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PVP 101

pvp castles. arena 1v1 battleground

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Posted 26 May 2015 - 03:17 PM

PVP 101


"The basic for pvp is quite simple, the goal u have to keep in mine Is what you must do to win"

I do wan state there is different modes of pvp from the basic to the advance which ill be covering here.



The most basic and fastest form of pvp is a 1v1 in a pvp zone or dueling in a area which is allow.

The concept behind this form of pvp is quite simple all u most do is kill the enemy since is a 1v1 combat, you as the player most think of this things when fighting.

First-You must disable the enemy and attack (since is a 1v1 combat your goals must be simple and fast kill/defeat the player u fight).

an example of this is a hunter on a 1v1 speed is good to stun or a assassin  freeze and during the time period, one must cause a lot of damage or kill them.


Second- Counter there attacks try to practice on the person u wan to win learn there fighting style to then counter it .

Such as sniper they will stun and put it mine in the ground next to them away to counter the depending on your class is to fear them away from the begging position were he stand. another example is darkknight one easy way to keep away from them as some just look for the freeze to squall and kill (if you have no crystal and not sure you can kill Don't attack ), over all just try to learn your opponent  then counter his moves try to dual the strongest then you will see what is needed to defeat them then work toward that goal.


Third-Create a set of combos which you can mix and match as the fight goes.

Creating combos is helpful to defeat on a 1v1 but keep in mind if you do not change or repeatedly use the same combo the opponent will cancel or stop the combo (and example are dk as they will pull and freeze all the time most people will know how to cancel of stop them from doing the rest of the attacks). Creating a combo is quite simple as long as you can do it fast and do not hesitate. For the more advance player who have knows there character power really good will wan to try and created combos in battle it's more difficult but more efficiency.



Group pvp


First- Find a role in the group, here are the command but not necessary roles


Warlock: start battles whit cc then attack (depending on your build dex cc crit cc then attack) most helpful build (dex-attack)


Sorc: Heal and use you dps such as fire and clouds (but keep in mine you are there to help your team so heal bubbles and force field the tricky part in here  you most keep u and other alive while in combat) most helpful build (dex-attack)


Snipers: Stun the target that you will kill first ( when entering battle stay in a position behind you group member so attack range is help full on those fightsmost helpful build (dex)


Hunters: depending on your build some hunter may run right in to battle with wolf form while other such as sniper behind there group killing. (as sniper there pet like rolan can really hurt so when attacking is rather better to keep it safe stay behind your team is extremely recommended) most helpful build (dex-attack-crit hit)


Crusader: Can take a hit, by the I mean tanky is the most help full yes attack is good but making sure he can take a hit is also recommended (when entering battle try to heal other and agro strong opponents then attack and keep in mine you most help your team) most helpful build (attack-stamina)


Dark Knight: power and tanky ( when entering a fight first pull and freeze focus on agro the strong or player that will cause more damage to your team)  most helpful build (attack-luck-stamina)


Thief: cc king ( when entering battle cc and attack as thief have many stuffs that can disable the enemy and also great attack)

most helpful build (attack-luck-crit damage)


Assassins: cc attack ( when entering battle fear poison the front of your group or the enemy to stop other from going invisible then attack but try to mix around your team so you wont be a easy target to aim for) most helpful build (attack-stamina-crit damage)


remember this is just the basic and one does not need to follow is the most commend and help full but first you most find your role in your team.


Second- communicate with your team taking with each other keeps your mind in one, by the I mean all your team will know what to do. ( making one person your leader of the group is recommended for a more organize team and faster)



 Third- Follow orders when having a leader or even the team taking make sure to listen to them and do what is best for the team don't ignore and die ( when following order follow the most intelligent and wises order such as u attack the assassin, Don't follow run in and get the key since most likely one person will get melted when entering the enemy zone)


-The last form which require a lot of skills and good gear is 1vgroup when in a pvp zone when attack by 4+ player the odds are against you. or are they, try to run let them chase then get mobs strong one to chase you most be fast for this but try to run with mobs and them chasing you mobs will loose agro player wont. So try to loose the agro of the mobs so they start to attack the enemy's then strike fast and kill there weaker or healer then repeat if need this is hard but could be done all you need is practice.


-personal tip leer your power were u can play with keyboard only and us mouse to walk or aim not click on skill-




-By: devilsKiss


(pleas msg me or reapply if you have info or helpful ideas I will then add to this pvp post)

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