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Short assasssin build By Dasik

Assassin PvE PvP Elemental newbuild assassin

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Posted 12 August 2019 - 11:45 PM



many people were asking me to make a build on the forum, so here i am. This build is based on my play style and knowledge of the potential of assassin class.


1.- Talents. PvE-PvP (single target damage)




this specific build is the most important if you are looking for damage, most of the talents increase your katars skills and the synergy between them is perfect, allowed to make you an real assassin machine. This build is also good for PvP if you are well geared sin. Keep this in mind that this build is to deal dmg not to survive in PVP fights unless you have a good gear.


2.- Stats


Katars: http://prntscr.com/orujk6


Daggers: http://prntscr.com/orujp8


Strength: well nothing really important to say here but put many points as you can on this stat it will make your attack higher.

Dexterity: as many people know, dodge build on every class works very well since the crit chance was nerfed so you should focus to make your dex as high as you can to make the monsters and people miss on you (that makes you practically unkilleable on pve and hard to kill in pvp).

  Stamina: if you make your sin get a high base dodge this stat will be important too so make sure to put some points in between.

  Luck: as i said in the lines above, crit chance was nerfed few months ago so it's hard to reach high crit chance nowdays so make sure to split some points in between too.


3.- Gear. (keep in mind that everything is orange seal/+11 except my katars +7 and my left hand dagger +9)


PVE http://prntscr.com/oruhnj


PVP http://prntscr.com/oruidl


many people nowdays build their classes with elemental but why? months ago elemental cards got a huge buff so your base dmg of elemental is enough to deal good damage even with 1 card, it make a big difference comparated to pure damage. (every element is good but i recommend poison rings since most of your skills deal poison dmg).


- here is a video showing the seals that you need on the items of your gear.



and here is a demostration of how this build works on PVP. (PVE videos isn't necessary because everyone know how to kill monster in their own way)




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