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Waaaaaazaarlock guide

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#1 Akroz (Elgore)

Akroz (Elgore)

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Posted 13 October 2014 - 08:46 PM

Hi I am akroz for those who know'm lv 60 warlock, long ago wanted to do this but did not know what is better now i have test all the skill i can say what is better and what is not.
Choosing the Sex 
Choosing the sex of the character. at the beginning i didnt know there was difference betwen sex but there is equipment who ONLY female can use them and is essential if you want to choose a certain branch.
So for now if you still doesnt choose sex, i recommend you to read until the end of the guide so you can choose what you like, im not saying female are better but you have other option than male .
Parameter Selection 
In total there are 4 parameters in the end are 236 points at level 60, the maximum parameter is 100, for all is obviously not enough but i'll talk about it.
The first parameter -  Intelligence. Each point give you 2 attacks, besides that every 10 points you get a bonus of 15 attack, early in the game is better intelligence to attack more and it will be easier to kill, but in the end you will realize that there is no longer affect in giving point in this talent and all you have to do is have a good weapon. To give you an idea at the end points of intelligence we assign will total approximately 30% of the attack the other will be all of the weapon, so before you max int think again.
The second parameter - Dextery. Each point of dex increase casting speed by 0.25% and every 10 points of this increase by 2.5%. a parameter of the most important in reducing the time-especially if you are magicians, you probably believe that reducing 0.4 seconds does not make much difference or even 01. but believe me 0.1 can decide whether that will be you who will die or the enemy, not by that you will put max this parameter, remember there are cards and seals that give you attk speed and also female can use equipment who give you more dex than male equip ;)
The third parameter - Stamina. Each point gives 66 health and 10 points give us 20 mana. This all depends if you would be PVE or PVP I would recommendyou if you want to level up fast you have to have alot of stamina to hunt without problem and then when you hit high lv you can reset your parameters
The fourth parameter - Luck. Each point gives 0.3% crit chance and every 10 points of this increase the chance of crit in 1%, if you love  PVP this parameter will help you alot to increase the damage,  like all the other parameters are cards and seals that can increase the critical chance hit. 
all depend what you want to do PVE or PVP end game is all about PVP so it comes down to the build you're trying to accomplish.
Selecting Talent 
The skill marked in red are what I WOULD CHOOSE, now is up to you  which branch you want to choose, all branches are good but some are better than others depend on your personal play-style.
Baisc of magic:
Stasis: The mage’s Auto attack decease the enemy’s movement and attack speed by 35% for 2sec.
Alchemist: the cooldown time for potion is decreased by 20%
Fiery Disaster: Fireball, Wall of fire, and rain of fire deal 10% more damage.
Flaming obstacle: the duration and strength of the wall of fire are increased by 25%.
Kinetic Field: the damage cause by ice arrow, fireball, and arrow of chaos is increased in propotion to the distance the target, up to +30% at maximum distance.
Stream of Mana: the amount of mana restored by the surge of mana skill is increased by 25%.
Archivist: the mage attack is increased by 2% for every positive or negative effect inflicted on him, but by no more than 16%.
Pure Mind: the chance of critical hit for the mental blow spell in increased by 30%
Battle mage: the damage caused by harvest, smashing blade, and energy blast is increased by 10%.
Spell Stealer: the energy blast skill enables the mage to remove a positive effect from the target and apply it to the mage. The mage can only have one stolen effect. Spell Stealer cannot be used on long duration effects.
Astral Protection: Fireball, Ice Arrow, Stone Spikes, and Lighting Bolt create a magical shield that absorbs half of all damage received. The shield durability is equal to 5% of the skill damage. The shield is active for 15sec. or until its durability wears out.
Wave of Strength: Enemies in front of the spell caster are knocked back to a distance of 8m. and stunned for 1sec.
Destroyer: Consecutive use of arrow of chaos, fireball, or ice arrow has a 40% chance of causing a fire or is explosion which deals extra damage to the target and nearby enemies.
Stability: The minimum damage cause by the arrow of chaos is increased by 20%.
Reaper Gift: Successfully using the reaper verdict, harvest, or mental blow skills increases the warlock defense by 5% for 8sec; this effect can be stacked up to 10 times.
Flames of Chaos: A fireball cast on the target under the chaos shard effect deals damage not only to the target but to enemies within the range of 5m. Absorbing the chaos shard in the process.
Demonic Blood: When using blood ritual, the warlock deals fire damage to enemies within 6m.
Reaper Power: Using the reaper verdict, harvest, ice arrow, or fireball skills has a 20% chance of inflicting the reaper power effect on the warlock, enabling him to cast mental blow without consuming concentration or mana.
Fatalism: Critical Damage is increased by 10%.
Hellish Flame: Using Fire spells gives the hellish flame effect to the warlock, dealing fire damage to enemies who attack him, for 10sec.
Higher Magic: Maximum Concentration is increased by1, but skills consume 15% more mana.
Frenzy: When the warlock takes damage exceeding 10% of his health, he gets +10% attacks for 10sec.
Demonic Contract: Fireball has a 10% chance of summoning a fire grolling that will help you in combat for like 10sec.
Runes of Chaos: the selected enemy takes 50% of all damage dealt by the warlock, for 20sec.
Poisonous Blood: If a creature under the ties of blood effect fies, all enemies within 4m are poisoned.  Enemies take poison damage every 2 sec. for 6sec.
Concentration of Power: The cooldown time for the magical concentration skills is decreased by 1min.
Seal of Pain: The seal of silence deals neutral damage every 2sec.
Dark Times: it allows you to cast the circle of time spells on an enemy, resetting the duration of negative effects to 100%.
Master of Chaos: Targets under the chaos shard effect take 7% more fire,water,earth,and air damage.
Black Heart: Every negative effect inflicted by you on the target increases the damage dealt to the target by chaos shard, reaper verdict, and mental blow by 3% with a bonus no greater than 18%.
Forbidden Magic: The periodic damage of the effect you inflict can be critical. The chance of critical damage is 100% of the total chance of Critical hit.
Devourer Flame: Magic devouring replaces the positive effect taken from an enemy with a devourer flame, which deals fire damage to the enemy every time they use a skill or an ordinary attack, for 7sec. This effect can stack up to 3 times.
Fatal Inspiration: Every time that the warlock kills an enemy or a member of his party dies, the warlock regains 3 concentration this effect can be activated no more than 1 time every 30sec.
Bane: The damage dealt by the warlock negative effect is increased by 10%.
Deadly spells: The duration of spells dealing periodic damage is increased by 30%.
Runes of Hunger: Deals periodic Chaos damage for 8sec. Every time that you inflict the negative effect on this enemy, the damage caused by rune of hunger is increased by 10% and its duration is increased by 2sec.
Bloody Frenzy: the bonus added to the blood ritual attack is increased from 15% to 20%.
Blood Magic: the amount of heath restored by the shield of blood and ties of blood effects is increased by 20%.
Psycosis: The duration of nightmare and hex effects is increased by 25%.
Stun: Mental blow decreases the target defense by 20% for 7sec.
Mental Breach: Your spells which damage targets under the insanity, nightmare, hypnosis, or provocative act effects deal 9% more damage.
Keeper: The efficiency of healing effects and spells is increased by 10%.
Trance: Using the obsession spell resets the cooldown time for all of your spells.
Kinetic Shield: The damage taken while the force field is activated is decreased by 40%.
Madness: The cooldown time for the insanity skill is decreased by 15sec.
Ties of Death: if a creature under the ties of blood dies, it immediately rises from the dead to fight on the warlock’s side for 10sec.
Mirage: Apply invisibility effect to yourself and hide from enemies for 3sec. The effect’s duration is increased by 2sec. For each Concentration point. Higher-level opponents are able to notice you.
Runes of Madness: Makes the opponent run away from you in a panic-stricken terror for 4sec. Enemies who get’s in the opponent’s way take damage and are pushed aside.
Choose Weapon
All mages can use three types of weapons: a book, scythe and bracelet. Since the weapon bracelet is just one hand, they can use orb too.
I will summarize in a few words which is better and which is worse DO NOT CHOOSE BOOK EVER! 
I will put a "+" for what is good and "-" what is bad
Scythe is a melee weapon (-), you have unique skills with this weapon (+). Attack Speed ​​(+) has ring that increases attack speed and cards(+). It is easier to find a scythe with 3 slot than bracelet and orb (+) 
Bracelet - a ranged weapon (+) under attack compared with scythe and book (-), but allows to you to use orb which will give you more defense and have a card slot (+), the maximum number of attacks per second (+). 
There you can choose which is more to your taste :)
I hope this helps you, all that is written is MY opinion so if you think something else could be better you are free to think whatever you want ^^
PS: sorry for my english  :P


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#2 Akroz (Elgore)

Akroz (Elgore)

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Posted 13 October 2014 - 09:02 PM


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#3 Melorola (Elgore)

Melorola (Elgore)

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Posted 14 October 2014 - 06:29 AM

Really good guide akroz knows whats up when it comes to warlock 11/10 would reccomend  +1


#4 Solsagan (Elgore)

Solsagan (Elgore)

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Posted 14 October 2014 - 06:38 AM

Teach me senpai!

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Posted 19 October 2014 - 05:09 PM

well, if i were a warlock id say this is a great guide



#6 Yamii (Elgore)

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Posted 26 October 2014 - 02:40 AM

Nice :D

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