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Ideas to Improve Royal Quest {PvP} Edition

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Posted 23 January 2019 - 02:51 AM

Hello Royal Quest,

Below are Ideas and Concepts that will tremendously help the game grow.

General Game Changes

~New Player Friendly ~ Royal Quest needs to accommodate the needs of both Pay to Win players and Free to Play players.

What do I mean by that? Royal Quest is NOT designed to be new player friendly. I read many of the Steam game reviews. A common trend I see with the new players that are leaving the bad reviews is that the game does not provide much for the new players. In fact, Most new players starting Royal Quest on the US server feel like they need to spend money to achieve anything. A game that feels very "P2W" in the beginning is a big Red Flag for most players. Clearly, stopping many from even downloading the game. Obliviously, Older and more experienced players know you can succeed in this game without spending anything. However in order to achieve that a player must spend countless hours farming and playing in a solid guild that has the resources to obtain desired gear and status. The new players do not know this and are often turned away from the game.

What causes new players to feel this game is way too pay to win? Let`s start with Premium. When a player creates a new account they start with a major disadvantaged, that being not having premium status. Not having a premium account causes many inconveniences. Don`t get me wrong. I complete understand the need of having premium accounts. However, How much premium changes and controls the account should be adjusted. Having Premium allows your account to gain more experience faster and more gold/loot %. Premium reduces the time of weakness due to death and it allows players to see the spawn of world bosses. Those are all great bonuses and are completely necessarily in the game. Many players support the idea of buying premium for better experience, loot chance, and gold drop.

Where does Premium go wrong at? Without premium your character does not have access to the shared account warehouse and your characters do not have access to the top row on any character warehouse tab. That is a major flaw and hindrance for any player that does not have a Premium Account. Bag and Storage space is already very small and limited regardless of being a premium user or not. Not having premium makes the situation even worse. With tiny bag spaces and limited storage options new players feel forced to spend money. The only option is to buy premium or to buy reales for more bag and storage space. This one simple flaw easily changes the mind of most players and ultimately leads most players into quitting the game. Royal Quest team should look up the statics, I highly doubt most players make it past level 40. The majority are leaving the game around level 35-45 due to feeling the game is way too pay to win.

Another issue with not having Premium is not being able to use the portal feature. That greatly limits the players ability to travel around the world not to mention those travel fees add up fast without premium.

Solutions to the Premium Issues

How can the Royal Quest team Change the issue with Premium?

There are multiple ways to address these issues. One way is to allow non premium users access to the Storage Spaces like the Premium Users have. While keeping everything else the same. You will have to buy premium to get the other bonuses. (Gold,Exp,Loot, Market deal, Travel for free ect.)
However that is unlikely to happen with the current trend of updates.

The second and more complex solution is to change several things in the game regarding the Premium and Free to play users warehouses. Warehouse space is in high demand and can be very costly when it comes to expanding it. Allowing all accounts to have 2 rows each in the Character Warehouse by default. Then players that have Premium Accounts get 2 rows free only when having an active Premium Account. The rest of the rows will be bought with Reales like normal. What does this accomplish? This allows new players to have a decent sized warehouse without feeling forced to buy Premium and Reales. Currently, too many players are scared way from the game because of little things like this. Paying money just to have Bag Space does not look very well for a MMO. Especially, when very few things are giving to the player to help expand inventory on the character. This will be an incentive for many to buy and maintain Premium Accounts. It's a win win and more money for the game. Players will love 4 rows of Warehouse space. 2 by default and 2 more for buying premium. 4 rows is a good and acceptable warehouse space for most players. With many mobs and maps added to the game the demand for space is ever so increasing.
Regarding the Portals. Allow basic accounts to have access to this too. However basic accounts can only make 5 portal points and it has a cooldown of 45 minutes to one hour. Premium Accounts can save up to 10 spots and it has a cool down 20-30 minutes. Doing this will also solve the issues of players always asking for more portal points.

Basic Account = 2 Default Character Warehouse Rows
Premium Account= 4 Character Warehouse Rows

Basic Account = 5 Portal Points ~longer cool down
Premium Account = 10 Portal Points ~ shorter cool down

Everything else regarding Premium remains the same. Remember the goal is to not make basic account users feel overwhelmed and forced buy premium. Allow the game to be playable without having Premium. Premium should feel like a luxury perk of playing the game. Not a hindrance because a player does not have premium. Simple changes like this will encourage many players to continue playing.

Other Ideas to Help New Players

Royal Quest does a great job at adding new quest, maps, bosses, and ways to grind out that last bit of experience. That alone will not keep players in the game. I can not stress enough how much the tiny bag spaces and little storage negatively impact the game. Players complain about this more than anything else in the game.

I suggest to add some kind of quest that gives the Norin`s Hyperbag as a reward. Starting at the lower levels and add a few more thought out the game. Even 1 Hyperbag every 5 levels would help tremendously. Perhaps even a daily quest at the end game to allows players an option to fully expand the bag. Players will still pay reales to expand their bag. Mostly due to laziness and not wanting to spend time farming the bags. Allow the farmers and free to play players an option to expand their bags with quest. Royal Quest will still make a profit. The more players willing to play the game and not quit after thinking it`s too Pay to Win will most likely buy reales later. Pay to win players will still buy reales to expand their bag.

In summery, The lack of storage and tiny bag space is one of the biggest cons in the game. These few changes would easily attract many new players and old players back into playing the game.

The game feels way to P2W

As mentioned above players feel pressured to spending money in order to achieve anything. That includes obtaining items to improve gear. To this day the only way to obtain Stones, Waxes, Runes, Stabs, ect is to buy them from the the Premium Store or to obtain them from castle chest. Once again, that leaves many players feeling they have to buy reales in order to improve gear or to pay massive amounts of gold and buy the items from other players and off the market. It`s hard to deny that not being able to obtain those basic items other ways is a huge blunder to the game.

I suggest "again" to add multiple ways to earn the Stones, Waxes, and other items required to improve ones gear. Pure PvE free to play players take a massive blow due to not having many ways to improve their own gear. If it was easier for players to improve their gear then more would play. More players would naturally bring more PvP activity and Profits for the Royal Quest Team.

Royal Quest must become appealing to F2P players and P2W players. This will allow the game to grow massively.

PvP Talk

PvP is the most desired content in the game. I have several PvP ideas to suggest. Many ideas have been suggested millions of times by several players. Hopefully, the Royal Quest team hears our cries for more content and does something. The goal here is to make all PvP worth while and fun. While allowing Big Guilds and Small Guilds alike to thrive.


~New Arena Maps and Victory Options. For Example, 3v3 is the default arena. Create new modes such as 4v4 Arena or even a max of 8 players vs 8 players in a huge battle like map.
~Add a variety of maps to make the Arena`s more interesting.
~Arena`s will give some kind of reward at the end of each month.
~Create Arena Tournaments that give nice rewards to the victors.
~Other PvP/ Arena Modes would be cool too. Capture the Flag, Defend a zone for certain time period. Capture enemy Territory. All in All a huge PvP game overhaul with many new features.
~Multiple teams fighting at once in the arena. 3 players vs 3 players vs 3 players.


~Similar to Arena add more maps to fight in.
~Different modes of Battleground. Examples being, Protect Key Areas from the enemies, Protect the flag. Change up the rules in some BG instances. Such as key area`s must be protected in order to capture the flag. The current system is too simple and not much team work is required.
~Create New Battleground Options. 3 teams of players fighting over the middle. Rather than 2 teams fighting each other make it 3 teams vs 3 teams.
~Battleground Rankings, Contest, Achievements, (defend base 100 times example), Rewards for winning.
~Battleground Tournaments with rewards to the winner. (reales, gold, stones,) Anything to encourage more players to try PvP.

~ Cross Server PvP Competition.

~Create a way to allow all the servers to fight against each other. Be it Cross Server Arena, Battlegrounds, or some kind of Tournament.
~Monthly Cross server Castle Raid. All the guilds have the option to send 1 party (8 players) to battle over a castle. The reward is massive and worth the effort. A guild can only send 1 team and try to win against all the other guilds on all the servers.
This cross server PvP could single handily save this game and get thousands of players back into the game. Royal Quest would not have to merge the servers. If anything open more servers to hold the new comers.
How this could work? Make the Cross Server Castle happen once a month. If necessary transfer all the players aka data to another server hosting the castle raid. The players will be loaded in this zone and wait for the castle to start. Then when it is concluded all the players load back into thier normal server. Something like this is possible and doable. Lot`s of coding and work is involved but it would save this game.


It`s time to change PvP with guilds. Give more incentives for players to band together in guilds and fight against other guilds.

Simple guilds changes.

~ Guild wars should give greater rewards to the victors. ( lot`s of gold, stones, ect)
~ The Title for winning 100 guild wars gives players 5% or 10% PvP damage.
~ World Status about a guild. (How many war wins, How many kills, Top Killers, Ect, ect,) The old Player Rating were cool to observe as a new player.
~ Guild Halls
~ Having guild members in the party gives higher gold drops. We all know the struggle of farming in a party. The loot is bad especially gold because it is always split up so much that it`s next to nothing. It`s often better to solo farm if you wish to make a profit. Change the mechanics so that the more people in the party the more gold and potentially loot drops. This will encourage more players to form a guild party. Play with the guild mates and do more PvE activities together. Eventually the aim is to make Solo Game Play less desirable and profitable. Of course still possible. However this game needs more social interactions to keep the players logging in daily.
~ I do believe extra guild space should not be a talent/perk. Guild Membership space should be able to be brought with guild currency.
~ Player Coins can buy more things. Reds, Whites, Blacks, Runes, Cold Runes, Other Premium store items such as stabilizers.

Essentially this game needs 3 ways to obtain item improvement items. One way by doing PvE activities such as quest, bosses, dungeons. The second way by doing PvP actives Castles, Arena`s, Battlegrounds, Guild War rewards, ect. The last way is buying from Premium Store.

This will make it possible for all types of players to get better gear. P2W players have the Premium Store. Hard Core PvP Players can keep to PvP. PvE players can stay in PvE and not worry about doing PvP things. Not everyone wants to fight and not everyone wants to farm PvE.

~PvP Rules

Players should be held accountable for there actions. Too many players are found abusing the system, cheating, and feeding in PvP zones. In order to restore great rewards to the game for Arena`s, Battlegrounds, ect the moderators will need more power. That power is to ban players from the PvP zone IF found and Proved to be cheating or feeding in any PvP activity. That being in Arena, Castles, Battleground, Guild Wars, ect. Example, if a player decides to feed others in Arena. Solid proof is found via SS and Video. Rather than waste the Royal Quest Team time handling these situations allow the moderators to do so. The Moderators will have the new power to ban players from Arena, Battleground, ect for a certain amount of time. This will certainly stop many from attempting to ruin the PvP fun. Cheating, Feeding, will result in being banned from the PvP zone. Do note this is not a game ban. Like a chat ban but a ban from entering the PvP zones.

This idea above may be the best way to allow PvP rewards to be reinstated in the game.

~Arcon Event

The Archon Event needs to be adjusted as well. Including the shards!

~ Add more things to do in the dungeon.
~ Shards need to become valuable again.
~ Arcon Shards can buy boss and elites cards again. With the addition of other Premium Store Items.
~ Arcon Shards can purchase bag space.
~ Arcon Event Chest gives more loot. Including 65 gear and Recipes.


Our favorite little discussion. The Castles. I have been open about how disgusted I am with how the castles are now.

I suggest to revert back to the old style. Regardless Castles need to be changed someway.. Here are some of my suggestions.

~ Allow a guild to win more than one castle again. Perhaps no more than 3 or 5 Castles.
~ Castles give more loot depending on how many players win the castle. If only 4 people win the castle then the loot will be less. If 40 members attend and win a castle the loot will be better. That way large guilds can support the players with the castle loot and small guilds are not unfairly over fed loot.
~ Get rid of the 1 guild attacks and 1 guild defends mechanic. Revert back to any guild can fight. Multiple guilds attacking at once was a lot better than 1v1 guilds.
~ Change the rules to win a castle. Running to the middle, killing the key, then casting at the portal is too simple. Change up the tactics. Perhaps a guild must own or defend the portal opposite of where the key is cast. Nn order to cast 2 spots must be fought over and controlled in order to win the castle. That will make longer and better castles. Also more strategy involved in defending / winning a castle. Guilds need to coordinate and win 2 portals to claim victory or something.

The list of idea`s can go on and on. The situation is very clear. Before trying to advertise and market this game to new people why not fix the issues first that stop most from coming back? Change the game from feeling very Pay to win to welcoming new players. Allowing players to improve the gear by many different ways. This will bring in the new players and keep many around. Then the PvP issue is at hand. Adding more PvP content and adjusting the current flaws will give many players a reason to come back and play this game. That will naturally increase the population on all servers. More than likely prompting more servers to open up. It`s worth all the extra work and hassle to make this PvP patch a reality. Royal Quest will see so much profit if they just listen to the players. I don`t know what is going on over there on the Russian Servers and Forums. Obviously not much regarding the P2W issue....

Someone get this post to the Royal Quest Team, Developers, and Marketing Team. Before you try to market this game make these changes first. At least try to understand what I am saying. That way players will actually stick around if they find this game. Even if 100 million gamer saw this game. 99% would quit due to the issues mentioned above. Adjust to game to make it worth sticking around and playing then try to market and make more money off promotions and sales.


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Posted 23 January 2019 - 06:17 AM

Would be also cool if there were 2 separate rankings for rewards:

One for players who join alone and the other one for players who play in party.


players who que solo will only fight against players who que solo, and same for players with parties, and instead of top 20 arena scores, would be top 9 for party players (3 parties) and top 9 (or more than 9 to convince players to queing alone) for solo players, this way there would always be competition in both rankings, cuz right now when a party made of, uhm, let's say DzastaW, Skuraii and some +11 DK joins, then most of players don't stand a smallest chance, so people either que knowing they will lose, stop queing at all, or form another strong party that stays and is later also beating some sole players.


Rewards are crucial to keep people in pvp, and these rewards shouldn't be small too, but all players should have chance at winning, regardless if they play alone or in group.

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Posted 23 January 2019 - 02:22 PM

I'm surprised you didn't comment something really basic about premium: The fact that you must wait ten minutes or pay to heal weakness if you aren't premium account. Someone who doesn't have premium account has to pay around 10k for every portal, 10k for weakness, and they receive less gold from quests and dailies. At the end of the day, a free player will probably give up from this, either leaving the game or farming to buy premium from another player. Don't mention the Insignia system, card drops are random and no one can really count on dropping cards to sustain a premium account.


About the bag system, I like the design of Norin Hyperbags, been playing for 2 weeks and got plenty of them from hunting elites. I think the storage ideas are cool, but bag expansions are fine with this addition. If we're going to help PVE players, at least force them to spend time hunting stuff. (You can't have everything for free, right?)

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Posted 23 January 2019 - 02:31 PM

Totaly agreed with the premium/free account issues and  suggestions, i'd only add the decrase of weakness time to free account people, 10min is too much, imo. The pvp ideas are nice too but 2 of them i find really hard to happen:


1 - Mods banning people from pvp. IF, and i'm putting a big IF here, such thing happen i can already hear all the crying using my name alleging unfair bans and etc.


2 - Cross server PVP.  Devs can't even make a trading spot history so we can see what has been sold or even fix portal, loot and other bugs. Imagine all the headache of making a cross server pvp and guarantee it works as intendend without major flaws and bugs?



If we had a better castle system (not the old system) i bet the pvp would be active and nice. Castles battles should be in a large map with guilds attacking and defending, maybe alliances between guilds should be made as well. Also, there's no motivation to hold a castle other than receive loot. They could make an enconomy system where the more you hold a castle under your tag the more stuff you get from it. This would encourage guilds / alliances to hold or attack a castle and make the pvp scenario completely different.


But who are trying to fool? Just like the past threads this one will be ignored too. Not that they won't read, i bet they will, but nothing more than that.

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Posted 23 January 2019 - 03:36 PM

One thing you bring up alot is to reward us with stones, which I am not completely against, but it doesn't serve the purpose as a proper reward. I think just large lump sums of gold would be better, or even a cap on winning/progress so under geared people can even stand a chance at receiving such reward. You look at the top spots in arena, you see people who have or almost have maxed gear, they will always win against someone who is barely picking up the scraps.


All in all the ideas are solid, as solsa mentioned, there is a 0.000001% chance of something actually happening. But we can dream, can't we?

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Posted 23 January 2019 - 07:17 PM

I was not sure how to tackle the weakness issue. 10 minutes of weakness is a long time true and makes leveling a pain.  There are Eltane Tinctures that remove the effects of resurrection easily accessible in the early game.   I assumed players without Premium were using those to counter the 10 minutes of weakness.  I could be wrong about how those work.  Perhaps reducing it to 5 minutes would be acceptable.  People don`t buy Premium for the weakness issue. Most buy Premium for the other benefits so it will not hurt to lower the weakness time.


I mentioned a lot about adding stones as rewards. Currently, Stones, waxes, runes, and other improvement items only enter the game through the Premium Store and from Castle Loot.  Then of course those items are sold on the market or traded among players.   I am not including that 1 quest that gives 1 red stone. Or the Arcon event.  Those are not major income sources for the item improvements.   Someone has to buy reales to fund the market. Be it selling reales (rarely) or selling the actual items on the market and to other players.  The other source is to win a castle and get the loot that way.   PvE players are forced to buy reales for themselves or farm massive amounts of gold to buy the improvement times from other players.  Adding some kind of quest or dungeon that offers these rewards would help balance out the ways to achieve high gear standards.   If you are not P2W or a PvP players you have to spend months farming which after too much gets very discouraging. 


Changing that  would lead to pure PvE guild PvP guilds. The PvP guilds do their own little thing fighting over castles, arena`s, hopefully more PvP options. While the PvE players who want to avoid PvP conflict can do their own little thing. Farming dailies, Bosses, Dungeons and what not. No matter what guild you choose you have the ability to improve your gear. Both kinds of play styles will have options to fill the guilds with Premium store items. Like the castles currently do to the PvP guilds. ..( really we don`t have pvp guilds. Feels like everything is PvE atm)


An example of a dungeon would be a weekly PvE dungeon that gives nice chest to the guild if they can complete the dungeon.  Like completing the Arcon event but more PvE related. 


How this could hopefully work and change how guilds are made and designed.  A new player wants to join a PvE guild. He or she finds a nice PvE guild. That player can now learn about the bosses, do the dungeons, grow the gear and knowledge with the help of the guild. 

Similar for the PvP oriented players.  Find a guild willing to accept and work with you. The guild can teach and show new players how to win arena`s , Battlegrounds, Castles, guild wars, ect ect. While able to improve gear with guild loot. 


Currently this all sounds like a pipe dream and not needed on this server.  If Royal Quest finally gets their act together and makes these type updates then the game will change. I am talking about future bosses that require actual skill and knowledge to kill.  Dungeons that take a bit more skill and teamwork. PvP that is not dominated by one class. If the population picks up the class imbalances will naturally sort itself out.  Castles that are not dull and require great deal of coordination. Those changes will all add up forcing guilds and the game community itself to change tactics.  Currently, Guilds don`t need to invite anymore or teach anything to knew players.  Everyone knows to make +11 and you will probably win against the common player.  Adding more skill and mechanics to the game will change that ideology.


All these changes would likely lead to hundreds of active players if not thousands. If Royal Quest can find a way to bring back old players and keep them actively coming back then thousands could easily stick around this game.


A bigger population will require more moderators. Moderators will always get lots of hate. Let`s face it though. If someone is really causing a ruckus spamming the chat, trash talking, whatever these noobs do nowadays and get chat banned. They probably deserve every bit of it and should accept it..  If they have audacity to complain about a much deserved ban then they should not be playing MMO`s. They can go rage somewhere else.. More than likely they are cancerous to this server and need a bigger ban. The majority would appreciate the toxic players being removed form the game. 


Same goes with the PvP bans. If someone is banned from a PvP activity. Then they likely deserve every bit of it. I mentioned earlier in order for a Mod to ban someone from a PvP activity they needed solid proof to back it up. Videos are the best proof out there.  Of course, some cases can be over turned and looked at again. However when a video shows up of a player clearly abusing the system to get the rewards it`s the ban hammer.  To make it clear, the Mods are not going to run around banning random players due to personal vendettas. If they do that  then it could be taken to the CM or whoever is in charge around here.  If a Mod is found and proven to be unfairly banning PvP players then he or she may loose her privileges.  The mods here are pretty fair anyways. You kinda have to be doing something bad or against to rules to get banned here.  So I don`t get why players act all surprised when they get banned. 


If someone really thinks a mod is picking on them by banning them without reasonable proof then that issue can be take up by the administrator or maybe other mods. Simple checks and balances.  Sometimes this server may have a corrupt mod that needs to be removed.  We just need some system to prevent all the cheating and fraud going on.  Remember when the old duelist  rank gave rewards.  6 players sitting in Throne Room killing each other to boast one to rank number #1. The mods should have had the power to ban every player involved there from receiving the rewards and potentially having their ranking removed from the score board. 


I am fully aware all of these idea`s will take a massive amount work, coding, testing, trail and error, ect, ect. What I have suggested is no small feat. If it can be done it will tremendously change the outlook of this game.  


I don`t know who is in charge of programming or who is in charge of the Royal Quest team ideas. I don`t even see the Community Manger around here anymore, so it worries me a bit. The Royal Quest team should really consider doing a massive overhaul and bring great changes to the game.  The Russian Servers could certainly use some PvP changes.  The potential in this game is great if the Royal Quest team is willing to work and achieve it. 

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#7 Solsagan (Elgore)

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Posted 23 January 2019 - 10:51 PM

People will cry about mods being mobs regardless. 

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#8 Trumpy (Elgore)

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Posted 25 January 2019 - 02:51 PM

it was realy nice when there were stones in the daily login reward...atleast i could improve a couple of gears to +6 or +7 lol....shame they removed it.

and the 1min weakness privilege ...hope they make it accessible to free users like me since i cant pay for reales due to bank/location issue lol

#9 Solsagan (Elgore)

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Posted 25 January 2019 - 03:28 PM

They removed stones from login reward due to - how am i not impressed? - russians abusing of it. Players were creating several accounts and using the stones from login reward to improve their equipaments.

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Posted 25 January 2019 - 04:56 PM

Interesting on the Russian Server you can not claim the promo code rewards until you have a character at least level 33 or higher.

That same concept could be applied to the stone rewards. If RQ wanted to bring the rewards function back. I liked the stones but did not approve of creating hundards of accounts for free stones and the other rewards. Account bound stones don't stop players from passing around non personal gear to each account.

Adding a high level character requirement for reward could prevent a lot of the abusing issues. If some levels 100+ account's to level 60 for example (without bots) just to receive the free reward stones monthly then consider me impressed.

They could also require accounts to have premium to claim stones.

I like to ask how/what can Royal Quest change to make the game better. Rather than saying we can't do this or that because of cheating, abusing, and whatever else kills the idea of change.
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