Лицензионное соглашение
Following rules apply to all names of characters, pets, guilds or other entities players might have the ability to choose or change the name of, and are forbidden:

  • Obscene, rude or racial-related names, nationalistic slur and slogans.

  • Religious figures.

  • Names chosen with intention to pose as a member of Administration.

  • Names of drugs or words used to indicate passion for drugs.

  • Registered trademarks or commercial names of any products.

  • Names of political figures or celebrities.

  • Names of in-game NPCs, creatures, items and locations.

  • Names which cannot be pronounced by a human being.

  • For all of these categories alternative spelling is also restricted, including substituting certain symbols with similar-looking symbols (i.e. '0' instead of 'O') and misspelling words.

    Characters named in defiance of these rules will be marked for renaming or forcibly renamed. In most severe cases or in cases of relapse your account may be blocked.

    Administration reserves the right to judge acceptability of names at its sole discretion. Your name might be changed without notice if it breaks any rule.