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Solo Trophies

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Starting from now and up to 23.59 GMT 5 November Premium Store will offer you special Solo Manor goods!

Look for details at forum.

Maintenance on November 1st

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Elgore server will be offline for an hour on November 1st starting at 3 AM PDT (10 AM GMT/UTC).

You can contact us during the downtime Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for your patience.

In-Game Event: Harvest's Festival

The Star Attention!
King Roland has ordered every citizen to celebrate and have run! 

Harvest's Festival awaits you in game! You'll experience:

Crazy Pumpkin Fun: Killing monsters has a chance of spawning a Crazy Pumpkin, a vicious creature that like to mess with people’s lives. Killing a pumpkin gives you a prize. Great hunters who collect over 100 Crazy Pumpkin seeds can get one of the unique festive hats. 

Special Boss Battle: Dwan the Merciless wants to battle! Looks like Ngalu the Overlord has decided to restore the full power of the curse and for that he sent his evil servant riding some never seen before monster to spread the death and panic all of the kingdom. Who can stop him? 
Special quests, holiday dishes, presents and fireworks and much more is happening at the Harvest's Festival! 

Crazy Sale: Pumpkin Madness Items

The StarCitizens of Elenia!   
New festive goods are available in the Premium Store! Boxes with rare items, costumes and other cosmetics!

Visit the forum for more information

Update 1.2.055: Harvest’s Festival

The Star
The game has been updated to the version 1.2.055: Harvest’s Festival
What’s new?

  • The yearly event Harvest’s Festival has started 
  • T’hingu’s Shelter fences collision have been fixed 
  • A bug that could lead to Crusader being invincible has been fixed 
  • A bug where the bonus attack power when using the golden mage and warrior attack cards was counted incorrectly has been fixed 
  • A bug where the repeatability of the “Lunge”, “Trial Shot” and “Mental Blow” could stay deactivated after the death of the character has been fixed.

How to Migrate Your Royal Quest Arc Account to the Website

As Perfect World Entertainment is discontinuing all support for Royal Quest on Arc Games from November 14th, you will need to link up your Arc account to the website to not lose your in-game progress.

1. Go to and press the Login button

2. Press the “Sign in through Arc Games” button

3. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see “Set an Email and Password” button where the login button was.

4. Type in your email and password and press Enter

5. Download the launcher from the website

6. Use the email and password you’ve used in the 3rd step.

Maintenance on October 29th until 6 AM PDT

The Star

Elgore server will be offline on October 29th for 3 hours starting at 3 AM PDT (10 AM GMT/UTC).

You can contact us during the downtime Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for your patience.

Weekend Deal: Feel like an Angel

The StarCitizens of Elenia!   
Do you remember Healing Wings Contest? Some contest works are available again!

Premium Store offers you Small Angelic Box and Small Angelic Box x10 The box may contain Light Wings of Noon or Light Wings of Dusk - but chars are so elusive that only certain boxes have been able to hold a decoration.

The promo will be active for two days only: starting from now and up to 21 October. Don't miss the chance!

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