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Truth about Royal Quest, the Administration, and Future of the Game

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Posted 01 March 2019 - 09:57 PM

Greeting Everyone))


I am sure that by now most players are well aware of post I made earlier today regarding the game. Sadly, That post had to leave a gloomy but truthful impression about Royal Quest.  Here I will share more about the Royal Quest Administration with a personal touch. 


I once believed that Royal Quest had the greatest potential and future. More than any other game I have ever played. I truly loved this game and had the dream of massive updates and great PvP content soon to come. Oh, How naive and stupid I was to think that the Royal Quest Team would actually change things for the better.  I really thought things would get better. Only after trying to communicate with them for months now did I realize that I was a fool. In Retrospect, I now know that the Royal Quest Team truly does not care about this server. None of us matter. We are just a bonus pay check for them. It does not matter what we do or what kind of player we are. It all does not matter. They will occasionally check over here to make sure money is still flowing into their back accounts.  Other than that nothing. They ignore our pleads for change. They rarely visit the forums or even say hi. 


When is the last time anyone here has actually seen a member of the Royal Quest Staff talk with the community here? Not including the Community Manger or the one incident that involved a money issue. It`s been years since one talked to us if I`m correct. For the most part this server is largely ignored. Unless the issues includes money.  A little story. I was having troubles purchasing reales. That issue was quickly fixed in a matter of hours after I reported it.  Now then, anything else I reported or any other issues went ignored. In fact, I still have letters unread from the CM from nearly over a month now.  That`s a bit ridiculous waiting that long for a simple response... Goes to show they only care about leeching the money from players. Unless you want to spent money don`t bother contact the Royal Quest Team... That used to be a joke.. but now.. it`s the hard truth..


I was once on the hype train about a server merge too. Then reality and a little thinking hit me. A merge would require a lot of work and money to make possible. It`s also something that really only benefits the players at the moment. Yes, We players know that the potential merge would bring in a lot of money and old players back into the game. However, it`s clear as day that the games Admins don`t care about the potential this game has. If they did things would be 100 times better.  It`s far easier for the Royal Quest Team to just milk this server until every last player that spends money here quits the game.  Then when the cost of running the server cost more than the income they receive from this server they will simply shut us down. That is exactly what will happen. Mark my words. Unless the Royal Quest Team grows a pair of ####s and actually wakes up and does something about this game that will happen.   It`s 100 times easier for the Administration to shut us down rather than deal with making a merge possible.  It`s more cost effective to shut us down rather than deal with a merge. I hate to kill everyone's dreams..Trust me it killed mine too.  That`s the harsh truth for those still believing the game will magically get better or merge to a Russian server.. If worst comes to worst everyone now knows the truth.  Just ask them and wait for them to avoid that question...


Another disturbing part of current Administration.  At this time the rules of the game are not being enforced. I found that out the hard way. I recently had a guild weapon stolen from my guild. I will not mention the player for it does not matter. I reported it to support and was basically laughed at and mocked by the Royal Quest Support. They told me.  Yes, Your weapon was taken and sold to another player. However, the rules of the game are not being enforced. You as the leader must be careful with who you give the access to the guilds warehouse.  It`s a pretty pathetic response... That means that guilds are no longer protected. 


One player can enter a guild, steal all of the weapons, cards ,and items, then leave without any consequences.  One player can destroy years of a guilds hard work and dedication. What does the Royal Quest Administration do about it? NOTHING! They say oh well, too freaking bad, Don`t give out guild access to untrustworthy members...  This has to be the most incompetent group of Admins that I have ever seen.  When rules are not enforced that will lead to greed and chaos.  Without a doubt it`s enough for whole guilds to disband and break up. It only takes 1 selfish and greedy person to ruin everything so many people worked for. This shows a lot about the Administration. 


In the past players would get banned for this and the items would be recovered for those wondering why this is a big deal.  The Royal Quest Team now clearly does not care about our server and the effort we put into keeping this game alive. When Enya left everything came crashing down.  This game is lawless and the admins treat us like garbage. 



Now that guilds are not protected I had to restrict access to my guilds weapons.  Do they not realize how shity that feels???  Having to tell your loyal guild members that they can`t access the weapons. Not that I don`t trust them but knowing one player can ruin all of their hard work. Now the blame is put on the leaders. I would be held responsible to my guild for allowing the wrong person access to the items then that person decides to steal everything. Years of hard work all gone for nothing.  While the RQ Team thinks it`s best to mock us and promote premium store sales. That`s a big insult if I have ever seen one.  These guilds keep the players together and it keeps the remaining population from quitting the game. Just imagine if all the players in the top 3 guilds decided to quit. Nothing but random guilds would be left.


I personally will not continue to lead my guild knowing the truth of the games Administration and where this server is headed. My guild has spent thousands of hours and dollars playing this game. All of the hard word and dedication to keep this game growing and for what??? We are nothing more than a bonus pay check. Swallow that one for me but that`s the stone cold truth.  How could I lead my guild and tell them the game would get better??? When it`s not going to get better without massive change!!! I will not lie to my guild and get them to play more knowing the impending doom that lies be forth all of us.  Unless the Royal Quest Team changes right now the only other option for this server is to get shutdown. I`m telling all players. Don`t get fooled by false hopes and dreams of a merge. That`s not going to happen. It`s too easy to just pull the plug.



Half of the players that spend money in this game are ready to up and call it quits for good today.  Nothing against free to play players but do enlighten me on how they plan to keep this server up and running without spending anything.  Just wait until the last of the big spenders completely stop making payments in this game.  Royal Quest will have this shut down faster than this months server bill has time to process.  Now my guild is really to call it quits for good. My guild is known for spending thousands of dollars in this game. Being called the most P2W group around. Now then, let the gravity of that situation sink in. When we all decide to quit.  Not too many players will be left to keep making payments in the game. Everyone must realize that the game requires money to operate. Once it stops this server is gone. 



The way the Royal Quest Administration has treated this community is unacceptable.  It`s pathetic!! We should not accept this kind of treatment from the Administration.  Each and every one of this communities members deserves better than this. We are treated like trash. No if, and, or buts about it. Sure some people are still enjoying the game because they are unaware of what is really going on in the game. Then one day they will wake up and realize they can`t log in the game anymore because it`s shutdown and they did not take any action to change it.  For the most part we mean nothing to the game. 



I do recommend that everyone who read this sends the Community Manager and even a Support Ticket demanding the Royal Quest Administration gives attention to this server and the current issues at hand.  


If this server does not receive the attention it deserves it will shut down.  I don`t think anyone here wants accept the hard reality of our situation. Seriously guys, Too many people are just logging in and accepting things how they are. We can change things here. Do not be afraid to seek a better life and better gaming experience. Everyone here is being oppressed by the Administration!!! It`s all a money grab. If we allow this to continue the game will come to an abrupt end.   This has to stop!!!


People need to understand. Once the payments stop our little server gets shut down. Not merged or patched. Just shut down and end of the story.  If our server was doing well then why don`t we have a dedicated Community Manger yet??? The signs are all there. Just look around the place. Bugs are not being fixed. The current temporarily CM is hardly reading anyone messages or really helping. No offence to her. The Administration for the most part does not write anything on our post or forums. 


If we don`t make the change then no one will. Everyone prefers to sit back and watch rather than do something to actually change this server. 


Makes your choice. Demand the Administration Makes the proper changes to our server.       Quit now too and call it quits from the game. Which most will if nothing changes after this post.                     


 Or continue to play and foolishly believe that the game will get better. Then get sad and shocked when the game abruptly shuts down.  Which in my opinion many will do that. Just sit back and do nothing. Then when the game is shutdown they get surprised. In the past that method worked. But now you may want to think twice when the last of the biggest P2W players are collectively quitting the game.  Don`t be silly. Money drives the real world.  Prove me wrong Royal Quest!


#Nothing more than a bonus pay check. 






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Posted 01 March 2019 - 11:05 PM

One topic is more than enough. Please go on your discussion there.

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Posted 17 October 2019 - 11:51 AM

hi dark :D 

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