changed soon)




Solo Mansion





The mansion decrepit over the years and swarming with monsters




Bloodthirsty creatures stalk the long dark corridor.





Walls and columns have fallen into decay, dust and desolation everywhere, and merely few rooms have remained uncorrupted. Almost.





Solo Oblivion Park



You will admire the scenery for ages… if you will be able to get there of course.





Yet, according to reports the place is as much dangerous as lovely. Irexes guard their nests jealously.




The clan's loyal servants are doomed to patrol the park even after their death.



Still most difficult task was to get an image of Solo Hound. The hideous chimera prefers to get rid of eyewitnesses.






Solo Family Vault




All these guards are needed to defend sanctum sanctorum: the Vault where Solo themselves reside with their attendants.



Looks as they have indeed turned the crypt into dwelling place.





Even if prefer to sleep in coffins.





The Secret Service reports become fragmentary at this point.





So, who or what inhabits Solo Manor?

Fire Irexes - a specific breed of man-eating irexes zealously cultivated by the clan. Biting, scratching, spitting fire.

Clouds of Darkness - clusters of flesh-eating bats that attack an intruder with all the flock at once.
Solo Shooters - long-perished vampire victims compelled by dark Morra's influence to fight for their murderers.
Solo Apprentices - most fearless and stout-hearted victims turned out to have magical abilities.

Solo Servants - most recent victims turned into service.
Solo Hounds - monstrous chimeras, results of failed transformations, controlled by vampires.
Solo Wards - ever young aristocrats succeeded to keep - in some way - the human appearance. Dangerous and bloodthirsty.


So far no traces of lords and ladies Solo or their attendants have been discovered - but we go on surveillance!


Find the discussion here: https://us.royalques...-of-solo-manor/

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Posted 26 May 2017 - 05:37 PM



We have managed to obtain the top secret report of Inquisition's scouts!


The object of their investigation turned out to be most dangerous inhabitants of the Solo Manor. While previous reports covered the Solo Mansion's whereabouts and common dangers lurking there - now the investigators have succeeded to catch, so to say, big fish.


Seems like Solo nobles did not leave the Mansion to its own devices: chaotic existence of this place is under the supervision of Felur the Majordomo. Do some people prefer to have two majordomos at once: for outdoor activities, so to say, and for domestic matters?

Sure, Felur is not suited for standing outside the door and communicating people. Disfigured by Morra's impact he looks horrendous and deadly dangerous: the toll paid for power. Usually Felur hides in the depth of the building, but if you make for the Garden you will never be able to brush past him.




Moreover, anyone who fight their way to the Vault entrance will inevitably find the infuriated and unbribable guard: Giant Stome Beast of Arcon keeps fervent watch over the doors and crushes any who dare to come close.

Even stones themselves are subject to Morra's influence!




Only two boss monsters are known for now, but whereabouts of the Solo family still are obscure.
Nevertheless rumors are about some specific garments that give Morra's power to their owner not taking his soul in return. They say also that Solo vampires possess, similarly to common monsters, their own cards.    


Just wondering: what else will revealed the next time?


Find the discussion here: https://us.royalques...the-solo-manor/

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Posted 14 June 2017 - 03:20 PM

Breaking news!


It is possible that the Solo family has the Manor for some time - but for what purpose...?


Irex Trainer breeding most bloodthirsty and dangerous beasts has come back to the Park. Better to keep out of his way.




Most important: scouts have succeeded to get to the sancta sanctorum: Solo Family Vault, and imprint the image of Genevieve, the lady of the Mansion.




Jean-Fransois Solo has been spotted in the study.




Also some other suspicious presence has been detected: an Undead! Still not known yet who is that and what does he have to do with the Manor.




What's going on there?


Find the discussion here: https://us.royalques...reveals-itself/

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Posted 03 July 2017 - 07:29 PM

Excerpts from Inquisition's reports:




Looks like cursed influence of the bloodthirsty goddess affects in some ways all the Mansion's interior: the only explanation how most Manor's furnishings have survived to the present day. Not completely intact of course - but nevertheless the clan Solo's residence evidently remains the potential source of ancient artifacts.

This statement primarily regards certain accessories: the Solo family's hedonistic bent has resulted in creation of items that are both pieces of art and powerful charms. These include gloves, amulets and certain headgear first of all: items increasing the owner's dexterity and luck or enhancing his health and defense, and even resistance to certain negative effects.

There are some other unique and attractive items: monster and boss cards. It is worthy of note that every boss and even common monster inhabiting the Manor has its own card. It is already known that Trainer Laffon's influence increases defense of mounted warriors, Genevieve's power adds stamina to intelligent and accurate ones, and Genevieve's son grants luck those strong.


Scientific works of the Solo clan, especially in genetics and line breeding, are another thing worth to be noted. While the specific irex breed can be used without more ado, other materials still require most scrutinous study. It will just suffice to mention Kappa, the mysterious pet of Genevieve!




Find the discussion here: https://us.royalques...solo-treasures/

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