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Re-setting Stats - Help Please!

Stats Mage Level 20 Help Sorcerer

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#1 Avaritia (Elgore)

Avaritia (Elgore)


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Posted 18 February 2017 - 10:08 PM

Hello, I am new to the game and I made it to level 20 and I chose to be a Sorcerer and now I want to re-set my stats. I did a lot of prior research to what I should set my intelligence/Dex/attack/luck, etc. But no one can seem to tell me exactly what the best build is for a Sorcerer. I don't want to be support. I am a solo player who wants to be PVE/PVP (because I want to stand a chance in this world).


I have plenty of money, so I don't mind re-setting again, but I put most of my stats into everything but Luck. But I really am lost and I don't know why my Hit is down to 0. It shouldn't be 0, but I don't know how to fix it.



#2 Ragedrop (Elgore)

Ragedrop (Elgore)

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Posted 19 February 2017 - 12:38 AM

Good Morning,

if you are a "solo Player" then sorc is the class for you. (cause its the class for everyone and everything)

Going on for your question about "hit" -> its related to your luck stat. for every 10 luck total you accumulate your Hit gets increased. Also another option are Illusiveness Seals which just flat out increase Hit.

Stat wise -> 100 int/100stam rest into luck. Thats pretty much the common sorc build that everyone uses with only slight differences to equal out the "accumulate 10 boost". Anything else is a specific desinged off shot build. (Dex sorcs are a thing again ive been told)

And for the last part -> there is a Lady in Mid Varlone a bit south of the fountain across the bridge. She sells mandrake fruits which are able to be used lvl 1-20 for a reset and cost next to no gold.  Shes called "something The Potion merchant".

And "I have plenty of money" -> Just wait and see if that holds true no matter how rich you might think you are ;)

Hope it helps,


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#3 Nikolaa (Elgore)

Nikolaa (Elgore)

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Posted 19 February 2017 - 07:20 AM

if you get ovber 20 there is a elenium machine next to master bastif in varlone

(Top left part / north west part of varlone - corner) 

#4 StarrLight (Elgore)

StarrLight (Elgore)

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Posted 19 February 2017 - 11:09 AM

Hello. This is what I can recommend or suggest kRGDsl2.png


First of all, you need to have an objective here. If you want to get to level 60 fast it means, you must do a lot of PVE. For this, I say:

1. Every time you level, there are 4 points given to you. Put 2 points on stamina and 2 points on intelligence.

2. As many experienced players say, "do not waste your money on changing weapon/s and items every time you level". As much as possible, change every 5 levels or 10.

3. When you reach level 40, quests and monsters are little bit of a challenge. I must say, get a decent items, seals and weapon on this level. This level has a lot of players going arena/battleground by this you can PVE/PVP decently.

4. Leveling takes time. Go to dungeons/towers to gain more experience. Level 20-30 towers have PK players, you can practice PVP on this early stage.


For PVP stats (Dmg sorcs), Focus on your Intelligence and Luck, but put it in mind you will have a low stamina thus you will be killed fast.


About the talents, I'm lazy to screenshot laugh.png  but if you want to talk you can message me/mail me, I usually sit in the middle of Varlone left side. 



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#5 Avaritia (Elgore)

Avaritia (Elgore)


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Posted 19 February 2017 - 06:32 PM

Thank you so much, Starrlight! I will take this into account. I also think that the re-set machine is cool, but I am not good at the mill or other PVEVP places... XD

#6 Dark-Mage (Elgore)

Dark-Mage (Elgore)

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Posted 20 February 2017 - 11:26 AM

Hey Avaritia

Here is the list of level requirements as to what item should be used to what level for resetting stats / talents:


Lvl 1 - 20 : you can reset your stats or talents using mandrake seeds which is got from " Velda the Potion Merchant " Npc which Ragedrop mentioned, or as item drop by killing monsters in elgore

Lvl 21-40 : you can buy "Mandrake Flowers" for stats and talent reset ( mandrake flower for talents reset and Black mandrake flower for stats reset)  from Premium store

Lvl 41-60 : you can buy "Mandrake  Fruits" for stats and talent reset ( mandrake fruit for talents reset and Black mandrake fruit for stats reset)  from Premium store


but if you want to reset your stats for free there are two options since you have a newly created character :


1. There is a quest from Master Bastiff (that over grown rat laugh.png who is in top left part / north west part of varlone as Nikolaa mentioned) [I recommend you rather not use this method since its just one time quest, better keep it for utter most emergency case]


2. gather eleniums from pvp zones : 300 eleniums for talent reset and 600 eleniums for stats reset (the amount of eleniums required for resetting is same no matter what level)

[ The machine which lets you reset stats/talents is located right beside Master bastiff ]



And suggestion for talents for solo sorceror while keeping survival first :

If you making sorceror and want to be good at leveling up fast but still need to get eleniums for either resetting or getting recipe from towers i got a suggestion for the build for sorceror which i had used to get to lvl 50 quickly:


Get 4th talent tree of sorceror  (which gives mirror of reality talent)

Advantages : 1. passive of mirror of raelity lets you to be invisible for 10 seconds and wont break the stealth even if you teleportation or healing skills +  it gives 2 seconds invincibility)

                      2. you can use this to your advantage to stay away from enemies (ofcourse few enemies will still be able to kill you, then again no risk no gain ph34r.png )

                      3. when if you messup sometimes coz of laggs or something else, you will still be alive ^.^


                      1.If you get into a party by some coinsidence, you wont be able to do support

                      2. you will b only good with the talent tree i specified in a solo play only

                      3. though this talent is for pk;ing purpose, it still does the trick of being able to be alive

                      4. you wont be able to get as many monsters at once as you could with healing talent tree


after getting mirror of reality talent, i recommend to get healing talent maxed to kite monsters as well as to stay at full hp even if you get attacked by group of monsters

Then pour the remaining 4 remaining talents in 1st talent tree


Regarding stats, just like Starrlight said, 2 intelligence and 2 stamina per level until lvl 50 then pour all other stats in either dex or luck depending on your choice


[ Correct me if i am wrong anywhere in here guys ]

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