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Andy-R-340 Construction Set

 Heroes of Elenia!

This set is perfect for those looking to construct their own pet. It doesn't require feeding or walking, just a bit of maintenance every once in a while. Starting from now and up to 20:59 March 29 the Premium Store will offer you Andy-R-340 Construction Set.

Warning: make sure you keep the user manual! This set can drop one of the following items:

  • Andy-R-340 (pet automaton).
  • Gold Magnet Collar x3.
  • Treasure Seeker's Elixir x3.
  • Four-Leaf Clover x10.

See you in the game!  

Rates x2: Saving the world together!

Dear friends!

Currently we have the responsible mission: to save the world staying at home. Let’s take this mission in right earnest! So you could take full advantage of this period, we decided to enable rates x2 on the experience bonus of the Premium account, starting from now and up to maintenance 7 April. Double rates – double fun!

Also we offer you the promo code gift with the Royal Blessing x7, so that everyone could use the advantage of rates x2:


Activate the promo code at My Account on the website up to 7 of April. Mind that you need to have at least one character of 15 level on your account to use this promo code.

See you in the game! 

Weekend Sale: Tower of Time Chest


Starting from now and up to 20:59 March 22 the Premium Store will offer you Tower of Time Chest. You can buy this Chest which contains stylish costume Guardian of Time Garment, Royal Blessing x30 and Treasure Seeker’s Elixir x10 for 599 reales.

Don't miss it! 

Maintenance on March 19, 2020 [2 hours]

Dear players,

Elgore server will be offline on March 19 for 2 hours starting at 2 AM PST (10 AM GMT/UTC).

Your Premium accounts and Trading Spots time used during the maintenance will be compensated.

Please be aware that downtime may be longer if necessary. 

Small Tsonokwa Box on sale!

Heroes of Elenia!

If you always wanted to get a rare mount to move quickly around the location, catching the envious glances of other adventurers, then this is your chance. Small boxes with Tsonokwa, a wonderful riding pet, appeared in the game store!

You can purchase boxes starting from now and up to 23.59 GMT 15 March. You will find many useful items inside, and if luck will be on your side you may get the main prize: Tsonokwa the mount. Prices: 9 reales for a box, 90 reales for boxes x10.

Do not miss the chance to get a faithful faithful companion!


Installment Payments for Brazilian Players


 We have great news for all players from Brazil: now, with the help of the new functionality of the Xsolla system, payments can be made in installments. Pay as you like! 

Look for details at forum. 

Spring at Royal Quest


Finally, spring has come, and while the weather outside the window is still far from ideal, we suggest to celebrate this event. After all, the main thing is that spring is in our hearts! So what awaits us in the game?


Rates x2 on the experience bonus are going on!

Promo Code

Celebrate the arrival of spring brightly!


Spring goods in the Premium store

Two new costumes appeared in the store - Rabbit Costume and Master of Hearts Costume. Pay attention to other offers - Dryad's Caskets and Small Box of Butterflies, which today appeared on the shelves of the store.

See you in the game, friends! 

Weekend Deal: Blessing Sale!

Dear friends!

Starting from February 28 21:00 GMT and up to March 1 21:00 GMT Premium Store will offer you 20% discount on all Royal Blessings.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the game! 

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