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Patchnotes: Gateway to The North

news update North Aranta patch notes

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 12:00 PM



The game has been updated to the version 1.2.006: Gateway to The North!


Translation to Portuguese is here


The hunt for Hugo has been crowned with success: the monster has left North Kabuk. No one knows where is he licking his wounds now - but the headline is he does not stand in the way of the expedition to the North: the path to Aranta is free!




Aranta's gates are opening wide for all-comers. You will find subdivisions of main Varlone institutions here, including the Market. Travellers from Elenia are welcomed in the Catalone Hotel and the Lamprey Inn. Outdoor enthusiasts may stretch their legs in Wasteland of Winds outside Aranta. Just remember to take your weapons and a healer for a walk!

More northern passes are currently covered with deep snow, so they will become available later.


Remember to talk with Carl in the Central Alchemical lab after you hit the 61 level: he will offer you an interesting mission on the North (Warning: you should have the Inspector quest chain completed to take this mission).


Added to the game:

  1. New maps: Aranta and Wasteland of Winds
  2. New monsters and NPC
  3. Mysteries of the North to explore
  4. 65 level of the character
  5. Equipment for 63 level
  6. Changes in all classes
  7. Major renewal of the game mechanics


The maximum level of the character has been raised to 65


  • You will get attribute points for every new level.
  • You will not get a talent point.
  • Every profession will get a passive skill at 65 level protecting from instant death.
  • The amount of experience required to get the next level will grow at the same rate.
  • The Rest (X2 experience bonus) will accumulate up to 64 level. Now you will be able to rest also in Aranta, the Lamprey Inn and the Catalone Hotel.
  • Now you will need the 60-65 level to sign up for a castle siege.
  • Now Premium Account gives the bonus on gold obtained at 65 level, not 60 as before.
  • The Elenium cave for 60-65 levels has been added: Adamant.
  • Battleground and Arena for 60-64 and for 65 levels have been added.


Changes in the game mechanics


1. The mechanics of the following skills have been refined:

-Charge (Warrior)

-Power Seizure (Dark Knight)

-Reaper’s Verdict (Warlock)

 -Chase (Rogue)

 -Swoop (Wolf form)

-Teleportation (Mage)

-Spring (Thief)

-Rocket Jump (Sniper).

A character will succeed more often when using one of these skills. Monsters too.



2. The duration of controlling effects is not diminished anymore when a character gets several controlling effects in a row. To diminish control effects use Blood Cards Berserker.  Immobilization is not considered a loss of control when the duration of controlling effects is calculated. The effect of Berserker is taken into an account on mannequins.

3. The absorption of damage by defense has been changed: now defense increases the absorption of damage under any values.

4. The parameter has been added: Critical Hit Chance rating. The value of this parameter depends on Luck and equipment bonuses, similar to the previous mechanics of Chance of Critical Hit. Now the chance to deal a critical hit will be always less than 100%.

The chance to deal a critical hit depends on Critical Hit Chance and the enemy's level. The description of Critical Hit Chance in your character's window displays the chance to deal a critical hit the enemy of your level. Mannequins in the training area of Taskona Valley are considered to have the same level as the attacking character.

5. The minor parameter derived from Attack Speed and the character's level has been added. It can't rise above a definite value. The parameter affects the frequency of periodic damage and healing effects and the accumulation rate of class negative effects.

6. Now the Lunge, Mental Blow, Trial Shot skills become automatically repeatable if the character an effect of a special skill (Aiming for Archers) or talent (Fencing for Rogues, Stun for Mages) on him. You may cancel the repetition by using basic attacks, another skill or by pausing in your attack.


7. The mechanics of world bosses and elite monsters have been changed:

  • The party that has dealt most damage does not get the loot from a boss or an elite monster anymore. Now the boss/elite loot drops in chests for top 4 damage dealers in the damage rating. The loot is tradable as before.
  • The health of most bosses and elite monsters has been increased.
  • Bosses and elite monsters spawn with the Frosty Aegis effect absorbing damage in an amount of the part of a monster's health. Attacks on this shield are not counted for the damage rating.
  • The Frosty Aegis effect can't be removed by skills, only dispelled by damage.
  • Damage to bosses and elite monsters decreases if your character is 10 and more levels higher than a monster.

8. The mechanics of accumulating negative effects have been changed under the following scheme:

  • Every basic class (Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Mage) applies only one type of such effects.
  • These effects can't be removed by skills but you can use Fish Fat to remove them.
  • The effect's intensity recedes with time. If you maximize dexterity on your character you may obtain more effect stacks on your target.
  • Accumulated effects of the same type received from different characters are calculated individually but displayed in one icon on the target.
  • There is an upper accumulation limit both for effects applied by one character and several characters.
  • Skills and talents have been updated according to the new mechanics: their performance has got corresponding class effects, either the increase of direct/periodical damage or a unique non-accumulating class effect.


The list of accumulating class effects:

  • Acidic Ammunition (Archer): requires the talent of the same name. Applied by the Precise Shot skill and increased by attacks of a Hunter's tamed pet or Roland X. Increases periodical damage and damage from basic skills.
  • Stun (Mage): requires the talent of the same name. Applied by Mental Blow, Fireball, Ice Arrow, Chaos Arrow, Lightning Bolt, Stone Spikes spells. Decreases the target's resistance to Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Chaos.
  • Broken Armor (Warrior): applied by Retaliation (with the Sound of Victory talent), Crushing Blow skills. Decreases the target's defense.
  • Vulnerability (Rogue): applied by Shadow Strike, Lunge, Sabotage (with the corresponding talent), Spring (with the corresponding talent), Robbery (with the corresponding talent), Sudden Strike skills. Increases damage taken by the target

Class changes


Attributes and talents have been reset for everyone. Also, the free reset at Bastiff should be available again.



1. Now the Power positive buff gives +2% Attack for every level (irrelevant of the character's level).

2. If the following talents: Buzzing Arrows (Hunter), Trap Throw (Hunter), Ricochet (Sniper), Heavy Ammunition (Sniper) have been deactivated before, they will not activate automatically when you enter the game.

3. The interval between ticks of periodical healing (the Healing, Holy Touch, Sip of Booze skills) decreases depending on the character's level and Attack Speed.

4. When a character dismounts his foot skills will not get the cooldown. 

5. Now the Ailment will not affect red potions (such as Eltane Extract or Gladiator's Medicinal Potion).

6. If a skill requires a certain type of weapon, it gets 50% cooldown after this weapon is equipped. The list of weapons and skills:

  • Shield: Shield Blow
  • Dual Weapons: Double Strike
  • Two-Handed Weapon: Domination
  • KatarRipperLacerating Claws
  • BowMagical Arrow, Arrow Shower
  • Gun, Mortar, Pistols: Finishing Blow, Fragmentation Shot, Headshot
  • MortarCannonadeRocket Jump
  • Pistols: Desperado
  • Scythe: Harvest, Message of Death, Reaper's Verdict, Crushing Blade

7. Talents that gave "second life" before have got new passive bonuses now:

  • Other World: +7 Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Chaos resistance.
  • Ice Trap: + 6 Dexterity and Luck.
  • Rune of Madness: removes the limit of damage taken by a victim of Transformation applied by the Warlock.
  • Mirror of Reality: +15 Fire, Water, Air and Earth resistance.

8. Skills for 65 level saving from the instant kill (no more than once in 2 minutes, the period can't be reduced by talents) have been added. 30% of maximum character's health are recovered instantly. If the character loses all health the skill is applied automatically. All these skills (and also the Seal: Guardian Angel of Crusaders at 65 level) apply Invincibility for 2 seconds.

  • Hunter: Distracting Trick (eludes the death replacing himself with the Dummy).
  • Sniper: Vortex Grenade (throws off the explosive item dealing damage by 100% Attack and scattering enemies within a radius of 5 m).
  • Sorcerer: Mirage (is concealed by magical invisibility for 7 seconds).
  • Warlock: Death Horror (puts into fright enemies around him, no more than 5).
  • Assassin: Shadow Flash (hides in shadows. His Shadow Leap skill can be used out of turn, also it will not require Cunning).
  • Thief: Deadly Vigilance (disposes of effects blocking the use of skills and gets Resilience and Protection for 5 seconds).
  • Dark KnightWounded Avenger (returns 50% of damage taken for 5 seconds after Invincibility is over).

9. Skills producing the additional threat to monsters become more effective now if the character's maximum health is increased.



  • The Cavalry Charge talent increases all basic and skill damage when mounted.
  • The Shield Blow skill applies the Broken Armor effect x4 instead of Impuissance.
  • The Knack talent allows using specific spear skills without cooldown when the character mounts.


  • The Holy Punishment skill is applied without preparation if the enemy is affected with Heretic's Brand - but does not deal 50% more damage on Heretic's Brand anymore.
  • The Holy Punishment skill gives Fury for every use.
  • The Ray of Light skill does not deal damage by default anymore: only with the Warrior of Light talent. Damage has not changed.
  • The Emotional Control talent increases damage by 4% for every point of Fury.
  • Now the Planar Barrier skill increases defense by 40% for all allies within its zone.
  • The Seal: Guardian Angel has got a new feature for 65 level: the seal's cooldown decreases by 15 seconds.
  • The Aura's Shield talent also produces the additional threat to monsters nearby.


Dark Knight:

  • Invigoration and Chains of Anger talents have switched places.
  • Basic damage of Earthquake has been reduced by 45% but the skill has got the Epicentre feature the closer is an enemy the more damage he takes (up to 100% extra damage).
  • The Ominous Threat talent applies Slow for 4 seconds instead of 8 but allows to do this also with the Power Seizure skill.
  • The cooldown of the Victim skill has been increased from 30 to 40 seconds and the proportion of redirected damage has been increased from 30% to 60%.
  • The Epidemic talent has got restrictions: enemies dying from Plague should be within 7 m from the character to be infected with the effect; no more than 5 targets.


  • Now the Harvest and Crushing Blade skills can be used only with a Scythe. The Sharp Blade bonus is not mentioned but 30% damage is added by default.
  • Now the Harvest skill is applied instantly.
  • The Kinetic Field talent with a Scythe gets reversed increase of damage done by skills that have the Resource feature: the closer the skill’s target is, the more damage it will take, from +25% in a close combat to +0% at maximum range.
  • The Astral Protection talent affects also melee skills (Force Field, Reaper's Verdict, Message of Death, Crushing Blade, Harvest. The talent's effect has got its own indicator.
  • The Harvest drains strength from enemies: first 10 targets are affected with Impuissance. The owner of the scythe gets 1 level of Might for every victim. The range has been increased from 2 to 4 m.
  • The Transformation effect allows dealing damage within 500% of the Mage's Attack.
  • Now the Time Control can't be applied to enemies by default.
  • The Seal of Pain talent causes Pain for 4 seconds instead of Chaos for 6 seconds  
  • The Battle Mage talent increases damage from melee skills by 15%.
  • The Elements Patronage feature has been added to Veil of Darkness and Aura of Life auras: +10 to the Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Chaos resistance The effect is counted only once.


  • Some talents changed their place in the talent trees.
  • Now the Veil of Darkness reduces incoming damage for allies by 7%.
  • Now the Reaper's Verdict requires a Scythe. The Sharp Blade bonus is not mentioned but 30% damage is added by default.
  • The Reaper's Verdict moves Warlock to his target. The maximum range is 10 m and can't be increased with seals. The skill can't be used in the state of Immobilization.
  • The Message of Death skill is back. Warlock deals damage to enemies in front of him, up to 10 m.
  • The new passive effect of the Rune of Madness skill removes the damage limit for Transformation.
  • Rune of Madness: its duration still can be prolonged but the Rune dispels when the enemy gets total damage more than 20% of his health.
  • Previous Runic Curse of the Rune of Hunger has been replaced with the healing of allies nearby. The Rune of Hunger increases damage from periodical effects of Warlock by 20% and heals an ally by the same amount. The skill's cooldown has been decreased from 45 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • Previous Runic Curse of the Rune of Madness has been replaced with 3 seconds of terror (the enemy chaotically runs around). The target affected with terror takes 10% more damage. The effect can be removed by skills or a corresponding expendable item.
  • Now when a target receives a positive effect a Rune's duration is increased by 2 seconds instead of 1 second.
  • Now the Psychosis talent heals Warlock by 20-40% of damage dealt by Chaos. The healing's amount is decreased with range.
  • Now the Devourer's Flame talent causes Burning from the Rain of Fire skill instead of the Reaper's Verdict.
  • Now the Ties of Death talent summons a helper also when the Chaos' duration is over - not only after the death of a victim affected by Chaos.
  • Now the Dark Times talent allows also to apply the Time Control skill to the enemy.
  • The Obsession skill does not apply the Message of Death effect anymore.
  • Now the Reaper’s Gift talent adds the Reaper’s Gift effect to the Obsession skill: using melee skills Warlock launches blades at enemies within range (no more than 4), dealing damage and afflicting them with Chaos for 3 seconds.
  • Now the Rampant Chaos skill is used instantly but spends 1 Concentration when used
  • Now the Nightmare skill is used instantly but spends 10 more mana and 1 Concentration when used.
  • Now the Hex skill does not require Concentration and has 0.5 seconds preparation time instead of 1 second (the preparation can be reduced by Attack Speed).
  • Now the Defilement skill is used instantly, spends 10 Mana more and does not apply Poison by default.
  • The Poisonous Blood talent has been changed: using the Defilement and Blood Ritual skills, enemies are afflicted with Poison x2.
  • The Blood Ritual skill does not spend Concentration by default and costs 30 Mana.
  • The Demonic Blood skill allows also to apply the Blood Ritual in movement, without preparation - but spends Concentration.
  • The Destroyer talent has been changed: The Fireball and Ice Arrow skills create a charge released after using melee skills (up to 3 times in a row). The explosion deals 50% Attack damage to enemies within range and causes Burning or Glaciation depending on the element of the charge. Only one type of charge can be active at a time. The explosion affects no more than 10 targets.
  • Now the Reaper's Power talent reduces the cooldown of Harvest, Message of Death and Crushing Blade by 25% for every killed enemy and gives the Invigoration effect for 2 seconds. The talent's cooldown is 1 second.
  • The Empathy talent has been changed: Each helper of the Warlock absorbs 10% damage taken by the master.
  • The pet summoned by the Wandering Spirit skill does not absorb a part of damage taken by the master by default: the Empathy talent is needed.
  • The Forbidden Magic talent has been changed: Spending Concentration results in instant use of the Wandering Spirit skill, without preparation(no more than once in 50 seconds, if the skill is not in cooldown.
  • Now the Bane talent affects also the Chaos effect. The bonus has been increased from 8% to 10%.
  • Now the Magic Devouring skill does not require Concentration.
  • The Demonic Contract talent changed the condition for summoning a fiery helper: dealing critical damage instead of taking critical damage.


  • The Spell Breaking skill does not affect enemies, does not spend Concentration and consumes 25 Mana instead of 10.
  • Now the Mirror of Reality skill affects bosses too.
  • The Crystal of the Four Elements skill is used instantly and gives its owner +5 elemental resistance and +5% elemental damage.
  • The Gigantomania talent reduces also the preparation time for Rain of Fire and Meteor skills.
  • The Distorting Field talent allows also to apply the Negation Field skill instantly.
  • Now the Perfect Shield talent allows to apply the Healing Shield skill instantly and increases its charge by 10%.
  • The Master of Teleportation talent: the chance of recovering Concentration has been increased by 100%.


  • The Aiming skill does not apply Invigoration by default anymore.


  • Some talents changed their place in the talent trees.
  • The casting time of Roland X is reduced to 2 seconds and may be decreased by Attack Speed.
  • After Roland X has been recalled or destroyed the summoning skill gets 30 seconds cooldown.
  • Now the effect of the Heavy Ammunition talent affects also fame of the Flamethrower and additionally affects enemies with Slow for 3 seconds. The talent's icon is visible only to the owner.
  • The Ricochet talent has got the switch skill. The activated talent's icon is visible only to the owner.
  • Passive bonuses of Sniper Shot and Flamethrower talents have switched places.
  • Now some talents increase skills' damage if a Gun is equipped: Killing Power (+9%), Punctuality (+7%), Long-range Shooting (+8%), Implacability/Thug (+7%).
  • The Deadly Traps talent and the Proximity Mine skills have been changed. The talent does not give the double bonus (+140% instead of +55%) to the Proximity Mine's damage anymore but two new features have been added: Epicenter - the closer the target was to the proximity mine, the more damage it takes (up to +50%); also the proximity mine deals an additional 25% damage to slowed targets. The element and basic damage have been added to the Proximity Mine's description.
  • The Masterly Aiming talent has been changed: now the Trial Shot skill with this talent receives +30 to Critical Hit Chance.
  • Now the Soldier of Fortune talent also allows receiving Invigoration for 7 seconds when you use the Aiming skill.
  • The cooldown of the Flamethrower talent has been increased from 4 to 15 seconds.
  • Summoning skills for Roland X and Hunter's tamed pet don't get cooldown if Roland X or the pet have been recalled because of the owner's death. Cooldown starts only if Roland X or the pet have been recalled by the owner or killed.
  • Now the Rocket Jump skill moves Sniper and deals damage twice: once on takeoff, and again on landing.
  • The bonus from Card of the Hollower is now displayed in the Rocket Jump's description. 
  • Now the Cannonade skill adds Burning for 4 seconds (no more than 10 targets).
  • Now the Sniper Shot skill is used without preparation. The Sniper takes careful aim at an enemy for at least 3 seconds with the help of a mark and gains the ability to make a dangerous shot. Then the skill gets 15 seconds cooldown. The basic damage of the Sniper Shot skill has been reduced in half but the successful shot at an enemy further than 5 meters deals full damage. If the mark has not been used the skill gets the cooldown.


  • After the tamed pet has been recalled or killed the summoning skill gets 15 seconds cooldown.
  • The basic cooldown of the Arrow Shower skill has been increased to 20 seconds.
  • Damage of the Parasite helper is counted now only from Hunter.
  • Long-ranged pets deal 20% damage now. Melee pets deal 20% more damage.



  • The Stronger Charge talent: targets of the Sabotage skill are affected by Burning.
  • The Chase skill can also stun monsters out of combat.
  • The Shadow Strike skill: When attacked from stealth mode, the target is affected by Vulnerability.

The calculation formula for basic Attack with dual weapons has been changed: Attack of both weapons is added and then halved.


  • Bonuses from seals and items can't be halved.
  • Thieves can equip the same axes and swords as Dark Knights or Crusaders.
  • The change does not affect katars.


  • Some talents changed their place in the talent trees.
  • Now each blow of the Ripper skill applies Vulnerability.
  • The cooldown of the Vampire's Strike has been reduced from 45 to 20 seconds.
  • Now the Shadow Dungeon skill hides Assassin and his target irrelevant of distance.
  • The error has been fixed when Assassin got the Clumsiness effect after the Shadow Dungeon's duration had been over.
  • The Toxic Cloud skill renews effects more frequently allowing to accumulate Poison on targets in the cloud.
  • The Secret Operations talent of Assassin has got another bonus: +15 to Critical Hit Chance for attacks from behind.


  • Some talents changed their place in the talent trees.
  • The Stand and Deliver skill has been changed: Thief can drain health from targets when using the Robbery skill for 50% of the total damage dealt if the Robbery was not successful. Always works in PVP.
  • The Secret Operations talent of Thief has got another bonus: +15 to Critical Hit Chance for attacks from behind.
  • The Red Hot Weapon talent affects enemies with Burning from Spring, Double Strike and Robbery skills.
  • The Robber's Fire talent has been changed: Thief can use the Leap skill within range of a campfire up to 4 times over 5 seconds. 
  • The reference of Open Wound has been removed from the description of the Dissection talent.
  • The Massacre effect: now AOE attacks can apply Bleeding to several enemies at once, but no more than 10.
  • Now the Massacre talent can be used in movement.
  • The Campfire's heat penetrates through obstacles.
  • Now the Robbery skill used on elite monsters may drop one or more gems.
  • The Kick and Robbery skills have got the new feature: Shieldbearer (use of these skills produces the additional threat to monsters if a Shield is equipped).
  • The Distraction skill has got the additional feature: Aggression (after the skill's duration is over monsters will regard the character as a threat. The feature also affects bosses.
  • Now monsters enter combat mode after the Distraction skill has been used - even if they were out of combat before.


The improvement of items on the North and the improvement transfer:


Runes of Preservation can't be used for items higher than 60 level. You will need the Rune of Cold obtained when splitting equipment of 61-65 level, together with Elum.

Also, you will be able now to transfer improvements from one item to another.


Transfer rules:

  • The chance of success is 10%. If the transfer fails only ingredients are destroyed and equipment items remain intact.
  • The transfer is possible only between items of the same class and the same type.
  • The seal transfer requires gold, Runes of Strength and Hearts of Cold. The transfer cost depends on the difference in basic price of both items.
  • The improvement transfer requires gold, Runes of Strength and Crystal River Shards.
  • The seal and improvement transfer requires additionally Elumium Ingots.
  • The improvement level of the final item decreases by 1, the seal stays the same.
  • The donor item is destroyed in the case of successful transfer.


Ingredients are obtained in the game:

  • Crystal River Shards drop from any alpha monster assuming the difference between a monster and a player level is no more than 10.
  • Hearts of Cold drop with a small chance from monsters of the North.
  • Elumium ingots are created from Red, Blue and Green Elum in the Melting Mill.
  • Runes of Strength are on sale in the Royal Alchemist store.

Also, you can get Runes of Strength as the reward for some daily quests, among them:

  • Favourite Treat
  • Northern Shore: Tortolla
  • Northern Shore: Ogre
  • Sniffler Spores


Changes in monster cards


Several monster cards have been irretrievably changed: 

  • Card of the Ancient Treant
  • Card of the Destructor
  • Card of the Celestial Sharpsnail
  • Card of the Bone Nightmare 
  • Card of Mary

Bonuses of these cards will change even if cards themselves are already dropped, kept in a warehouse or inserted into an item.

Bonuses of some low-level monsters' cards will be moved to cards of more dangerous monsters. All these cards already dropped in the game will keep their previous bonuses but will be renamed as "Old…". Cards dropped after the update will have new bonuses.



Other changed Cards

  • Card of the Black Crab ‒> Future Card of a Northern Monster
  • Card of the Pink Slime ‒> Future Card of a Northern Monster
  • Card of the Royal Thorn ‒> Cards of the Chaos Devourer, Air Devourer and Darkness Devourer
  • Card of the Bumblebuzz Queen ‒> Card of the Dark Oracle (new)
  • Card of the Rat Queen ‒> Future Card of an Elite Monster or a Boss of the North
  • Card of the Haul ‒> Card of the Clock
  • Card of the Forest Shaman ‒> Card of the Oracle
  • Card of the Centipede ‒> Card of the Alice
  • Card of the Cockroach ‒> Card of the Scarab
  • Card of the Wild Boar ‒> Cards of the Granite of Truth and of the Zerox
  • Card of the Young Pipistrelle ‒> Card of the Croupier

Card of the Harlequin has been improved.

The Entomology and Zoology collections have been renewed: now they require new Cards of the Cockroach, Haul and Centipede. Old cards from collections will be sent to your in-game mail.


Elemental cards

Cards of Elements have got an additional bonus to damage by a corresponding element: +9% (one-handed weapon) or 12% (two-handed weapon). Now the elemental cards will drop only from elite monsters or bosses, among other:

  • Pharaoh
  • Golden Cockroach
  • Dark Carabus
  • Dark Oracle
  • Blind Eye
  • Headless Goblin
  • Former Recruit
  • Rockloom
  • The Duke of Tides

Blood cards

Recipes for Blood Cards have been added:

  • Blood Card: Choker, for influence on drawn-out PVP battles
  • Blood Card Berserker protecting from controlling effects, of two kinds: Ghost Berserker and Stone Berserker.
  • Blood Cards: Cup of Immortality and Cup of Resilience extend the effects of Blood Cards Immortality and Golem. If a character with such a card gets an accumulating class negative effect, the card dispels all previous negative effects from other characters.
  • The mechanics of Blood Card Berserker has been adjusted: The character increases his Control Resistance by 5 when he gets skill-blocking effects for 12 seconds, no more than three times. If the number of the bonus stacks is exceeded the character gets immunity to skill-blocking effects for 10 seconds.

You will find recipes for new cards in the Fights Store for Blood Tokens



Changes in the game:

  • The CPU Optimization option has been added. The option activates binding to the specified GPU core (the 1st by default). This option is meant to optimize playing the game on some computers with Windows 10.
  • Professor Hobel in Varlone has got a new quest chain for 55-60 levels leading to new daily quests.
  • Now you can't harm your guildmates in Pyramid and Puppeteer's Mansion.
  • Now a voting to kick a player can be started in the party. The player will be removed from the party if everyone else (less then 5 men party) or at least a half of party members in the game (5 and more men party) voted for the removal.
  • Now dungeons will not have chests available for free - but some chests will appear after you kill more monsters.
  • If a character had effects of Four-Leave Clover, Mount Feed or any elixir on him when he died, death period will be subtracted from these effects' duration.
  • Rewards for Gladiator and Aggressor ratings have been disabled.
  • If you lost your Warrior suit for some reason, you can take the Ancient Armor quest again.
  • If a quest can be completed in conversation with NPC you have it automatically completed after the talk will be over.
  • Now immovable monsters (Nizhad, Thorn Lancer etc) can't get the movement speed effect from alpha monsters.
  • Now when complete a quest without reward in gold, you will not get the "Gold obtained: 0" message.
  • Now some skills of bosses (Edward, Giant Tortolla) ignore impenetrability zones. 
  • Only current achievements (not Legacy) are counted now in achievement points.
  • The login screen has been renewed.
  • The cooldown of potions restoring Energy and Mana has been reduced from 60 to 30 seconds.
  • Now alpha monsters with the Prickly aura don't spread this effect on common monsters nearby.
  • The calculation of the reward for an elite monster or a boss also checks that total damage of a character is non-zero.
  • Now monsters with any element have increased resistance to attacks with the same element.
  • Now Mandrake Fruit and Black Mandrake Fruit can be used also by the character of the 61-65 level.


  • Errors fixed:
  • Now chests from bosses in dungeons can be obtained only once in 24 hours.
  • Now Solo Clan achievements Artful Dodge, Dry Shod, Fear no Chaos, Fire in the Hole, Out of Eyeshot remain available for completing after the failed attempt.
  • Now an attempt to call a mount or change a suit while using food does not cause issues.
  • Now the castle key can't be traded through the Trade window in the siege.
  • Now loot does not become unavailable.
  • Errors in calculating parameters from the following cards have been fixed:

Card of Genevieve

Card of the Warrior Ant

Card of the Anubis

Card of the Battler

Card of the Young Irex

Card of the Fire Devourer

Card of the Water Devourer

Card of the Poison Devourer

Card of the Minotaur

Card of the Orc

Card of the Harrier


  • Hunter could drop loot from a creature he tamed. The error has been fixed.
  • Now the bonus of Hugo's Card gets cooldown when the item with the inserted card is equipped.
  • Sniper, Hunter or Warlock could summon a copy of his helper while he was in the Shadow Dungeon. The error has been fixed.


Welcome to the North!

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#2 Ðarknight (Elgore)

Ðarknight (Elgore)

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 12:01 PM

laugh.png laugh.png laugh.png

#3 Dark-Mage (Elgore)

Dark-Mage (Elgore)

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 12:20 PM

now dats wat i have been waiting for

#4 Trumpy (Elgore)

Trumpy (Elgore)

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 12:27 PM

Cool biggrin.png biggrin.png rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

#5 Nikolaa (Elgore)

Nikolaa (Elgore)

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 12:58 PM

now i have more attack with 1 dagger instead with 2.. nice... guess im going in more as rambo now rather than dual wielding.

#6 Trumpy (Elgore)

Trumpy (Elgore)

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 01:51 PM

I am still getting 20-25 fps in Aranta map....Gpu and Cpu usage are always around 20-30% sad.png sad.png

in other places 40-50 fps....sad.png sad.png


Cpu : i3-6100 3.7 ghz
Gpu : Gtx 950 
OS : Win 10 64 bit

#7 Solsagan (Elgore)

Solsagan (Elgore)

    Warden of Aura

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 01:55 PM

Translation to portuguese coming soon

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First of his name, Lord commander of Revolt, King in the north, Warden of Aura, Protector of the realm.
- List of Elites and Bosses

#8 Enya



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Posted 29 March 2018 - 02:01 PM

I am still getting 20-25 fps in Aranta map....Gpu and Cpu usage are always around 20-30% sad.png sad.png

in other places 40-50 fps....sad.png sad.png


Cpu : i3-6100 3.7 ghz
Gpu : Gtx 950 
OS : Win 10 64 bit



Have you tried this:

  • The CPU Optimization option has been added. The option activates binding to the specified GPU core (the 1st by default). This option is meant to optimize playing the game on some computers with Windows 10.

In the Graphic options

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#9 Trumpy (Elgore)

Trumpy (Elgore)

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 02:04 PM

Have you tried this:

  • The CPU Optimization option has been added. The option activates binding to the specified GPU core (the 1st by default). This option is meant to optimize playing the game on some computers with Windows 10.

In the Graphic options

Yes ...that option changed nothing unfortunately mellow.png

#10 Shimanu (Elgore)

Shimanu (Elgore)

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 02:19 PM

I don't really know , but i think the new HP for elites is too much, it would take me an hour to kill it alone 

#11 Archiku-tan (Elgore)

Archiku-tan (Elgore)


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Posted 29 March 2018 - 02:27 PM

Rewards for Gladiator and Aggressor ratings have been disabled.

May I ask if this is effective on next month or today?

#12 Godsu (Elgore)

Godsu (Elgore)


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Posted 29 March 2018 - 02:40 PM

There is a very long list of bugs, I think it would have been better to take the same 5 hours it took for the RU servers to update the US/EU server as well.

 " A true hunter never rests "





#13 Enya



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Posted 29 March 2018 - 03:00 PM

What bugs do you mean?

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#14 Godsu (Elgore)

Godsu (Elgore)


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Posted 29 March 2018 - 03:21 PM

Northern Bumblebuzz has no name in logs or highlight

Robbery talent healing works about 5% of the time in PvE

Some people have told me "half my talents and skills don't work, and I can't see the new ability"

Card text bugs with ent, rat queen, sharpsnail, etc

Gladiator rewards still show up and aggressor is 0s down the board (idk if gladiator is still up since the near the end of the month)

Probably some more text bugs like ones mentioned above

 " A true hunter never rests "





#15 Enya



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Posted 29 March 2018 - 03:48 PM

Text bugs better to report here https://us.royalques...xt-bug-reports/ ? , preferably with a screenshot. We are registering them now, to fix later in a pack, so the more text errors will be reported in details the better.


We shall check the state of rating rewards.


What's wrong with cards of the Rat Queen, Celestial Sharpsnail etc?

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#16 Knighttmare (Elgore)

Knighttmare (Elgore)

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 03:54 PM

 I played Rq for a while then decided to read what the new skill does, but when I entered the skills list, it wasn't there, what does that mean?

I played with thief.

#17 Reya (Elgore)

Reya (Elgore)

    *dlamk's title here*

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 03:55 PM

If I have one water elemental in my main hand and one in my off hand, does that incread 18% of water elemental damage or does it add 9% following it by 9% or does it give it the bonus 9%?


#18 Enya



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Posted 29 March 2018 - 04:02 PM

 I played Rq for a while then decided to read what the new skill does, but when I entered the skills list, it wasn't there, what does that mean?

I played with thief.


Do you mean the new skill available at 65 level? 

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#19 DarkBeam (Elgore)

DarkBeam (Elgore)

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 04:03 PM





#20 Enya



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Posted 29 March 2018 - 04:03 PM

 18% of water elemental damage 


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