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Build Tanker - Boss and Elite

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Posted 12 August 2019 - 11:10 PM

This is a Crusader Build focused solely on facing Bosses and Elites.
Your focus here will be to never lose focus on the boss by just making him attack you and leaving your group free to just attack him.
All skills here are focused on increasing the power of the Crusader and his party against Bosses.
Before facing a boss, you must first activate some skills.
Steel Protection:
You have to make sure it is enabled.
Reliable Protection:
You must activate this spell as it takes time to load.
Perfect Protection:
Activate it and whenever the effect is over you must activate it again.
Planar Barrier:
Point the mouse where you want the barrier, and press the magic button.
Whenever it disappears, activate it again.
Banner of Light:
Always leave this flag on, as it helps heal you and your group.
Now that it's all On, it's time to get the boss for you.
Your job here is not to let the boss attack your friends, so your focus will always be to provoke the boss to attack only you.
Activate this spell on the boss, and every time you use it, use it.
Under a Boss Name, there will always be a taunt bar. You can not let this bar decrease, otherwise it will attack your friends.
Heretic's Brand:
Activate this spell on the boss, and every time you use it, use it.
It helps inflict more damage on the boss.
Use it whenever you can, as it helps in damage and healing.
Now let's go to your attacks.
You will only use two Attacks during the battle against bosses.
Crushing Blow:
Always attack with her as she lowers the Boss Defense.
Aim at the boss and use this Skill whenever possible. Well, she'll tease the boss and keep him focused on you.
Another skill you should always use to help with the taunt is:
Battle shout:
She taunts the monsters near you.
I always do a Sequence so as not to lose focus from the boss.
I first use 'Provocation' as it takes longer to load.
Then I usually wait about 5 Seconds and use the 'Battle Shout'.
I wait 5 more seconds and attack with 'Retaliation'.
Always doing this sequence, I never lose the focus of the boss.
Remember to always reactivate the spells that give you defense.
And always cure yourself with:
Holy Touch and Ray of Light.
If someone in your group is dying, let them die. Always focus only on not losing focus on the boss.
Of course good equipment will help you.

But this build works like this:
The more you get from bosses, the more defense you get.



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