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Sorcerer building guide by ZapScarlet

guide build sorcerer mage ZapScarlet howtogetop defense PvP

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#1 ZapScarlet (Elgore)

ZapScarlet (Elgore)


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Posted 10 November 2017 - 06:09 PM

Hello everyone, this is ZapScarlet. I’m a lvl 60 sorcerer who started playing on 08/07/2014 (MM/DD/YYYY).

Last month I was trying to find some useful information for sorcerers in our forum and I fast checked the russian one too, but I didn’t get anything. I’m not saying the previous guides are bad, the ones we have in this forum are great, but for lowbies. A player who reaches lvl 60 needs another type of guide, so here it is. I’ll try to make you avoid the mistakes I’ve made, cause due to them I’ve changed my build several times till I found the right path<3.


I hope that you, sorcerer 60 or future sorcerer who is reading this knows exactly what the class is about. If you are willing to deal damage while you heal yourself a lot cause you’ve heard that sorcs are op and you’re going for DPS build please press ctrl+w and delete your character. I’m talking to those who knows that sorcerers are support.

I will not explain dodge builds and similar original russian stuff or if they really work (even if I think they do) cause I don’t know much about it, maybe in the future. This time I will explain my build.


Here it is, by the way:




And here the talents:




Now I will tell you WHY I chose this build. First of all, I need to show you something which I think will be very useful not just for sorcerers but for any class. I made two graphics, they represent the relationship between amount or def/pvp res and the % of damage reduction.

Def one:




In this graphic x = defense and y = % of damage reduction. As you can see after 30k def dam reduction doesn’t increases much, so those crusaders who walk around Varlone with 50k def feeling like they’re something should reconsider their build. As you can see my end gear (+11 and orange) has 25k def, more than enough. I would recommend 20k def for DPS classes at +11 lvl of gear, which is really easy to reach just by the improvements. Now, going back to the reality of +7 blue players I would recommend having at least 12k def (I’ll link a build for those +7 blue later).


PVP Res one:



In this case, x = pvp res and y = % dam reduction. Here it is harder to choose a good amount of pvp res, seems difficult to see where the reduction stops growing enough to be worth. I made that work for you so I’ll tell you, the perfect amount is between 80 and 90, for every single class. In a +7 blue sorc I recommend between 60 and 70.


After observing these two graphics I give you this conclusion: when it comes to make your build, keep in mind that the first thing is getting (talking about +11 one) those 20k-25k def and 80-90 pvp res, after you reach that you are completely free to set the rest of stats as you want. In my case I wanted to get close to 2k of attack, so I end up having 1926. And the rest goes straight to hp. Hp is very important. I got 36k, but you can build a sorc with 1.8k attack and 38k hp, I mean, that’s totally fine as long as you have the def and pvp res base stats that I said. Going back to reality again, here is the sorc build for a +7 blue player. Talents would be the same as the ones I use. This sorc has 13.8k def cause I activated guild buffs, without them it would have 12k+. Another thing, I improved till +10 the amulet cause it is class C. Don’t freak. It isn’t that hard getting it to +10.




After checking this build and comparing it to my +11 one you might think “she changed a lot of items, should we use the +7 or the +11 ones?” as for example, the orb or the greaves. Depending on your gears level your necessities change. In the +11 case I don’t have to worry much about def cause items themself give me enough, I don’t have one single solidity. But this is not the case of a +7 player. Having 1200 attack or 1500 doesn’t matters that much in those levels, def and pvp res are more important. For example, when I was +7 I used cave snail, now at my +8 I’m using Immortality and my end gear has cave snail again. “Why didn’t you just kept that cave snail? At least you could have kept the headgear with the card”, believe me, that wouldn’t have been worth. Don’t feel bad when it comes to eliminate a good seal or card, builds are not permanent, if you fail or mistake you can always go back!


That’s all about gear for now. Concerning talents I don’t have much to say, for me it’s obvious that element branch is useless for sorcs. The only two talents that made my doubt were Repair and Restoration (third branch), cause I found Restoration really interesting, but a friend told me once that “it isn’t wise letting your party members with 15 stacks of strong armor from enemy DKs”, and he was completely right.


I’m thinking about making a PvE and PvP guide too, I might edit this post, I’ll decide that in the future. Hope you liked it and I really hope this was useful for you guys. Please let me now your suggestions or corrections in case I’ve made any mistake. Thanks for reading.


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#2 Reikkan (Elgore)

Reikkan (Elgore)

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Posted 10 November 2017 - 08:08 PM

Nice maths, where did you learn that from? rolleyes.gif

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I know buddy. It's my lifestyle.

#3 Sagehako (Elgore)

Sagehako (Elgore)


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Posted 10 November 2017 - 11:59 PM

Hey, nice guide for support!

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#4 Foston (Elgore)

Foston (Elgore)

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Posted 14 November 2017 - 10:21 PM

those graphics are very helpfull for newcomers xD

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