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Khyaran's Elemental Rifle guide

PvE Hunter Rifle build

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#1 Khyaran (Elgore)

Khyaran (Elgore)

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Posted 19 August 2019 - 07:23 PM

Khyaran's Fire Element Rifle Build (Work in Progress, adjustments can follow)







My name is Sil, most know me as Khyaran by now

Opposed to my old Crusader build, this one wont be quite as long as that guide (still a big read, be prepared)


To prevent this guide from becoming too big, i will just briefly say this here, this guide is for PvE only, as it lacks any PvP resistance, and alot of hp to be viable in anything related to Player vs Player


My guide will be divided in a few separate parts, to make it less annoying to find everything, every post will be a different subject


Content Table following here: 


1. Why Rifle, and why element


2. Attributes and Talents + synergies 


3. Gear choices


4. Card choices


5. Final info





1. Why Rifle, and why an elemental build


This is pretty easy to explain


The new level 65 weapons, even if strong, arent very well balanced in terms of damage output, because of this, the Northerner's Shotgun (the level 65 rifle) has a much higher base damage scaling than the Alaite John's Wort (the 65 bow)

A damage comparison below (be mindful this is a +11 orange 3 anubis rifle compared to the bow at the same upgrades, stats may vary alot depending on upgrade level)


The 65 Bow, at 11 orange ranged destruction seal, 3 anubis cards





And the 65 Rifle, same upgrades and seals/cards




Because of this, i feel that the level 65 bow isnt worth using over the 65 rifle, or even the 63 rifle for that matter, alongside the fact that the rifle has some interesting talents to benefit from


As for the Element build: i use a Fire element build, simply because the Fire Element has the highest damage on its Damage over Time effect, which means, highest damage output, along with most bosses taking full, or even bonus damage, from the Fire Element

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#2 Khyaran (Elgore)

Khyaran (Elgore)

    Right back at it again

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Posted 19 August 2019 - 07:23 PM

2. Attributes and Talents + Synergies among Talents


This will be the part where we briefly go over the attributes and take a look at the talents, why i picked them, and the synergies between them




Easy enough to explain, for a PvE hunter, it is most important to max out Accuracy and Dexterity, and put the rermaining points in Luck


This is not the only way to build for PvE, there are people out there who use(d) full Accuracy and Luck, or any other combination, they are all viable and useful


However, having maxed out Accuracy and Dexterity will give you an easier time to outdamage other players (and mostly, other classes)


These are my current stats in game:







My current talents are experimental, and as far as i know, unique in their setup, but i will explain the more prominent talents as we go through them


My current talents: 




Lets start at the top:


Shooting Tree: 


This tree is mostly preference, but i used all talents that give me more damage, and 1 utility talent, to help my healing

Most of these are basic dps talents, ill go over the special ones, and the important ones for my build only


Notable Talents:


Detoxicating Charge (5th row to the right, top talent): This talent saved my life often, most Elite mobs, and many bosses, can put a form of damage over time effect on you, this talent makes you heal more with your Healing Charge skill for every DoT effect you have on you


Important effects it removes are, Beastbane's Natural Selection (yes, this is counted as a Damage over Time effect), Archon's Poison, and any element the bosses may have that can affect you when hit


Shooting Legs (6th row to the right, bottom talent): This talent is pretty much the bread and butter in my build, for an amount of reasons

It makes Elites move way slower, which is ideal for Elites that run at low hp, like Rich Ghouls, gives bonus damage to every single Dungeon you can do in the game, and it benefits from a talent in the next talent tree that i will explain in a second


Traps Tree: 


This tree is mostly optional, but the middle talent is why i wanted to get some points in here, the Fire Shower talent is active because sometimes i do still use my bow, outside of that, it is preference


Notable Talents: 


Bombardment (2nd row, top talent): This talent makes your bombs dropped by the Battle Whistle skill able to critically hit, and gives a random chance at 3 different elements of bombs, our focus is on the fire element, and this chance can be guaranteed, but more on that later


Exploding Lure (3rd row, top talent): This talent is one mostly used for Elites, but it can provide a nice burst of damage on bosses too, if you position it well, if the dummy dies, or runs out of time, it will explode dealing fire damage to all enemies in the blast area, which is handy, seeing as i use a fire build on Khyaran, this this damage scales well with the bonus damage i get from the fire card and rings


Shoot-Off (middle talent): This talent is one of 2 reasons i mainly use this tree, it makes enemies (Mobs, Elites and Bosses) take 12% more damage from your basic attacks and skills while they are being slowed down

This talent has amazing synergy with the Shooting Legs talent in the Shooting Tree, basically giving you a permanent 12% increase in damage against Elites, which includes every single mob in the Dungeons found in the Northern maps and Arcon, outside of their respective Bosses (Elven Factory, Thingu's Shelter, Solo Manor etc)


Shooting Legs does not work on Bosses, however there are many other skills on other classes, and on hunters that do slow the Bosses down, so during a fight, if you arent the only one there, this talent will still proc at least 50-80% of the time


Survival Tree: 


This is a filler talent, only because the final talent on the Shooting Tree is not exactly worth it


The only talent i use in this tree is Field Ammunition for a cheap 6% bonus attack and running speed on the Walking Tour skill


Hunting Tree: 


This tree is the most used tree for Hunters, purely because it enhances so many aspects of your overall damage output, and Parasite being an amazing final skill, but despite that, there is 3 talents i think stand out the most:


Shotgun Hunt (3rd row, top talent): This talent makes rifles so good on Hunters, your Strong Strike and Explosive Shot skills gain a 15% damage bonus, and all skills and basic attacks deal 7% more damage, but only when using a rifle as a weapon!

This talent makes the rifle a powerful tool in the Hunter arsenal, and is one of the reasons i started using it


Buzzing Arrows (5th row, bottom talent): This talent, despite being commonly used, has 1 invaluable aspect that makes it so powerful on a Fire build Hunter, namely that this talent, combined with the Bombardment talent, makes your critical hits drop the same bomb that otherwise would drop from the Battle Whistle skill, but guaranteed with the fire element prefix

I only found this recently, when playing around with different weapons, when you have a fire card in your weapon, this makes any bomb dropped, both from the passive talent or the Battle Whistle skill, a fire element bomb, use a chaos card, it will be a chaos bomb prefix, same for poison


This gives the bomb dropped from the talent and skill the ability to scale with your elemental bonus damage gained from the card and rings, making it one of the strongest skills available for you


Poisoned Ammunition (6th row, top talent): The reason i use this talent over Acidic Ammunition is, for Acidic Ammunition to scale well, you need to use Precise Shot off cooldown, which loses you overall DPS, along with the fact, by the time you stacked Acidic to 31 stacks, most bosses are half hp already, Poisoned Ammunition simply adds to your already high damage output, all small bits help

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#3 Khyaran (Elgore)

Khyaran (Elgore)

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Posted 19 August 2019 - 07:23 PM

3. Gear Choices


This topic wont be as long as the previous one, as my gear isnt even finished yet




As you can see here, i have a mix of gear on my current set, with the only 3 level 65/special items being: 


Vallen's Arrow: The best headgear in the game for anyone who wants some nice attack bonus, despite it being level 50, it got scaled up to get the same seal increase as a level 65 item, which makes this one hell of a gearpiece


Northern Monster Tamer Gloves: Best Hunter gloves in the game by far, bigger attack value than the Archer Kings Gloves (not by alot, but as said before, all bits help)


Ultimate Accuracy Lens (Artifact): This Artifact gives a very nice bonus to your Accuracy, and extra hit is always a good thing


Notable Item i dont have yet: Dangerous Prankster's Axe (Amulet): This is probably the best amulet in the game currently for any class wanting to do damage, but i have not been able to craft it just yet




The rest of your gear is based on preference, or if you want to truly min/max your Hunter's stats


My Hunter mostly uses level 60 gear, simply because im not in a rush to make the newest stuff, in due time i may, but at the moment, i feel like im doing well enough as is


A combination of level 63 and 65 gear pieces is probably the best way to go, my advise on this would be, level 63 armor and boots, level 65 gloves and greaves, and the Vallen's Arrow for headgear






This is difficult to explain, as some like one seal, while others like another seal, i will just sum up my current seals, colour included, as a guideline (not as a rule to live by)


Headgear: Ranged Destruction


Face: Virtuoso Sniper


Armor: Thrifty Archer


Gloves: Ranged Destruction


Greaves: Thrifty Archer


Boots: Dodger


Amulet: Lucky Archer


Rings: FireFire 


Totem: Lucky Archer


Artifact: Bumblebuzz


Rifle: Ranged Destruction



With that out of the way, on to the next topic...



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#4 Khyaran (Elgore)

Khyaran (Elgore)

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Posted 19 August 2019 - 07:23 PM

4. Card Choices


This will be the cards i currently have, alongside the best in slot cards for each in my opinion (dont kill me please)



Headgear: Card of the Pierrot: (+4 Dexterity and +4 Hit), a basic card, but a nice little increase


- Best in Class: Card of the Rat Queen (+1000 HP, +7 Dexterity, +12% Experience gained from mobs), while the Experience gain isnt a big deal at max level, and 7 Dexterity seems low, 1000 HP is a good bonus



Face: Card of the Granite of Truth: (+6 Dexterity, +1 Energy Regen) A fairly basic card, but the Energy Regen is handy at times


- Best in Class: Card of the Golden Cockroach (+10% Movement Speed, +10% Critical Damage, +15% more Gold Earned from chests/mobs) or Card of Edward (+2 Dexterity for each item improvement, +25% Critical Damage) An amazing card, for any class honestly, but thanks to the Dexterity it adds, a must on a Hunter



Armor: Card of the Maple Treant: (2 Stamina, +1 Dexterity for each item improvement over 5) Also a fairly basic card, but thanks to the armor being +11, it gives a nice Dexterity bonus


- Best in Class: Card of the Ancient Treant  (+3 Stamina for every item improvement, +2000 Defense) or Grabber Card (+7 Dexterity, +7 Luck) The Ancient Treant card is probably the best in class currently, but i put the Grabber Card here as well for its nice and even stat distribution, but be mindful, neither are easy to get



Gloves: Dark Mummy Card: (+60 Attack) Nice increase of attack, a high flat value


- Best in Class: Card of Archon (12 Dexterity, 12 Luck, a % of your damage deals is returned to you as healing, 1% per item upgrade level over 3, a chance that when you critically hit an enemy, you immobilise and poison them, 15 second internal cooldown), in my opinion the best gloves card in the game, the cooldown only applies to the poison/immobilisation effect, the healing you get is permanent



Greaves: Card of Genevieve II: (+1 Stamina for every 7 Accuracy/Intelligence) This card, cost me an arm and a leg to make, and i do believe this is the best in class as well, making you able to completely ignore Stamina and keep pumping more into Accuracy/Dexterity/Luck



Boots: Card of the Sand Snake: (+1 Accuracy for every 14 Dexterity) This is one of the better cards available for high Dexterity characters, increasing our Attack without any negative effect, also helps to stack the Greaves card for just that bit more



Rifle: 2x Card of Anubis: (+9% attack with 2-Handed Weapons), 1x Card of Fire: (Imbues the weapon with the Fire element, and increases the damage of said element by 12% for 2-Handed Weapons, or 9% for 1-Handed Weapons, makes attacks able to cause the burning Damage over Time effect) These require a bit more explaining, Anubis cards are the best for flat damage increases with 2-Handed Weapons for general PvE, and the Fire Card is the reason our build can be called Elemental, without this card, your weapon deals non-elemental damage, making your fire rings increase the damage of skills that already had the fire elemental effect built in them, but no other skills apart from those (for example, using Arrow Shower with the Fire Shower talent)



Amulet: Card of the Huttler: (+9% Attack Speed) Mostly a filler card, the bonus attack speed can be handy at times, but this will most likely be swapped out in due time


- Best in Class: Card of the Master (+8 Stamina, +10 Critical Strike chance, +15% more Gold Earned from chests/mobs) or Beastbane Card (+15% Elemental Damage, +3 Elemental Resistance for each item improvement over 5) The best card in the game for any elemental build, it increases damage for all elements



Rings: Ferocious Lupus Card/Troll Arbalester Card (+4 Luck, +4 Dexterity, +4 Stamina if used along with a Hungry Lupus Card in the other ring)/(+4 Luck, +4 Accuracy) I currently use 1 of each, giving me a nice allround increase, pretty good cards, but fairly expensive lately



Totem: Angeleasel Card: (+7 Accuracy, +1 Stamina for every item improvement over 6) 7 Accuracy is alot, and the bit of extra Stamina never hurts, in my opinion the best card, seeing the amount of Totem cards is rather limited



Artifact: Coastal Garguar Card: (+4 Accuracy, +4 Stamina) Nice and basic card, i mostly use this one because it benefits me more then other cards, for balancing out my Attributes


- Best in Class: Card of C'Thalu (When dealing damage with a basic attack or skill, this card has a 10% chance to use C'Thalu's secret skill, 12 second internal cooldown) While i never had this card, it seems like a nice little burst of damage, no stats to explain here, the effect scales damage of your Attack value



That should cover the cards i have, and the cards i think are the best


And i will state this again, this is MY opinion, not the be all and end all of cards, personal preference is different for many, this is a guide, not a rulebook


Now, to the conclusion!!



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#5 Khyaran (Elgore)

Khyaran (Elgore)

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Posted 19 August 2019 - 07:28 PM

5. Final Information/Guide Updates

If you made it this far... Congratulations, you like reading laugh.png

Some final notes to put in here

A Hunter nowadays has an easy life, you use the Parasite skill, Walking Tour and Beastly Fury (attack speed and Crit chance buffs), Target, and shoot the thing you want to kill, and hope you dont take aggro

This guide is open for discussion, if anyone has any further questions, feel free to reply to this topic, or shoot me a pm in-game (i usually play Khyaran anyway) or on the forum

Thank you for reading through all of this (i swear, i tried making it shorter than the Crusader Guide), and i hope this may help any To Be- Hunters on their quest to glory

This will conclude my guide for now, i will keep it updated on a regular bases, or whenever changes happen

20/08/2019: Update 1:

Adjusted the Cards tab in the guide to show actual stats on the cards, including a short explanation where needed

28/08/2019: Update 2:

Updated the Screenshot on my current stats, as i managed to get an extra card for my ring, and some seal improvements (Seal colours were adjusted before already)

I noticed one or more of the pictures in my guide are not loaded correctly, possibly because tinypic shut down their service, i will update these once i get back from my holiday

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Posted 20 August 2019 - 06:38 PM

... Please explain something to me:


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#7 Khyaran (Elgore)

Khyaran (Elgore)

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Posted 20 August 2019 - 08:50 PM

Because on our current server, people dont like details, even though thats where the treasures can be found wink.png


And because most dont really experiment as much with their class as i do, i tested every single thing i put in this guide, re tested it, made sure i could replicate it, and then i put it in here, lol

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Godsu (Elgore)


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Posted 21 August 2019 - 12:52 AM

most people say, "i use this because i think its cool, and i want this gear with these boss cards i cant drop." (which isnt a guide)

 " A true hunter never rests "





#9 Khyaran (Elgore)

Khyaran (Elgore)

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Posted 21 August 2019 - 07:28 AM

So i guess i did it right then haha
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