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Posted 05 April 2017 - 08:26 AM

Hello I am X, I am here to make forum for people who are seeking information about guild stuff.


Guild Creation:


> Anyone can create a guild

> By creating a guild, You will be able to benefit with guild bonuses, Extra warehouse for guild and also will be able to Enter in castles.

> 80 Players is maximum limit for a guild. (Depending on guild skills.)

> Once you choose a name for a guild you can not change it unless it is inappropriate according to game rules or some special condition.

> Guild name will appear under your name with logo.


Guild Procedure:


> In mid verlone, next to the maiden there is a guild building. Price is 1 Million.

> You have to apply for guild emblem.

check here how to  



> Guild will obtain experience by its member collecting the experience.

> In start you will have total 9 levels for guild after completing 9 level guild will be locked for further levels.

> No guild is able to declare war nor your guild will able to declare war on any other guild if you are level 9 or below 

> You have to do a special quest buy paying 5 Million gold to go above 10 levels.

> Guild have maximum 19 levels. After completing 19 level it will again have lock symbol.



Guild Joining and Leaving:


> Joining the existing guild is purely depend on the leader of that guild or the rules about the particular guild.

> You have no option to apply for a guild. Only you can accept the invitation or reject the invitation.

> If you already in a guild you can not join another guild. Meaning you can't be member of 2 guilds.

> If person leave a guild before 2 weeks of joining then there is 3 Days waiting Period to join different guild. If a player stay in guild for more than 2 weeks then he/she have no waiting period and he/she can join guild instantly


Guild Skills:


> You will not get Guild bonuses and skills instantly by joining. You must collect 100,000 experience to activate the guild skills for you.


> Development of the Guild.

  • Increasing the maximum number of members in the guild by 10 (4 Skills)
  • Bonus % Experience. (2 Skills)
  • Bonus % Gold by killing monsters. (2 Skills)
  • Bonus to % Attack (3 Skills)
  • Bonus to % Defense (3 Skills)
  • Bonus to % running speed.(2 Skills)
  • % chances receiving items from killing monsters. (2 Skills)
  • % Market trade. (2 Skills)
  • The ability to "Resurrection" (allows resurrect all guild members within 10 meters, can only be used outside of battle). (1 Skill)
  • The ability to "SummonGuild" (can only be used by the guild leader). (1 Skill)
  • The ability to "Banner storm" (can only be used by the guild leader). (1 Skill)
  • Ability "Banner of regeneration" (can only be used guild leader). (1 Skill)
  • The ability (can only be used by the guild leader). (1 Skill)

> Once you choose a guild skill you will require 19 Millions to Reset the points.


Guild Wars:


> Only above level 10 a Guild is able to declare war or receive war.

> You can only war 5 Guilds maximum. 

> You can not declare war against Inactive guild. (10 People should be there out of which 7 people should be online within a month.)

> By Declaring war, Maps which do not have maiden becomes PvP area's for both guilds.

Example: War Zone : Illyr, Trilakes, Elgore (Places without maiden)

Safe Zone : Verlone, Warlax, Andynopolys, Teuton, Eltane, Maragorne, Taskona Valley, Forest of shadows (Places with Maiden.)

> Declaring war, you can set the amount which is to pay by the Enemy guild to stop the war or to surrender.

> If the opponent did not accept the challenge, then the war will start automatically after 3 days from the date of declaration of war. During these 3 days guild aggressor can cancel the call.

> Killing enemies gives you points, according to the number of which will be determined the winner in the war.(victory or defeat after 21 days).

> By killing an enemy character under more than 10 levels, reputation points do not count.

> 7 days after the start of the war, either party may admit defeat, or offer to make peace.

> 21 days after revealed the winner 

> After the war, both sides can not be enemy of each other for 14 days.

> After guild war if amount of points is less than 100, the war is considered a draw. after the war, these two guilds will not be able to fight each other for 14 days.


How to make a good guild:



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