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Bodyguard Guilds & Pacifist Player Flags To Help Avoid PK?

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#1 Leafay (Elgore)

Leafay (Elgore)

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Posted 26 November 2014 - 09:11 PM

Seasons Greetings All!


While I was below the Tellurium Tower mining radioactive blue stuff after eighty resurrections, I found that many roving player killers earn a special place in my book of deep disdain.  :angry:  At least the beasts down there are only doing the mindless things nature programmed them to do, but too many PK players are just shameless soulless sharks in how whole bands and snipers pounce lone groping low level solo players just out trying to make a buck. Just as bad, seeing how most PKers don't even bother picking up drops but are just on a happy shooting gallery rampage to murder everything in sight with the same pseudo-macho attitude that nearly wiped out the buffalo in the Old West. <_<


(So much for my vent! Live and Let Live in the Kill Zone, right?)


Along with posted suggestions for a Guild Recruitment bulletin board next the Open Quests one in the city plaza, I'd also like to see mercy mercenary guilds (naturally The Magnificent Seven Crusaders? ;) ) whose sole mission is to answer requests to ride shotgun for players at work in dungeons and mines. It'd be a neat service that should earn merits  Be nice to see the lions prey on jackals for once! :D


Anyway, I also noticed a few non-PK players have to resort to paranoia to keep from being pounced on by bloodthirsty players by shooting first and apologizing later if they happen on you. If they only had an indication that a party or solo'er meant them no harm but are just fellow miners only out to zap monsters to grab a chunk of blue stuff. It would be nice if one's avatar can carry a label or flag that says "Peace Player" or "Make Mining, Not Killing" to help avoid hasty trigger fingers on the hands of non-PK players. Of course there's no guarantee that such would be heeded and it could be abused by unscrupulous PKers like trojan Red Cross wagons during wars, but a heads-up's better than a certain bulls-eye.


Well, so much for my suggestions and rant! Take care all and spare the turkey! :D



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#2 Alert (Elgore)

Alert (Elgore)

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Posted 26 November 2014 - 11:24 PM

Hey Leafay! Dungeons will always be a very crazy place, other than keeping bumblebuzz wings on you I dont know what to tell you. If enmity was around then you'd be fine. They're strictly a no pk guild but arrive en masse if one of their players was pked. Maybe you should make an ENMITYJRS. I feel the pain, I myself am a PKer. Best thing to do is get in strong parties :( 

As long as it's for the right cause, there's nothing wrong with playing dirty.


#3 Maxlance (Elgore)

Maxlance (Elgore)

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Posted 27 November 2014 - 08:33 AM

As any true samurai knows, sneak and run knows no honor.


Suggestion box time!

#4 Illumi (Elgore)

Illumi (Elgore)


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Posted 27 November 2014 - 10:50 AM

I Sneak. And I run. Just for Tactical Reasons. But I have honor :D


#5 Dzire (Elgore)

Dzire (Elgore)

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Posted 22 December 2014 - 05:01 PM

If they remove Aggresor rank, then maybe you will be in peace lmao

#6 X-Zone (Elgore)

X-Zone (Elgore)

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Posted 22 January 2015 - 10:47 AM

I Sneak. And I run. Just for Tactical Reasons. But I have honor :D

You must be good at playing DK in zerro :-D

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