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Love is Aura Around Us: Love Story Contest

contest competition love story St Vallen

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#21 Miichelly (Elgore)

Miichelly (Elgore)


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Posted 25 February 2017 - 05:37 AM

My love story


Robert & Amelie



In a small village lived a dreamy boy named Robert, very poor, who dreamed to be the best marksman of King Roland, trained every day with the ancient bow of his father. And there lived a girl named Amelie was very rich, her family owns almost all the villages where they lived. As if the wealth was not enough, she is beautiful and a love too. They studied together.

He had difficulty in math, had difficulty in matter. In all humility, Amelie asks Robert for help, and from that day on they continue to do many duties together.


One day, Amelie noticed that Robert was doing calculations of her head, she asked:

"How can you do it without pencil and paper?"

He looked at her face intensely and replied,

"I close my eyes and imagine myself counting the strands of her hair.

She was flushed and serious. And then he repented. And he turned his eyes to the calculations.


The years pass and become more and more united, until Amélie invites him to the ball. Packed by a waltz, the couple dance on the sidewalk and are born the first kiss of the two that is interrupted by their father. Amelie tries to explain:

- Dad, we love each other ...

But he dragged her by the arm and threw her into the car.

After the "incident", the girl's family leaves the village, contact is lost, and Robert decides to move to the big city.



Among the difficulties he enters the Academy and becomes a sniper, training day and night to get his place in the sun in the future. King Roland, driven by Robert's determination and efforts, decided to send him to missions in the kingdom, and Robert made them perfectly, he was very skilled. Roland considered Robert the best marksman, and soon became his right arm. And even with years of separation he never forgot Amelie.


Amelie became a beautiful sorceress, her father hired the best masters of magic to become the most powerful, and she could always protect herself and protect everyone around her. Until one night Amelie's father decided to walk in the moonlight, and a great monster who walked there killed him, Amelie in his great fury and revenge chased the monster everywhere until one day found him in the land of the King, she Summoned all his power to defeat this monster by using all his abilities to defeat him alone.



Robert had been sent by the king there and from afar he noticed Amelie and with a racing heart and sweating cold, ran to her and shouted her name, she more quickly realized his voice and looked at him and ran into his arms, and kissed him Intensely. Robert promised he would never part with her again. So they decided to become Keepers of the Kingdom, living happily and never separating.


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#22 KaiLeena (Elgore)

KaiLeena (Elgore)

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Posted 25 February 2017 - 07:38 AM

Royal Quest: The Original Love Story

It all started in 2015, when Chenli and KaiLeena met for the first time in Royal Quest.  It was love at first sight and the Nice Perfect Couple began their love journey together, becoming one heart and one soul. 


These NPC couple had a love so strong, it went pass the game and into real life.  Soon, they were planning a future together and making plans to spend the rest of their lives together.

Thank you Royal Quest… for making it possible…

We will be back ingame after our vacation.

 True love Chen&Kai wub.png

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#23 Ġøļęm (Elgore)

Ġøļęm (Elgore)

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Posted 25 February 2017 - 08:26 AM


Royal Quest: The Original Love Story

It all started in 2015, when Chenli and KaiLeena met for the first time in Royal Quest.  It was love at first sight and the Nice Perfect Couple began their love journey together, becoming one heart and one soul. 


These NPC couple had a love so strong, it went pass the game and into real life.  Soon, they were planning a future together and making plans to spend the rest of their lives together.

Thank you Royal Quest… for making it possible…

We will be back ingame after our vacation.

 True love Chen&Kai wub.png



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Respect yourself first so you will get the respect of otherssmile.png 

#24 Staarrr (Elgore)

Staarrr (Elgore)

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Posted 25 February 2017 - 12:39 PM

A sacrifice for love.. for the city.. and for the world..







 "...for it is my hearts' desires.."



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#25 Ðarknight (Elgore)

Ðarknight (Elgore)

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Posted 25 February 2017 - 12:46 PM

The Beginning Of The Journey
Killyck was in the gardens of Varlone capital city he was resting on top of a tree was still dawn and was waiting for the Sunrise, 
When he looks down, he sees the daughter of King Roland, Elwyn was picking flowers, and he was happy with that image because he liked the Princess in secret.
For a moment he hears the Princess asking for help, She was on an absence of Royal guards and was attacked by a man surrounded by shadows.
- What's going on here? -Asked killyck
- Help me, he is the Dark Lord of these lands, and he's looking for a way to control this city.
Killyck is in an attacking position with a dagger in each hand.
- I will not be defeated by a child. -Replied the Lord of the shadows.
Gentleman's sword of shadows became involved and began to dance, the Jingle of dagger and sword being hit against each other, so Killyck was hit and pushed
against the floor.
- My arms ... What's happening? -Killyck could not endure the pain being penetrated in your flesh.
- Soon you will be engulfed in shadows, boy.
Killyck was down and his eyes were closing, when he woke up was with a bandaged arm.
- What happened? Killyck asked.
- The Dark Lord stole the sword of light and he would have taken my dear daughter, if you hadn't stopped him. We need to reclaim the sacred sword, or it could mean
the end of these lands. I'm going to announce the hunt against the King of shadows and the gentleman who brings the sword of light can safely marry my
daughter.-King Roland decreed
- Father ... I ... No...
- There are too many lives at stake, understand Elwyn, please.
Elwyn ran out to the garden with tears in his eyes.
- I'm looking for the King of shadows and defeat him. Thank you very much for taking care of my injuries and let me rest in your Castle, but I will have my revenge. -Said Killyck with willpower.
- Don't thank me, Elwyn took care of his injuries.
- Understand
Killyck went to the garden and found elwyn.
- I'll destroy that Monster and free her from this fate
- I will go with you.
- It's going to be a dangerous adventure has really sure you want to come along?
- I am a Hunter and I trained hard since I was a child, on the other hand, Have the location of the Lord of the shadows. Is located in the castle of Trogul, but it
won't be easy to get there, our path is long.
- Do you know the land for which we must cross?
- We can't waste any time we need to get going.
- Right.
Arriving at the North exit of varlone they go through two guards.
- Princess, coming out? -Said the guard to the left
- I'm going to go out in search of the lost sword. -Answered Elwyn decided.
- Your father gave you your consent? -Said the guard on the right
- My Princess I can't let you go alone. -said the right guard
- I am being accompanied by the man who saved me from the lord of darkness.
- I will avenge myself on the king of the shadows, bring the sword safely and free the princess from her father's words.-Spoke without hesitation.
- Take good care of the Princess, she will be the next Queen of this realm.-said the guard to the right
- Good luck in your adventures.-said the guard to the left
After a long journey, they find an abandoned Castle and decided to stop there for the night.
- Today we will sleep here.
- Right.
- This forest there are monsters are aggressive, but you don't have to fear is garnished by a Wolf spirit that protects the adventurers. I'm going to get wood
to make a bonfire.
Killyck soon came back with a wild boar on the back and the wood to make fire. Elwyn seemed to be happy and killyck felt a relief in the chest.
Satisfied and with a full stomach he decides to lie down.
-You also need to sleep. Killyck spoke with weariness in his words. Tomorrow will be a long day.
She looks at him, feeling safe and lies down to your side. The next morning he wakes up with her by your side. Face to face, almost embraced.
-She is beautiful. -killyck says in a low voice.
-Thank you. -She responds.
-I didn't know you were awake.
-He's blushing. -Thought Elwyn, smiling at him.
-You ... you ...
-Don't be a fool. -Elwyn replied, preventing him from continuing to talk. -last night was very hot. -She was red, so he feels his lips soft and damp in your mouth.
                                                                 To Be Continued
-The fearsome Archon.
-Giant Tortolla and the castle of the revolt.
Sorry for the lack of NPCs, Images and the lack of knowledge in English
Thank you in advance



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#26 HolyShooter (Elgore)

HolyShooter (Elgore)

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Posted 26 February 2017 - 04:36 AM

Royal Love




The Meeting.





Me- Wow that was close!!...

Camila- "Tired and serious" Thank you.

Me- You should beware. Those Mary´s are dangerous, they can posion you.

      Oh! Where are my manners.. My name is HolyShooter and you beautiful dame?

Camila- "Looking at me straight" I am Camila owner of Interfluve Village and wife of Guard Harvest from Illayr..

Me- I apologize again but why is your husband at Illayr?.

Camila- ...... "Looking around". Look, long time ago he used to be the Guard of this Village... I remember those

            happys days with him around taking care of us but King Roland commanded him to take care of the

            North entrance of the great city of Varlone.

Me- Wait a second, he used to be a guard here?...

Camila- Yes, a long time ago he used to guard this entrance... "takes out something from her pocket"....

               Here, i have an old picture of him.




Me- Is this Real? He is not using the same armor i thought Interfluve did not have guards..

Camila- You look interested traveler, take a sit i will tell you a story..




Not everything is happiness.



Camila- I remember those cold mornings when i used to wake up kiss my daugther Elvina and take some hot

            Ant tea for Harvest.

            He was always taking care of us, in the afternoons he used to pick flowers near the river for me.

            " A flower, just a god gift for us to see natural beauty just like you my dear. "

            That´s what he used to tell me..

Me- " I was afraid to ask but i had to. " I apologize but i´m not understanding, what happened?..

Camila- Calm down traveler... You noticed the different armor my husband were using in the picture i showed

            you, right?..

Me- Yes, he was.. " She interrupted me ".

Camila- He was using the common village guard armor as he used to be the guard from here.

            But is not all colors, one afternoon

            I heard him screaming and fighting a big Mary. He killed it but my daughter got hitted by one tentacle...

Me- Wait a second, she is here with us and the Mary´s poison is lethal!

Camila- Lethal, you are right. But if you get the antidote you can heal.

Me- Antidote?.. Where can you possibly get that!?

Camila- Me? not me, but like Harvest used to say..

           " There is nothing imposible if you feel love in your heart and soul."




In sickness and health.



 Me- What did he do?..

Camila- Time ago while he was hunting he heard some villagers talking and one of them said..

            "Us? not us, only King Roland can get Mary´s antidote."

             Our daughter was getting worse and was not going to make it.

" Harvest- My dear, i have to do something about or Elvina is going to die. There is only one thing to do."

Camila- I knew what it meant. Harvest was only a soldier on duty and he was not allowed to talk to the King.

               In fact, he could be arrested just by entering to the Royal Palace. But he was stubborn, i knew he was going to make it.

" Harvest- My dear, im going to talk with the King, trust me i will be back. I know that many dangers are coming at me but i have to

                 do it. For you Camila and for Elvina i promise to bring the antidote or die trying.

Camila- I could not even stop him. Like he used to say " Love command me and my heart beats everytime i see you two smiling."

             Thats was the last thing he said before leaving...




Taking risks.




Me- So, he was going to get into the Royal Palace without permission?

Camila- That´s not all. He was going to risk his life for Elvina and me.

Me- Keep going i can believe it!..

Camila- He went to Royal Palace and waited outside for hours..

            Just as he saw a guard leaving the palace, he ran and ran until he reached the

            Royal Hall where the king sat on his throne.

Me- WHAT!? No one can enter that way at the Royal Palace without being arrested!..

Camila- " Checks her pockets again and takes out another picture. " 

              Here as you can see, one common soldier speaking to the King Roland..




Me- I will never see pictures like those again i can believe what im looking at..

      That´s incredible!

      Why did they not arrest him?

Camila- We are near to end this story just be patient...





True love is always rewarded.





Camila- Even when it sounds weird, King Roland agreed to listen at Harvest reasons to

           enter at the Royal Hall that way..

           Then King Roland himself agreed to help by letting him know where and how he

           would get the antidote...

Me- But i thought King Roland would have the antidote, what he meant with..

      "Where and how to get the antidote."?

Camila- Calm down HolyShooter i will finnish the story.. "She laughs."

            On day i received a letter from Harvest telling me that "he was going to

            North Kabuk because it was the only way to get the antidote."

            King Roland told him to speak with a captive humanoid capable of making

            the Mary´s antidote..

             The King himself allowed him to enter the cell and speak with the

             Captive Weling to get the antidote.

             At the end he wrote:

             " My heart beats, as the sun rises day after day i see you there smiling. I´m closer my dear."

Me- ..... I apologize but im speechless.

Camila- "She smiles." It´s ok, you don´t need to say a word but you can see this...

             "Takes out another picture"..

              Here it is! There you can see him with the Captive Weling....


https://www.dropbox.... side..jpg?dl=0



Me- Wow! I can´t believe what my eyes are seeing!..

Camila- Calm down, pay attetion we are almost done traveler.




Eternal commitment.




Me- Wait a second!.. Why is him guarding the North entrance of Varlone? And not here with you two?..

Camila- "Laughs." You are curious, huh? Listen...

              When King Roland agreed to help Harvest, he told him that there would be a condition.......

Me- I knew it !!

Camila- Wait HolyShooter... And yes, of course there was a condition but this time it was a good one.

             King Roland told him that a brave soldier like him is exactly what it takes to guard the great

            City of Varlone.

            And in exchange for helping him get the antidote Harvest should guard Varlone and

            be promoted to Guard.

  Me  - Is that all?... What happened?

Camila- Is not obvious? He make it! With love in his heart he is able to do anything he wants!...

            He saved Elvina, and sometimes when no one is watching he comes and brings me flowers..

           I love him so much, he is my reason to smile each day.

Me- But... you are not together it must be hard for you all.

Camila- Sometimes i wish to see him here taking care of us but is not always that way...

Me- I apologize again but it sounds sad to me...

Camila- Why? Don´t you heard the story? Is not sad at all, it´s a proof of true love.

            This is personal but i will show you...

            Then i will go away, it was a pleasure to meet you HolyShooter.

Me- The pleasure is mine, that was amazing! I feel great!. Show me...



https://www.dropbox.... love..jpg?dl=0



Harvest- My dear, my heart is full of love. Love for you two. Here i am guarding North Varlone and helping new

             citizens each day with tasks. Now im using a full guard armor as you can see my dear.

             I look handsome, right honey? Hehe.


             I am Guard Harvest from Illayr, true love knows no limits.







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#27 HolyShooter (Elgore)

HolyShooter (Elgore)

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Posted 26 February 2017 - 04:40 AM

Well i tried my best on fixing the post above but when i use spoilers my images looks small. But anyways now you all can click the link and see those "ancient" pictures from Royal Quest biggrin.png.

Hope you all enjoy !

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#28 Enya



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Posted 27 February 2017 - 06:44 AM

The Love Story contest is over my friends :)  results will come next, but not too soon: making choice will take time for sure. Thank you for sharing your stories, so unlike and yet awesome!

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