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Marketing 101 – A Basic Guide

market gold newbie guide

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#1 Arestia (Elgore)

Arestia (Elgore)


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Posted 03 September 2014 - 07:00 PM

Market. What is it ?

In every mmorpgs there always a place called Auction House, or Market, or Vending Stall, or whatever its called, a place where you can sell loots, equips, items, potions, foods, and others in game items to other players. You can arrange the price as you like, but basically you must price it based on market price that driven by players.


Market on Royal Quest

The market in this game is quite same like others mmorpgs. The characteristic are :


1. You can put every items except personal items.

2. You arrange the price

3. You can put your goods on the trade spot. There are small, medium, and large.

  • Small contain 4 slots, medium 8, and large one is 12* (I forget, correct me)
  • You can buy small and medium one on the city, the market guild one, located on the middle of the city, on the market area. And the large one sold in premium store or you can get in the market in expendables -> special items. And you can get small and medium from quest too.

4. It’s a 15% tax from every goods you sell. If I sell a Mario cap for 10.000 gold, and people buy it, I will receive 8500 gold only. But if you are on premium account, the tax reduced only to 5%

5. The stall contract is 12 hours for small and medium. 24 hours for Large ( *thanks to candyman for correcting :D )

6. You can got your gold from your selling on your vending spot, or if the contract expired your items ( if not selled yet ) and your gold will be transferred by mail.

7. You can extend your spot contract if you have another same stall on your backpack. Just go to your spot and there’s extend option there. As same as the end contract option. If you end your contract, the items will transferred to your mail too.

8. Wherever you put your spot, your item will be listed on market manager. So don’t worry about people wont lookin at your spot.

9. You can sell reales and premium items on your stall.




First of all, just remember, the economy on the game is driven by players. Reales price wont be always 6000 gold per 1 reales, but it can be down, or maybe up. I think you cant be worry much about price will go down or up so much, because the gold on the game can disappear quickly. Creating guild cost 1 million gold. Upgrading items, seal items, buy mount or pet, healing from death curse, teleport, etc, all cost gold. And its quite large sum of money. So there wont be inflation or deflation, because its demand us to consume gold more than you thinkin. *this is only an assumption* So be prepared and spent your gold carefully


Buying items on market

Basically, you will go for lowest price for what item you need. So search it and be patient. Because market will be updated every time.

Look at what you really need.  Me personally will buy some cheap emerald, equip with 2-3 card slots, or some item with green/blue/orange with great options. Or I will spent much gold, like 700k gold on level 41 mortar +7 with 2 golden card of the warrior with critical chance +2% blue option. Because if I calculate if I do make that mortar alone, the cost end up not quite much difference than buying, and the risk are great too.

For selling, you must remember that there is TAX, either 15 or 5 percent. So I will not change my shop name (xxx’s store) because people can see who sell the item, and they can PM you or sent you mail and start negotiating.



Marketing Tips

Ingredients : some golds (50-100k), underpriced items, knowledge of market price, patient, and LUCK.


1. Buy some equips that easy to sell.  Like class C headgears, class C weapons, class C armors, gems, rings, amulets, totem, class C artifacts. Just do search patiently, if you find some underpriced items, go for it. Class C items       with card slots are better. Underpriced emerald or shappire are great too. If you lucky, some people will sell + items with total underprice item.

2. SEAL those class C items with emerald. This cost you much gold. And its totally DEPENDS ON YOUR LUCK. If you lucky, got some blue/orange/purple seals with GOOD option, surely you will get rich.

3. Sell them on the market again, maybe you can +5 it first if u want so the price will rise. Some players have some bad experience on upgrade their gears. So they prefer buy it already got  +



Some of valuable seals option I know


*purple>orange>blue>green* but its conditional, sometimes purple items have very bad option.


  • Defence option (+xxx defence / + X% defence/  x% chance player will receive 10% def if attacked)
  • Attack option (+XXX atk / + x% atk)
  • EXP Gain option (+xxx exp every kills / + x% exp for monster kills)
  • Gold gain option (+xxx% gold received from monsters)
  • Status option (+xx stam/acc/str/int/dex/luck)
  • HP option (+x% max hp / +xxx max hp)
  • ASPD option (+x% aspd)
  • Dodge option (+x dodge / x% chance player will receive 10% dodge when attacked)
  • Hit option (+ x hit)
  • Critical option ( +x% crit chance / + x% critical damage)
  • Auto Attack chance ( X % will make enemy got BURN/POISON/**)


The great valuabe option are


1. Def and %def

2. critical chance and aspd

3. attack, hit, dodge

4. status boost


Example, if you buy a 5000 gold Mario cap, and buy 3000 gold emerald, and seal it *forget the price, seems like 2xxx gold, ill take 3000) so the total is 11000 gold.

IF you LUCKY, got a blue seals with seal of the acrons (+defence), like +154 Def and +3 luck. You can sell it in the market for 75-100k gold (depens what in the market that time). I can say 75-100k because it’s a middle ranked price where you can sell it quick but not too underpriced.



You can use them until you upgrade on the next equips, and then you sell it on the market.


In my experience, I spent hours to prepare 8-10 items to sell, and next morning I got 300k gold.



Best to collect golds is do this and keep grinds, and pray to god xD

Or fastest way is = sell reales/premium items slightly underpriced.


Just remember to

1. check market price

2. check the most equip people geared

3. check underpriced items

4. keep gambling on sealing items and fortify them.


Greed is Good

Version 1.0

Sorry for bad English, this is only based on my personal experience, so correct me if im wrong. Thanks.

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#2 Candyman (Elgore)

Candyman (Elgore)

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Posted 03 September 2014 - 07:43 PM


5. The stall contract is 13 hours* (correct me)


12 hours for small and medium, 24 hours for large. 

Really good guide, it gives the players that are unversed in marketing or economics some insight. 


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#3 Arestia (Elgore)

Arestia (Elgore)


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Posted 03 September 2014 - 07:53 PM

Really good guide, it gives the players that are unversed in marketing or economics some insight. 


thanks candyman for the support xD. edited the post

#4 ParaplegicGoat (Elgore)

ParaplegicGoat (Elgore)


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Posted 04 September 2014 - 11:55 AM

nice, where do i get the stalls?

#5 Draakdorei (Elgore)

Draakdorei (Elgore)

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 04:40 PM

4 and 8 slot 12H Stalls can be bought from the "Head of the Merchants Guild" NPC or received as quest rewards.


12 slot, 24H stalls can be bought from the Premium Shop (not sure if these can be put on the market? never looked for them)

#6 Thelema (Elgore)

Thelema (Elgore)


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Posted 21 September 2014 - 09:07 PM

The four slot stall is 10 hours..

#7 Droog (Elgore)

Droog (Elgore)

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Posted 21 September 2014 - 10:13 PM

Hmm - must have been patched. I remember when 4 slot was 8 hrs. Also best use is to to get med trade slots at server time 2 am @ 10k g - and extend your spot to 22 hrs by extending contract once 2 hrs have past.

#8 AnnTetsusaiga (Elgore)

AnnTetsusaiga (Elgore)


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Posted 01 April 2017 - 12:55 AM

When you say market prices do you mean the market manager? Or is there place that has market prices because that confuses me.

#9 X-Zone (Elgore)

X-Zone (Elgore)

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Posted 01 April 2017 - 08:23 AM

1. This post is very old. But well it is informative. You just revived 2014 topic again.


2. For your question what is 'Market Price' it means Price of particular item in the market manager. Market Price is generally referred as a commen price for a certain object,


Card generally sold at 1m - 5m so market prices are all above 1 million, Flax is sold at 500-1000, So these are rough idea about what is the market price of certain product.


Note : This is very very old guide. If you want to know about market and their strategies, Just mail me inside game as X-Zone

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