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[Discussion] My viewpoint on Royal Quest and its population

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#1 Reikkan (Elgore)

Reikkan (Elgore)

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Posted 08 January 2019 - 11:07 AM

Hello, it's Reikkan.


I decided to create this topic to discuss a bit about Royal Quest, gaming in general and some points of view that I grew while away from this game. Note that this is just my personal opinion, but i'll throw in some known facts to base my arguments.


It's well known that Royal Quest population dropped. Most of my guild disbanded. While away from RQ, I had a journey in another MMORPG and went back to playing a famous MOBA to waste a bit of my time. Even so, I was always thinking about gaming in general and the reasons why I left Royal Quest.


I'll be honest here: Royal Quest was my most satisfying PVP experience in all my gaming career, even though I've been playing online games for about 10 years. I am writing this topic to point out stuff I think that helped bringing the population down. Not in order, though. It's hard to make a ranking.



1. Game model / Community


Most of people that like fantasy online games either go for MOBAS (For a dynamic game with almost constant fights) or MMORPGs. I'll stick to the second one in this topic. Every time I talk to people playing MOBAs, I talk about MMORPGs and almost always, one of the reasons why people play MMORPGs is for social interaction. Why did I bring up this fact here?

Royal quest was always lacking when the subject was social interaction. The only reason why you would join a guild was for guild loot and killing bosses for a chance of their cards. Farming in a group was most of the time not worth, and sharing/distributing cards is a recurring problem in our community. It's not the community fault, it's the game model. It got even worse with solo boxes on bosses - You are discouraged to play in a group because of social/guild rules regarding card sharing and other stuff (It's not the community fault if the game lacks content rewarding groups). Siege loot is now limited, forcing the players to stick into small guilds rather than building up structures and perpetuate high-populated PVP activities.


2. Learning curve / RNG / Dopamine management


Not everyone knows, but psychology is directly connected to games. Dopamine is a substance related to pleasure, and as we play games, small doses of dopamine are released as we achieve things, get positive feedback or, in the case of a MMORPG, we find a good person to play with.

Royal Quest is a game easy to learn, but hard to master. I've made an entire guide about Crusader (that still needs updates) because I was tired of people being sitting ducks and waiting for healing cooldowns. It's not entirely the game fault, since we could have more guides or even video content to help newcomers, but in-game guides would heavily easen the burden (things like the glowing icon in the Domination DK skill are small but helps a lot).

Beyond the learning curve, we have the gearing path and the RNG. We have low improvement chances, no way of getting guaranteed improves, and no "easy way" in a very basic and fundamental mechanic in the game. If a person is not lucky, it's not worth playing because they won't ever accomplish what other players did with far less effort. That is negative feedback, lowers the dopamine injection and pushes players away from the game.


3. Balancing / Staff feedback


We had issues with class balancing for quite a long time. We had full DK guilds because of a neverending patch where DKs had tankiness, CC, burst damage and utility. It wouldn't be such a problem if it wasn't the fact that the staff took forever to fix it because they were working in a new cap patch (Lv 65). It should be known (based on the history of other gaming companies) that basic game mechanics are mandatory to keep the game health. If the game is unplayable for a group of players because of game mechanics, it should be fixed as soon as possible, otherwise you're losing costumers. Not only that, people were adressing the issue in the forums and the staff never worked to fix it, which further pushed people away with the feeling of not being heard / being abandoned by the staff team.


4. Competitive play


There is no point in farming for gears if you won't use it anywhere other than for gearing more characters or friends. We have offline games to play PVE, and even though there are players that enjoy PVE, the majority of the players do play for PVP. Not only that, Royal Quest PVE is lacking when it comes to mechanics, so it gets boring at some point. Changing PVP structures without paying close attention to the community ativity is suicidal. We have lots of games in the market and the team should be aware of what their costumers want if they care about population. I do know Royal Quest is a Russian game and most of its updates are targeted toward the Russian public, but global/english servers have the most potential of grabbing new players, and it shouldn't be neglected.


5. Marketing model


The game needs money to stay alive, but no one is going to pay for stuff in a dead game. Before looking for money, you need costumers interested in spending, and for that you need marketing and attention to the public. RQ spent too much time figuring out how to milk players for money (Hunter and DK patch anyone?) and forgot that eventually people would get tired of this. Successful companies in other areas often invest in getting new costumers before thinking of the money itself. Take Amazon as an example, they focused in spreading their name in various sectors of the market, and not in a small group of costumers with a single type of service. Fixing the other aspects described in this topic would help bringing some old players back, but most important, it would help keeping the new players inside.





I miss Royal Quest. I want it to be playable and rewarding, specially for organised and structured groups (A.k.a. guilds). 


These opinions are mine and i'm not representing any of my old guildmates. Any comment is appreciated, even for criticism, but please don't be rude since I'm not meaning to harm the game itself.


Thanks if you did read everything. :)

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#2 Solsagan (Elgore)

Solsagan (Elgore)

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Posted 08 January 2019 - 12:52 PM

Well, i agree but let's not forget the game is easier than before. However, these issues pointed by you were never worked out(except marketing model). At least here in Brazil they had a few br youtubers making RQ videos and there was a partnership with a br company too, that gave a player boost in the game for a short period. Idk about other places. But yes that could be better.


Imo it's more of a MMROPG issue than RQ's model precisely. Most MMORPGS don't have a huge playerbase today because most gamers are more into MOBA / casual games since they don't have all the time and effort that MMORPGS require. We all know how time consuming it is to get a well stablished characater in most games of this genre.


The RU servers are fine so far, our server could be way better and have more people playing if somehow the staff listen and learn the differences between the RU playerbase / rest of the servers (Polish server is not that well either).  Yes most patches are based on their population/playstyle, the DK patch lasted that long because it meant nothing there, since they have lots of players using all classes in game and the difference between pvp fights are huge. While he have 8x8 or 12x12 fights, they have full guilds and extension guilds fighting, so the "2 buttons dk " we used to see here did nothing there.


It is also "easier" for RU players get access to premium items because there's no currency barrier, so everyone pays the same amount to get their reales, while the EN server is based on a USD price and there are people from other countries (with a weak economy) unable to donate/support the server in the same ratio. This impacts a lot in the character development / improvement and also makes players abandom the game, again because they either don't have time enough to dedicate into farming, griding and etc or they just want to play casual/MOBA games because it's faster and not that time consuming to achiev things.


Anyway, this is more of one those threads where we discuss about the game/it's flaws/ideas to make it better and it will be ignored as much as  the others were.

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#3 Reikkan (Elgore)

Reikkan (Elgore)

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Posted 08 January 2019 - 01:19 PM

Imo it's more of a MMROPG issue than RQ's model precisely. 



Anyway, this is more of one those threads where we discuss about the game/it's flaws/ideas to make it better and it will be ignored as much as  the others were.


1: Yeah, totally agreed. The rest of the comment too, I guess.


2: It's a shame, and I kinda knew it would happen, but I thought why not trying? I have free time...

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#4 Wing (Elgore)

Wing (Elgore)

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Posted 08 January 2019 - 04:52 PM

I don't think I've ever seen an ad for Royal Quest, (other than the Arc banner when RQ was added on there,) I've talked to many different people from my work and they've said most like/enjoy p2w games, some people genuinely enjoy these types of games, Royal Quest just needs a lot more publicity in the US and it'll grow fairly quickly, and of course an active dedicated admin will be needed

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#5 Ðarknight (Elgore)

Ðarknight (Elgore)

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Posted 08 January 2019 - 05:27 PM

Well, it is well known that the problem of low population of the US RQ was in the failure of class balancing and the lack of attention of the RQ team to the community of the same. This has resulted in the loss of several former members of our community.
 The current problem in which we are experiencing today has had as an impact the experiences experienced above. But we can not forget that the times are now different, and that, despite the problems that have occurred, it would not explain the enormous lack of players in this current reality that differs a lot from before.
  The lack of time a player can have for this game, can be very well repaired with the advantages that a donor has. However, the currency differentials (USD) that everyone on this server is forced to pay, even with countries that have a very devalued currency in it that was expressed by the moderator, is a big problem that is still not overshadowed, but it is a great cause for the loss of population of this game. However, it is good to think about this concept.
  I believe that what keeps players active in PVE in this game is the possibility of a merger with some other server that is not doing so well as there is no PvP on this server. There are no boss disputes in PvP locations. Arenas and battlegrounds are rare and I always see the same faces. Most castles are dominated by my friends and me. There are no wars in the open world as there are not enough players in other guilds.
 I know what is being pointed out here are just problems. But it is up to the community to report the facts and, together with the administration, to come up with a result that causes the server to procreate again.


#6 Godsu (Elgore)

Godsu (Elgore)


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Posted 08 January 2019 - 05:55 PM

I highly doubt any form of support will come to our server, I am sure they will try and pull some bs again, but they need to actually be active. The winter event was supposed to end 5 days ago, yet everything is still here, event / x3. 


I do agree with your points reikkan, and i believe that this type of game model is not very successful, will all the mmos i have played, they all share something, but with this one it is completely off the norm

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#7 EdgyDalmaska (Elgore)

EdgyDalmaska (Elgore)

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Posted 11 January 2019 - 01:25 PM

1. Game model / Community


2. Learning curve / RNG / Dopamine management


3. Balancing / Staff feedback


4. Competitive play


5. Marketing model

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#8 DarksKiss (Elgore)

DarksKiss (Elgore)

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Posted 22 January 2019 - 08:11 PM

The last patch completely destroyed the need to have a guild and even the need to play with new players.
The social interaction in this game is nearly obsolete.

Currently, You do not need a guild to play the PvE content. The only benefit of playing with a guild now is the guild buffs and extra warehouse space. Let's be honest here. How many of us are running around with alt guilds abusing the cheap and easy guild space?🤣 Rather than spending reales on personal warehouse space.

Players do not need a party anymore to win the Boss/Elite chest. Just go solo to win the Boss/Elite loot. That honestly killed the need of taking a full party to the bosses. Now anyone can make a high DPS character and obtain all the cards in the game. Secondly, The bosses are a major joke. Crusaders are not needed anymore to "tank" most bosses. In fact, Supports are not even needed to kill the bosses. Full +11 dps characters can tank/dps the bosses easier than ever before. Hardly, anyone brings a support unless they are there to buff another DPS player. Crusaders can buff the party with inspiration and hectic blow for example. Or sorrcers using circle of time on hunters ect.

The only way to change that issue is to make the bosses stronger machanic wise!!! AKA Require more player skill and strategy to kill the bosses. That includes the need of having a true support and tank classes. The 4 chest drop is horrible and killed off the need to party with others.

Above was just the PvE Boss/Elites part of the Social interaction issue.

Now then, I will talk about the PvP Social Issues.

The castle system patch was the worst thing to ever happen in this game. It was the most retarded patch I have ever seen done to the PvP gameplay. Everyone is painfully aware of how it works now. To keep it short and simple only 2 guilds can fight over a castle at once. If a guild already has an owner then only 1 guild can bid to fight for the castle. Also a guild can only own 1 castle at a time.
Gone are the days of needing to play in a big strong guild. Now any decent 4-8 players can make a guild and obtain a castle.

That sounds great right? All the small guilds now get a shot at the castle loot. Revolt and Forsaken Light can not dominate the server and own all 10 castles? That will fix the problems here right? Wrong! All that sounds nice if you are simple minded.

Look at the big picture.
So what if the small guilds get the castle loot now? That's not going to change the real issue here. Let's say they all get +9/11 gear and even some nice cards with all that free castle loot. Now what? How is that going to solve the low population and dead pvp issues? They have all that nice gear now but the castle system is still the same old crap. No one can really fight over the castles anymore. Your guild is limited to 1 castle. No one will attack like it is today.

Most of the guilds only have a few players anyway. 12v12 fights don't last long. The population will still be small since PvP activity is not increased. The small guilds will simply build up gear and stop playing because there is no reason to play after that. Also the fun of fighting multiple guilds at once will be gone. The castle system is a big mess and is not helping the PvP issue.

That's just the castle issue. Second part of the PvP Social Issues.

The guild wars. The guilds are so small now that large scale guild wars do not occur. Guild wars in Royal Quest have no real purpose too. Other than satisfying your urge to kill people and pick on the weak. Guild wars do not have any other purpose. It's just for blood lust nowadays. There is no incentive to start a guild war either. No reward. Nothing but a rank and title that at the moment does nothing when earned. So much for winning a war... #1 Rank doesn't do anything...

Perhaps add great rewards for winning a guild war. Enhance the Titles and achievements Tabs. For example, Earning the win 100 guild wars title gives the player 5% or 10% PvP DMG. Add spoils of war. Winning a war gives Gold, loot, reales, stones, whatever it takes to spark PvP activity and to get more players willing to play the game and partake in PvP activity.

The 3rd part of PvP social issues.

The strong guild's have no reason to invite or even play with the new players. Nothing personal but why should we? They are not needed with the current game system. 8 guild mates can easily do anything in the game. There is not viable reason or excuse to recruit and train new players. Literally, there is no purpose given the current game situation.

My personal experience. I constantly see new English players wanting to join English speaking guilds. What can I do about it? Nothing. My guild is already maxed 40/40 players. We are also maxed level with most rocking +9/full +11 gear. That's not easy for the new level 23 buddy to get in the guild...
There is really no reason for me to invite them or even play with new players. Harsh I know. Sounds like a dick too I bet. That's just how the game is now. For one, my guild is already full with active and simi active players. Nothing against the new guys. Strong and reliable players aren't getting kicked to risk a new guy just quiting the game when it becomes too hard. Two what is point? Big guilds are not even needed anymore. Everything PvE is soloable or can be done with 2-3 other players. There is no PvP. I don't need to recruit members atm for PvP. The castle loot is already small as it is.
Also the people here are capable of doing everything in the game as it is. All dungeons, bosses, ect are jokes to the strong guilds.

There is no reason for me to increase my numbers when PvP is dead and big guilds are not necessary. These new guys miss out on opportunities to play with the stronger and experienced players because the demand for big guilds is so small.
Most players want castle loot. 1 castle can not support a big guild. Those castles don't give enough loot to satisfy the needs and wants of having a big guild. It just doesn't work. It's better to manage a small guild than try to win with mass numbers. Greedy it sounds. That's exactly how these last few patches have been designed.

Teamwork and Social Interactions have been disappearing from the game.

As posted above. Yes, I agree 100% social Interactions have been discouraged in this game.
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