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Warriors are the backbone of Elenia’s army; they make up the power often referred to as the “Throne’s Iron First.” Strong and resilient, they use melee weapons and have no problem handling a heavy sword and shield. Their combat skills make them dangerous enemies, and their strong armor protects them from opponents’ attacks. Warriors have the unique ability of increasing their own defense and the defense of their allies. They can master the art of mounted combat, and the power of the royal cavalry has inspired many legends.

Upon reaching Level 20, Warriors can choose to become Crusaders or Dark Knights.



Blessed by Aura the Goddess, they have devoted their lives to serving the Light.

Fearless knights in shining armor, hardened by faith and the holy word, Crusaders can inspire their troops to heroism and plant defensive banners. They have been perfecting their skills for centuries, mastering both the art of close combat and the power of the word. Their prayers heal wounds and incinerate the undead.


Dark Knights


They have devoted their lives to serving the Darkness. Fair Morrigin, Aura’s dark sister, is their patroness. Clad in black armor, these unholy knights are a curse to their foes. They revel in the pain and sufferings of their enemies, restoring their own health and energy by it. These skilled warriors can deal crushing blows and weaken the opponent. Morrigin’s dark gift protects them from the attacks of the undead.



Destroying the enemies before they reach striking distance is the Archers’ goal. By attacking from a distance and always shifting their position, they can deal fatal damage to the enemy without even entering close combat. A steady hand and sharp eyes are what makes a good Archer - that, and a pair of quick feet in case you run out of arrows. So they spend their time training to increase the power of their ranged attacks, their attack speed, and their running speed.

Archers are unsurpassed masters of ranged combat who can effectively use bows and traps. They can also wield daggers and, using their knowledge of terrain, move swiftly to chase down the enemy or flee from an overly aggressive target.

Upon reaching Level 20, Archers can choose to become Hunters or Snipers.




Masters of tracking and pursuit, they have devoted their lives to hunting, including the most difficult and rewarding type of prey: human. Hunters are experts in camouflage and the use of traps. They are capable of striking one or more targets with their bows and guns at a great distance. They have excellent knowledge of animal habits and weak spots. And when things get tough, a tame bumblebuzz comes to their rescue. They can use guns as well as bows.




Snipers are exceptionally skilled with firearms. They know no equals in accuracy and firing speed. Armed with pistols, mortars, or rifles, snipers can stand up to any enemy, preventing their opponents from even getting close. Using mechanical traps and autonomous battle devices, they are capable of holding the line against a small army.



Mages control the power of the elements, directing them to protect and heal their allies as well as to destroy enemy forces. They don’t need to be particularly strong or wear heavy armor. In fact, these things can impede their magic abilities! Mages are dangerous enemies, capable of destroying whole squads single-handedly. They use a variety of spells to maximize their efficiency against all enemies, making them valuable party members.

Upon reaching Level 20, Mages can choose to become Sorcerers or Warlocks.




By mastering the secrets of magic and gaining control over the power of the elements, Mages become Sorcerers.

They have an impressive range of spells at their disposal, from offensive ones to healing ones. Sorcerers can transform an enemy into a block of ice and then unleash the power of the elements upon him. They can use defensive barriers to buy some time for regaining their strength or to allow their forces to regroup. Those who don’t want to fight can be healers and support their party.

Sorcerers can wield scythes and use orbs, portable protective field sources, to protect themselves.




Warlocks have abandoned the idea of studying all of the elements and have focused on Chaos, the most powerful of them all!

Mastering this element imposes certain limitations on the Warlocks’ powers, for Chaos’s sole purpose is to wreak death and destruction! Yet they have an enormous power under their control, one capable of putting whole armies to flight. The most skilled Warlocks can replenish their life force by reveling in the pain and sufferings of their cursed victims.

Just like Sorcerers, Warlocks can use scythes and protective orbs.



You won’t find Rogues among the ranks of regular or mercenary armies; their job is espionage and sabotage. They are the only ones capable of infiltrating the enemy camp, eliminating the enemy leader, stealing important papers, and then vanishing into thin air. Rogues are used to handling problems with one precise deadly blow, relying on their agility and speed. They tend to avoid direct face-to-face confrontation, resorting to dirty tricks and cunning methods, stabbing enemies in the back or ambushing them.

Upon reaching Level 20, Rogues can choose to become Thieves or Assassins.




When the city feels overcrowded, and the simpletons’ pockets grow empty, Rogues head out to the busiest trade routes and become Thieves. Trade caravans and rich travelers make up their prey. These “robber knights” have an impressive arsenal of dirty tricks and distracting maneuvers that enable them to immobilize or disarm the enemy swiftly and efficiently. Of course, their one and only objective is to fill their pockets with gold without getting into trouble. Burglars can wear shields and wield one-handed swords or axes in both hands.




These masters of infiltration make their living by trading other people’s blood for gold. Assassins are capable of penetrating the most heavily guarded fortress and sneaking out after taking someone’s life. No one can equal them in speed. Their mastery of the element of surprise, precise lightning-fast blows, and the art of poison leaves their enemies without a chance. Only Assassins can use katars, and only they can remain invisible for an unlimited period of time.