Warriors are the backbone of Elenia’s army; they make up the power often referred to as the “Throne’s Iron First.” Strong and resilient, they use melee weapons and have no problem handling a heavy sword and shield. Their combat skills make them dangerous enemies, and their strong armor protects them from opponents’ attacks.

Warriors have the unique ability of increasing their own defense and the defense of their allies. They can master the art of mounted combat, and the power of the royal cavalry has inspired many legends.

The Warrior is a close-range fighter effectively protected by his shield and armor. Warriors rely on their strength and can knock an enemy back with one blow. They use a close-range, one-handed weapon, and on high levels they can fight mounted, with a spear.

Charge Skills The Warrior quickly approaches the enemy, dealing damage and slowing them down. Cannot be used while mounted.
Piercing УменияDeals damage with a spear to the target and other enemies in the direction of the strike.
Steel Protection Skills Increases defense of player and party members in a big radius.
Shield Blow Skills Strike deals damage to an enemy depending on shield’s defense status number, and knock the target back. Cannot be used while mounted.
Cavalry Charge Skills While mounted, player receives a growing bonus for moving speed and attack power. Bonus quickly drops when player stop moving.
Impetuosity Skills Spear attacks are partly ignores target’s armor.
Knack Skills Using auras and summoning a mount are completed instantly.
Courage Skills The Warrior receives bonus to his Attack if there are 4 or more enemies nearby.



Destroying the enemies before they reach striking distance is the Archers’ goal. By attacking from a distance and always shifting their position, they can deal fatal damage to the enemy without even entering close combat. A steady hand and sharp eyes are what makes a good Archer - that, and a pair of quick feet in case you run out of arrows. So they spend their time training to increase the power of their ranged attacks, their attack speed, and their running speed.

Archers are unsurpassed masters of long-range fighting who effectively use bows and traps. They also use their knowledge of the terrain to move about quickly.

Strong Strike Skills Deals melee damage and stuns the target.
Vigor Skills Player and party members receives bonus for moving speed. Player can activate only one class’s aura at once.
Aiming Skills Increases damage dealt with ranged attacks, effect wears off when player moves.
Wound Dressing Skills Restores player’s or ally’s health. Works only in close range.
Reckless Archer Умения Every critical hit increases the Archer’s attack for several seconds. This effect can stack up to 8 times.
Unloading Skills The Archer restores energy upon inflickting a critical hit.
Deep Wounds Skills Bleeding effect, which inflicts periodical damage for several seconds.
Second Wind Skills The 'Vigor' skill increases regeneration speed of energy and increases Archer's stamina.



Mages control the power of the elements, directing them to protect and heal their allies as well as to destroy enemy forces. They don’t need to be particularly strong or wear heavy armor. In fact, these things can impede their magic abilities! Mages are dangerous enemies, capable of destroying whole squads single-handedly. They use a variety of spells to maximize their efficiency against all enemies, making them valuable party members.

Mages have a rich arsenal of spells at their disposal, from protective and healing ones to attack spells of the different elements. Everyone chooses whatever is to their liking. For their weapons, Mages use spell books and magic gloves, and on higher levels they can use battle scythes.

Teleportation Skills Allows mages to instantly move forward for a short distance.
Wall of Fire Skills Creates a magic wall in pointed direction. Wall knocks enemies back and deals fire damage on them.
Insanity Skills For a short period of time an enemy starts to attack his allies.
Energy Blast Skills Deals damage to the target, adding some bonus damage for every negative or positive effect imposed on the target.
Astral Protection Умения Fireball, Ice Arrow, Stone Spikes, and Lightning Bolt create a magical shield that absorbs half of all damage received. The shield’s durability is equal to 5% of the skill’s damage. The shield is active for several seconds or until its durability wears out.
Spell Stealer Умения The “Energy Blast” skill enables the Mage to remove a positive effect from the target and apply it to the Mage. The Mage can only have one stolen effect. Spell Stealer cannot be used on long-duration effects.
Fiery Disaster Умения Fireball, Wall of Fire, and Rain of Fire deals 10% more damage.
Mental Breach Умения Spells which damage targets under mind-influence effects deals more damage.



You won’t find Rogues among the ranks of regular or mercenary armies; their job is espionage and sabotage. They are the only ones capable of infiltrating the enemy camp, eliminating the enemy leader, stealing important papers, and then vanishing into thin air. Rogues are used to handling problems with one precise deadly blow, relying on their agility and speed. They tend to avoid direct face-to-face confrontation, resorting to dirty tricks and cunning methods, stabbing enemies in the back or ambushing them.

Rogues rely on their luck and dexterity. Hiding in the shadows and attacking unexpectedly, they can surprise even armored opponents. While using a close-range, one-handed weapon, Rogues can become undetectable and cause bleeding wounds.

Gold Lust Skills Increases the amount of gold dropped from target monsters. Requires Cunning points.
Secret Lair Skills Marks place as a secret lair, where thief always can teleport back.
Stealth Skills Rogue becomes invisible to enemies for a short period of time, however higher-level opponents are able to notice him.
Sabotage Skills Sets a pyrotechnic charge and then detonates it. The explosion deals fire damage to enemies near the charge.
Saboteur Skills When the Rogue plants a bomb using the “Sabotage” skill, he does not leave stealth state.
Slyboots Skills When the Thief leaves Stealth state, he receives dodge bonus for short period of time.
Cold Blood Skills Increases the damage dealt to targets that are stunned or immobilized.
Secret Operations Умения Attacks dealt in Stealth state poison the enemy, causing periodic damage for short period of time.